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  1. I think you find there a number of yacht clubs that have a "Lipton Cup", I have seen at least three. Maybe he donated cups extensively, maybe it helped sell tea.
  2. NO and JS were not at Hamilton Island Race Week. We're do you get this shit from.
  3. ETNZ didn't walk away from cats because they wanted to be superior, they walked away from cats because LR told them they had to, as per their agreement. If Dalton had his drathers, this time around would be in cats not monos.
  4. Think RKO
  5. You can hope all you want but it aint going to happen in Australia. There is no will for the AC amoungst the very small number of likely candidates and I dont think JB could raise event one tenth of what is required.
  6. Sounds like you want to spend someone else's money. Patriotism is not going to drive this, it will be hard economic pragmatic decisions and I don't see it happening.
  7. Left wing do-gooders should be banned from this website. All they do is spread lies that match their beliefs
  8. Actually it was a shifty 3 to 7 knts during the race.
  9. RKO
  10. Slightly off topic but if you read his posts from the last VOR they were just crazy with some of his suppositions and theories. The guy has no idea about reality and sailing.
  11. Indio know nothing about sailing. He has never been in a boat but makes out to be an expert in AC
  12. Isn't it time a Victorian owner stepped up to the plate instead of just sailing around a pond.
  13. Looks like Celestial could do a buffalo girls, way offshore and doing nearly 8 knots. Wild Oats down to under 2 knots. LB less than 1 knot.
  14. So the question is who is going to be first to pull the pin. My money is on Rudy.
  15. Is that legal under IRC?