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  1. trt131

    ........ to Noumea

    The Groupama Race is a great event. You can sail inside the lagoon in flat water for most of the race if you want or go outside with better breeze. Warm and good winds with fantastic hospitality, what more could you want.
  2. And made the local papers with pictures and all.
  3. The one I am alluding to was very boat specific but part of the general mayhem.
  4. trt131

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Anyway, its a long drive from Tauranga for Clarkey. He is not from Auckland
  5. trt131

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    To race on Port Phillip or chase other races?
  6. trt131

    Runaway should be saved!

    Great boat, I have many miles on her. She could be more cruiser friendly with a different coach house though.
  7. trt131

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Clarkey, the point is, that you are terrified that it might go ahead and succeed and it might detract from the AC in NZL. I think you would like to have the boats banned and all the sailors in the event also banned if that was possible. I don't think it will happen but it would be great if it did and it fun speculating.
  8. trt131

    Australian Sailing card (SIN)

    This is a problem. You have been racing for some time and have only just started to have a look at the rules you are racing under. How are you driving around Melbourne, have you got any idea of the road rules.
  9. Snap, we must have sailed together. Were you involved in the infamous Customs House session.
  10. Are you sure they are sisterships? I did a couple of Hobarts on the Two Headed Tortois
  11. I see Kell regularly and he is going OK, He is old but holding his own.
  12. trt131

    Team Australia

    I can assure you the AC is definitely not a big deal for Aussie owners, I have spoken to all the current main players over the last year and they are just not interested.
  13. trt131

    Team Australia

    But the AC does not rate with the Australian owners as is does with NZ. It is not the ego trip of a life time but winning the Hobart certainly is. All the fizz went out of that when the Australians stopped winning. I think the AC is losing its appeal around the world, as the boats get further from what most people (non yachties) perceive as normal boats
  14. trt131

    Team Australia

    Nope, their highlight is winning the Sydney to Hobart race
  15. trt131

    AC36 - The Venue

    The report states the new proposal will cost somewhere in the region of 220 mill NZ. Who is paying these costs, Government or Auckland Council. It would be grossly unfair to have the people of Southland having to pay through their taxes when there will be little or no benefit from anyone outside the Auckland region.