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  1. I think he means well but doesn't understand that rather than adding to the conversation it has the opposite effect. he didn't understand the mild hint that it was annoying as fuck. now he's on ignore with the likes of woody, cliffie, and meli.
  2. douglas

    the grand tour premieres this week

    you are 7 episodes behind. binge watch and catch up because.... jeremy does a thing richard does a thing james does a thing
  3. we get it. you can cut and paste.
  4. douglas

    the grand tour premieres this week

    thing is all their ideas are owned by top gear. they can't use their ideas any more, and top gear can't do them for shit.
  5. douglas

    the grand tour premieres this week

    that was a pretty good episode. that 70 was flying!
  6. don't tell him you can get a free meal at subway on your birthday. same with denny's
  7. I wonder what happened to the Russian Mafia dudes. they left after realizing they couldn't get blood from a stone
  8. not unless he fell off the boat and smashed his head open on the dock
  9. douglas

    the grand tour premieres this week

    may burning coal to produce an eco car was priceless
  10. douglas

    the grand tour premieres this week

    mmmmmm aston vulcan. a little too scripted this week, but still fun enough.
  11. her labia majora seems intact but there is no sign of her labia minora wonder if she isn't Afghan Pakistan or Arabic, and it has been removed? is that your way of saying you don't see an outie ? you weird fukker. you guys are sorely lacking in your knowledge of the human female genitals. I suggest you make a new years resolution to spend more time studying this attractive flower that protects a ladies favorite toy. The labia minora is the parka whose hood shields the clitoris that appears to be missing in the pix above of the freedom lady. Maybe to gain experience you can tell the ladies you are studying to be a gynecologist and would be willing to give a free examination if she will buy you a pint of holiday spirits. The ploy will work to that I can attest. You would not believe some of the bs I have used in the past that actually worked. All in the holiday spirit see? biology text! and channeling his inner woofsey to boot.
  12. Just his way of explaining he's only seen illustrations in biology texts.
  13. My ex-gf didn't like sailing.... which is why she's my ex Here's some stolen tits? I think your mistaken, the lady in the picture doesn't appear to have had her tits stolen, unless she is wearing falsies. Nice, thanks for posting don't worry, someone will be along shortly to pat you on the head and explain that the pic was "stolen"
  14. no offense Vaeredil......but when I see this thread bumped i'm looking for the first Delorme ping or a CG callout.... we are way past word of encouragement (or admonishment)....its all been said a hundred times..... if you love something...let it go....if it comes back to you it's yours....if it doesn't.. it never was I can't just let go of this saga, though. This is not a saga. 160 pages of drivel could be compressed to a novella, even a short story. There are no heroes and no gods and no morality tale. Wait for the Disney cartoon version, that's going to be killer. I prefer my sagas in serial form. Where's my part 3, Rimas? demanding fucker for 9 posts. hasn't even shown his gf's tits. btw, rimas doesn't post here. it's not facebooky enough. or starbucky enough for that matter.
  15. douglas

    the grand tour premieres this week

    go to and get their kodi install package. comes with all the best addons already installed. well worth it.