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  1. douglas

    Apple TV - anyone use it?

    one thing apple tv lacks is an easy way to install kodi. you need to jailbreak it. look at android tv solutions as well. they have all the same apps as apple tv and aren't locked down.
  2. douglas

    Graphene Infused Carbon.

    i doubt we'll see any practical use any time soon. it seems these days nothing happens with research and new discoveries. graphene was discovered in the 60s, but nothing done with it until a few years ago. and it's not in mass use yet. battery tech? seems there is a new breakthru every few months. still waiting for the battery the size of a shoebox with the energy density of gasoline that weighs less than helium. they keep promising crap like that.
  3. douglas

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    I think he means well but doesn't understand that rather than adding to the conversation it has the opposite effect. he didn't understand the mild hint that it was annoying as fuck. now he's on ignore with the likes of woody, cliffie, and meli.
  4. douglas

    the grand tour premieres this week

    you are 7 episodes behind. binge watch and catch up because.... jeremy does a thing richard does a thing james does a thing
  5. douglas

    Free Photo Hosting Site???

    Imgur is probably the best one for hotlinking. Doesn't even have to be your pic.
  6. douglas

    Free Photo Hosting Site???

    if you are just sharing with close friends and not on creepbook and the like, imgur is fine. you can make your images non indexable. you can even upload images without an account. you can make your gallery private if you wish.
  7. douglas

    Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    we get it. you can cut and paste.
  8. douglas

    the grand tour premieres this week

    thing is all their ideas are owned by top gear. they can't use their ideas any more, and top gear can't do them for shit.
  9. douglas

    18 wheeler sideways in the snow

    i'll see your I-80 and raise you hwy 401 in ontario. wait for the ending...
  10. douglas

    the grand tour premieres this week

    that was a pretty good episode. that 70 was flying!
  11. douglas

    How does the Navy AntiFoul Submarines?

    That was my first thought - things that scarcely quit moving, aren't of much interest to ocean-based Klingons. you have to have a fairly high rate of speed then. on our second pacific crossing we were averaging about 7-8 knots most of the time and easily picked up green slime everywhere. we stopped a few times and gave the hull a scrub before continuing on.
  12. douglas

    How does the Navy AntiFoul Submarines?

    they don't really. they have anechoic tiles installed to help hide them from sonar. not sure you can antifoul something like that. you'd be clogging up the holes that make the tiles work. it seems the navy uses copper based antifouling and frequent in port cleaning. did find something that recommends the use of orangotin antifouling paints, but tbt was banned from marine use starting in the 80s.
  13. 170' yacht with 2 40' protectors. because you want the best of everything for optikids
  14. douglas

    2017 DTS Pool

    nothing if our prime minister has anything to do with it. leave no refugee behind! it's current year!
  15. douglas

    2017 DTS Pool

    abe was a 2016 finalist