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  1. Not sure of the go pound sand bit. 505 was in the Skiff selection trials in the 90's Lost to the 49er. So not sure if it was on purpose?? The 505 was never really up for consideration for the Olympics in the 90's. It was placed in the fleet as a reference point for high performance dinghies. There's a Sailing World article on the results. This was years before 505's adopted a larger kite. I had Vanguard 470 #216 when I was a kid, complete with mahogany rails and a wire drum vang. It was a lot of boat for a 12-13 year old.
  2. Thanks to all that came to the ECCs. We're looking forward to a great worlds next year! Look for a worlds promo video soon. 505 ECCs video
  3. This has won "has won many Olympic medals" and has a PHRF rating of 217...http://annapolis.craigslist.org/boa/5747412960.html
  4. Results of Pre-Worlds after today: http://sailwave.com/results/WPNSA/2016_505_UK_Nationals/Overall_Event.htm Go to the 2017 Worlds Website and make those predictions! https://goo.gl/forms/Ob5FRfUivrUTfcNu2
  5. The 505 is not a skiff. We are a limited development one-design dinghy with class rules dating back to the '50's. A few people, notably former world champion and sailmaker Ethan Bixby, have dabbled with a permanent bow sprit and A-Sail (of about the same size as our sym sail). While the performance results were promising and the running rigging much more simple, the resulting changes to the hull with either a bolt-on sprit or a retractable sprit were more radical than the class was ultimately willing to entertain. Calling our double poles "clever stupidity" is rather short-sighted and ignorant. Regardless of the added complexity, the boat sails far better with the double poles. Is the kite "small". Perhaps by say I14 standards, but it is the right size for our platform and our sailors, who can handle the boat well in high winds without snapping expensive rigs. The 505 welcomes you to try our cleverly stupid dinghy. You just might like it.
  6. The 2:1 makes a lot more sense. The load on the spin halyard cleat is too high otherwise. I think Fritz has a system that also engages the jibe stopper when the spin halyard goes up.
  7. Miike, how does the P&B system work?
  8. Personally, I prefer that the trap lines lengthen when sailing downwind so that I can get stand in the back of the boat and get low on the wire. This is more important for a windy reach than on the run. On the run, it's OK and probably preferable to up a little (crews normally tighten the trap adjuster up before rounding the windward mark). My system works on standard trap twings. It uses Spinlock cleats for the halyard and for the twings. When the kite is raised, the trap twings get tripped. When the kite is doused, the patch hits a take-up under the deck and pulls the twings back in. My system is complicated. It works well but there is too much extra line because I also have a manual take-up in-case the twing doesn't cleat (it almost always does now, but sometimes I need to have the driver hand me the manual line when I'm on the wire. The upside is I'm not hanging my weight off the spin halyard cleat like you are on the other system. I first saw this system (not mine, the one that works off the halyard) in 2008 at worlds on a French boat. Another nice things about it is that it works perfectly with the crew hoist and is self-contained on the mast.
  9. On boards, I'm of the mind that stiffer is better.
  10. In order of preference, I would look for the following: 1) Hull integrity - Stiff, light, no damage, delamination, good gelcoat a plus but repairable. 2) Boat Rigging - good setup, good hardware & materials and quality work. 3) Foils - Reputable builder in good working order and free from damage and blemishes 4) Spars - Latest setup/section (M2 or Alto). Carbon boom and double poles will save $$ later. 5) Sails - the most depreciating asset. You can buy good used sails for about half of new price. Bottom line - a good hull is the baseline. Everything else can either be modified around it or purchased. But, the more you need to replace things, the more expensive it gets. All should be factored into the price of a boat. You can certainly get a decent boat for $10-12K to get you going. But, be prepared to spend some money on top of that.
  11. There are plenty of regattas in NE, starting with the HPDO in October and continuing next season. The ECCs will be held again in Annapolis next year and Worlds the following year. Great time to jump into the 505 on the East Coast, even if you live in Canada.
  12. Try Ted Ferrarone. He has a very nice kit for sale in NY. Maybe charter for the HPDO at American in October. http://www.usa505.org/classifieds 2008 - Rondar - 8930 - Larchmont, NY - $22,000 - PHOTO ALBUMCarbon Jess-rigged Rondar, sail #8930 Essentially unused 2013 & 2014 Always stored indoors 100% turn-key boat & program, all gear functional and race-ready Two SuperSpar M2 Masts with Spinno double pole fittings Selden carbon boom Waterat carbon double pole system Waterat 480 and 430 centerboards 2 High Aspect Jess rudders, one brand new Adjustable shroud tracks Adjustable guys Rapide single trailer and dolly Jess bottom cover Brand new P&B top cover Jess Mast and Rudder cover Insane amount of sails, North, Glaser, BM Numerous regatta wins, top 3 ECC’s, etc. Will sell boat with all gear or 1 CB, 1 rudder, 1 mast. Other gear: Aluminum superspars boom (essentially unused)
  13. +1 on what Mike Holt said but I would add that going with the majority on your fleet is beneficial, esp if those are the people sailing the most/hardest. hard to get better in a vacuum.
  14. If you can car top the boat, a great launch is from Mayo Beach Park which lets out right into South River and the bay. Most people launch SUP, windsurfurs, and kites, but as long as you can car top, you can launch from there. The launch site is open to the public about once a month or you can get a season pass (Mayo Wind) for a few bucks.
  15. I'm sure there are a bunch of people on SA that spent there formative years having, ehem, a very good time sailing on BIII back on LIS. I sailed with Dennis starting in the BII days and sporadically in the 80's and early 90's. A good time was had by all, and Dennis really knew how to take care of his crew. Few people had as good a time blowing tons of money as Dennis. Anyway, seems like a lifetime ago, and I hope all the former BIII guys are doing well.