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  1. Picked-up 470, hull #130 vanguard

    Not sure of the go pound sand bit. 505 was in the Skiff selection trials in the 90's Lost to the 49er. So not sure if it was on purpose?? The 505 was never really up for consideration for the Olympics in the 90's. It was placed in the fleet as a reference point for high performance dinghies. There's a Sailing World article on the results. This was years before 505's adopted a larger kite. I had Vanguard 470 #216 when I was a kid, complete with mahogany rails and a wire drum vang. It was a lot of boat for a 12-13 year old.
  2. 505 East Coasts

    Thanks to all that came to the ECCs. We're looking forward to a great worlds next year! Look for a worlds promo video soon. 505 ECCs video
  3. Craigslist Finds

    This has won "has won many Olympic medals" and has a PHRF rating of 217...http://annapolis.craigslist.org/boa/5747412960.html
  4. 505 World Championships - Weymouth UK 2016

    Results of Pre-Worlds after today: http://sailwave.com/results/WPNSA/2016_505_UK_Nationals/Overall_Event.htm Go to the 2017 Worlds Website and make those predictions! https://goo.gl/forms/Ob5FRfUivrUTfcNu2
  5. 505 - What is the best kit?

    The 505 is not a skiff. We are a limited development one-design dinghy with class rules dating back to the '50's. A few people, notably former world champion and sailmaker Ethan Bixby, have dabbled with a permanent bow sprit and A-Sail (of about the same size as our sym sail). While the performance results were promising and the running rigging much more simple, the resulting changes to the hull with either a bolt-on sprit or a retractable sprit were more radical than the class was ultimately willing to entertain. Calling our double poles "clever stupidity" is rather short-sighted and ignorant. Regardless of the added complexity, the boat sails far better with the double poles. Is the kite "small". Perhaps by say I14 standards, but it is the right size for our platform and our sailors, who can handle the boat well in high winds without snapping expensive rigs. The 505 welcomes you to try our cleverly stupid dinghy. You just might like it.
  6. 505 - What is the best kit?

    On boards, I'm of the mind that stiffer is better.
  7. 505 - What is the best kit?

    +1 on what Mike Holt said but I would add that going with the majority on your fleet is beneficial, esp if those are the people sailing the most/hardest. hard to get better in a vacuum.
  8. Locura Soveral 43

    I'm sure there are a bunch of people on SA that spent there formative years having, ehem, a very good time sailing on BIII back on LIS. I sailed with Dennis starting in the BII days and sporadically in the 80's and early 90's. A good time was had by all, and Dennis really knew how to take care of his crew. Few people had as good a time blowing tons of money as Dennis. Anyway, seems like a lifetime ago, and I hope all the former BIII guys are doing well.