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  1. Wanted Missing VOR Skipper

    I think VOR are the guilty party here for posting the vid and then keeping on their website for long. Sure Witt was the skipper that instigated it but one wonders how many other marginally offensive videos over the years have been sent back to the office but were not posted on the website. Plenty I bet. The always outraged snowflakes have created a PC world where they see life through very narrow view eyes. The #metoo's who just pile on the bandwagon has gotten out of hand totally. The females who used their sex to climb up the ladder, be it corporate or acting, are worse than the Weinsteins that are out there but you will not hear a word against them, there a plenty out there in good positions only because they took a step up by using someone of power sexually to do so.
  2. Wanted Missing VOR Skipper

    WS International Jury Atkins Chris GBR Chairman Allen Miguel POR Dellenbaugh Brad USA Green Russell NZL Perez Alvarez Andres ESP Stage Jan DEN Truchanowicz Sofia POL Not many to trust on that Jury, maybe Russell Green and Dave Dellenbaugh
  3. blooper time!

    I understand the sail was called a Shooter in NZ. The rumour I hear that it was named after one of the NZ Hood sailmaker's girlfriend.
  4. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Except for all the cockpit sun protection. Graeme Lambert comment that he could not see the sails.
  5. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    Random, you must be so butt hurt to see Witt beating the girls after all the shit you put on him. Suffer in your jocks.
  6. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Don, These are great little boats and absolute rocket ships. I guess the point I was making is that the big boat scene in Melbourne has slipped somewhat in the last few years. This doesn't take away from the quality of racing though.
  7. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    http://www.sail-world.com/Australia/Akatea-makes-a-statement-in-the-Lipton-Cup-Regatta/158902 Does this make Akatea the fastest boat on Port Phillip? Really, an 11 metre boat. Come on Melbourne get your act together.
  8. VOR Leg 2 Lisbon to Cape Town

    How's the body language.
  9. Navy stunt in the sky

    I remember seeing the same "art' in the sky over Perth in the seventies or Eighties. Drawn that time by the RAAF. I think it was reported in the papers as a 12 mile member.
  10. Lone wolf - have you read it.

    Pretty much what I would expect from a rabid Kiwi fan, anything NZ is great, anything Spittle (or Aussie) is crap
  11. How can it be the "real championships" when it is decided by the only sailors that turned up to the regatta that year. Surely there needs to be a more represenaitive group making the decisions. Why are the champs decided by this group only sailed in Cat 7 locations, because it suits them?
  12. Oracle Team USA

    But the Sydney Hobart wont be done, there is another next year and the year after etc. Aus wealthy potential boat owners dont see the AC as very important as you do, to them the major event is the annual jaunt to Hobart and all the glory that goes with it. The Hobart race is more than another yacht race in Australia, its a major tradition much like the Melbourne Cup with all ensuing kudos and hoopla that goes with it. The AC has long lost its stature in the land of OZ and all the beating of drums by Slingers wont come to much unfortunately. Bertrand would not get much traction either, too out of touch with where sailing is currently, he currently heads up Australian Swimming.
  13. Oracle Team USA

    Slingsby's Aus Challenge is not getting much or any traction with the Australian Billionaires, they are concentrating on winning the Tattersalls Cup which is more important to them.
  14. 2018 Australian Multihull Championships

    Why stay inside Pittwater, one of the best sailing areas in Aus is off Palm Beach. Open water, steady winds and not a huge influence with currents. There seems to be an issue with having regattas in anything but a Cat 7 venue, strange for OMR (Offshore Multihull Rule)
  15. Random PicThread

    Wrong continent and wrong plane