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  1. LivinIt, The races are going to be so close to shore that it could be argued that the best vantage points will be from land, for free. Fort Mason, with elevated views, or Aquatic Park with a jetty that extends within meters of the racing boundary are on my list of best places to watch. For getting really close to the boats, Pier 30/32 should offer good views of the boats getting hauled in/out as well as "pit crew" operations. Pier 29 will have an array of interactive stuff, big screens, and merchandise. Either find some friends to get out on the water, but don't bother chartering a boat. Its completely unnecessary at this venue. my guess is there will be little worthwhile that is actually free for this event. but going on the water is completely unnecessary and probably will be a very limited view anyway. go find a spot to see the boats up close and personal at some point, not even necessarily during the race, watching on NBC will be the best bet, then afterwards find the bars where the cool sailors are hanging out, which for sure won't be inside anything ACEA is selling only a dork would pay ACEA some sort of entry fee to a bar for post race fun. this site will have sorted out the real places to be. I kinda figured that as well Sunseeker, about very little being free. These kinds of events, on any sport, seem to charge for every little thing you can think of. I think the carnies that run fairs have expanded and are teaching classes on how to exploit the populations of the world for such events. I did not know they were going to run so close to shore as to have a first hand view or account of what is happeneing. I have not seen an AC cup on TV over the years that had that occur. So perhaps this is why I am skeptical. I read what you are telling me, but I am still suspicious of this "free" word being used. I shall look into the locations suggested thus far and plan accordingly and continue to moniter the forums. Thank you for the advice, truly! Someone needs to meet me for a beer when I get there. I don't get the opportunity to meet up with fellow Anarchists from other locations very often. In fact, I think SA should sponsor a tent/beer/rum garden for this! There would probably be a significant amount of arrests and disorderly conduct scenerios as well sneeking into SFYC to "borrow" a boat and settle a bet being made. Just speculating....
  2. With 129 pages to review for this thread and my search feature not turning up anything, I wanted to address this question and hope to receive a positive answer. I am in tune with this event and very excited to attend. As a fellow racer and instructor of sailing I do not believe my status will afford me any luxuries in the SF area come AC time. I am have been calling around to various agencies about the rental of a boat or passage aboard a boat to view the AC from the water. Its something I very much want to see up close and personal as I am sure the rest of you do. In my research I have discovered most companies in the Bay Area seem to be doubling there rates for this event to maximize their profit. No big surprise there I suppose, but it keeps me out of the game. As a single father and college student at U of O I cannot, for the life of me, fathom how I will pay such fees to view this event first hand. I do not want to believe that such a thing is achievable just to the wealthy. I am sure I won't have another opportunity for another 40 years as traveling to distant lands for such things produces mind boggling expenses. If this has been addressed previously, I apologize. Just wanted to maximize my experience there. I am open to suggestions from people in the Bay Area about this or anyone else for that matter who is tackling this issue. Thank you in advance for the input.