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  1. Team UK

    I think Clarkey might be like Indio, never sailed in his life.
  2. Oracle Team USA

    Indio 's hurt is very deep, not only did ETNZ lose in spectacular fashion so therefor they must have cheated, but also, like so many Kiwis who have a huge chip on their shoulder about Australia, JS who engineered the comeback was an Aussie. Talk about double butt hurt. Oh and Iain Murray is and Aussie also so he must also be a cheat.
  3. VOR Leg 6 Hong Kong to Auckland

    I think the $20 plastic sextant (and yes I own one and practice occasionally on the beach) would be next to useless on these boats at the speed they are traveling and way they bounce around. Using DR would be better.
  4. Random PicThread

    Goldy along time ago?
  5. Oracle Team USA

    Indio, stick to golf a sport you actually play and stay the fuck away from sailing
  6. Oracle Team USA

    Indio is a very sick man, he sets himself up as an expert in hydraulics and tries to baffle everyone with his supposed knowledge but with out any real facts. Now he is commenting on USA politics, again with out knowing any facts except what he gleans from the very left wing media in New Zealand. Thank god he is not polluting the VOR thread like he did last time around, his lack of knowledge was unbelievably. And remember all this is from a man who has never been is a sailboat or has never been in a sailboat race. I suspect he is a downtrodden Public Servant who gets his thrills trolling the ineterweb.
  7. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Pil, you're not just a little biased are you.
  8. Random PicThread

    Currumbin a long time ago
  9. Random PicThread

    Point Danger a long time ago
  10. Random PicThread

    Greenmount a long time ago
  11. AC36 - The Venue

    Interesting to note that JS has been doing a fair bit of foiling surfing over the last 6 months.
  12. Australian Yachting Championship 2019

    I think you find the intention of the rc always was to shorten, which they did making it about 10 to 12 miles.
  13. Australian Yachting Championship 2019

    Just because it is cheaper doen't make it better. There is a reason the top boats race IRC, its fairer racing and does not have the same fiddle factor that AMS does. And don't come back and say AMS does not have a behind the scenes fiddle factor.
  14. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Clarkey, Team NZ is a New Zealand team, just as the NZ Breakers are in the NBL and the Phoenix are in the A League. Those teams have imports to bolster the team but they are not the National Team as are say the All Blacks or Black Caps. Would you still call the All Blacks the National Team if the brought Izzy Folau into the team or the Black Caps used Virat Koli. You national pride is blinding you. By the way I could not be bothered look at your vids, too boring.
  15. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Nope, it proves my point exactly