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  1. Random, how deep is your hate?
  2. Take your rose coloured glasses off. You know I was talking about Burling and Tuke. Also you cannot believe NZ had some of the most knowledgeable and passionate of all media people at Bermuda. Some of the shit that came out them was diabolical, all sorts of conspiracy theories, and you were lapping it up.
  3. Jethrow, would you believe anything from the Ebar.
  4. He doesn't play it for shits and giggles, he plays for a purpose and that was obvious that it worked against DB. This time around it was to get at the stupid NZ media that was sent to Bermuda. Even you have commented how dumb they were and did not know anything about the game. They took it all hook line and sinker. JS has concentrated on AC for some years whilst other have gone and done Olympics, just different pathways. He has also done a fair bit of big boat sailing in past years which is something your heros have just started to do, so maybe he is in a better position than the apparent wind sailors going into the next cycle (no pun intended).
  5. Random, you are an idiot. Prove they were cheating or fuck off.
  6. A boat must be on the pre-start side of the line at the start only. Before the start, unless the sailing instructions say so, a boat can be on the course side of the line. This is a great tactic when the line is very biased to do a dip start. As for how early a boat can be in front of the start line and be considered OCS. The answer is when it is obvious the boat does not intend to start correctly, then it is either DNS or deliberately breaking a rule to get an advantage and RRS 2 comes into play.
  7. Clarky, you are so one eyed for NZ and also, like most Kiwis, anti Aus that anything JS does is bad. As for not doing well in anything else, I suppose at least two world championships don't count then.
  8. Damned auto correct. Burling and Tuke will not be brought on to the longer legs as a training exercise. The crew numbers are very limited and if they can't do multiple tasks onboard there will be no place for them.
  9. Burlington and Tuke have shown that they are good in apparent wind boats but have not shown they have mastered slower displacement monos yet. I suspect they have been brought on to the VOR teams specifically the in port races on cats. I don't expect them to do many of the longer legs
  10. I think you find there a number of yacht clubs that have a "Lipton Cup", I have seen at least three. Maybe he donated cups extensively, maybe it helped sell tea.
  11. NO and JS were not at Hamilton Island Race Week. We're do you get this shit from.
  12. ETNZ didn't walk away from cats because they wanted to be superior, they walked away from cats because LR told them they had to, as per their agreement. If Dalton had his drathers, this time around would be in cats not monos.
  13. Think RKO
  14. You can hope all you want but it aint going to happen in Australia. There is no will for the AC amoungst the very small number of likely candidates and I dont think JB could raise event one tenth of what is required.
  15. Sounds like you want to spend someone else's money. Patriotism is not going to drive this, it will be hard economic pragmatic decisions and I don't see it happening.