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  1. Races for Cruising boats in the PNW

    A few cyclors and you're good! But seriously, Madrona and Ocelot did well last year. This year an O'Day did well.
  2. Races for Cruising boats in the PNW

    Pull the engine and do Race to Alaska. You won't regret it.
  3. R2AK Inspired Race to Tierra del Fuego

    Not Patagonia, the San Juan islands. In any event, I can see that getting a fleet assembled to race to Tierra Del Fuego would be unlikely without a local fleet already active in Southern Chile. Despite R2AK's international draw, 80% of the teams were local to the race area. I know there's a transient cruising fleet always moving around through southern Chile, but I've never heard of any racing down there. I haven't gotten an overwhelming response to this thread. It seems like this might need to be a solo or 2-3 boat adventure.
  4. R2AK Inspired Race to Tierra del Fuego

    Amazing. HOG just paddled 700 miles to Alaska on a SUP and is all in to SUP to Tierra Del Fuego. We're not worthy! Norway would be something. But Patagonia has a special appeal to me. I can see that enticing a fleet would be difficult. Maybe it doesn't have to be a race. But making it a race creates a focus that I needed, at least for R2AK. Can't explain why.
  5. R2AK Inspired Race to Tierra del Fuego

    I can see that it would be easier to get a fleet assembled in Norway. But the route itself looks much more exposed. I'm just looking at Google maps, no charts. It seems like the fjords cut deep inland but that there aren't a lot of connecting channels. Would an engineless race up Norway's coast be more or less exposed than R2AK?
  6. R2AK Inspired Race to Tierra del Fuego

    Don't call it my race just yet. It's only an idea at the moment. I'm merely trying to guage interest and suss out whatever big issues there might be. Would an R2AKesq cash prize motivate people? Does Norway make more sense than Chile?
  7. Would anyone be interested/excited about an R2AK inspired race to Tierra del Fuego? It’s 1090nm from Puerto Montt to Ushuaia. All but two sections can be navigated in inland channels. Smallish boats, no motors. Sail, row, pedal. Last year my R2AK experience was incredible. The only disappointment was that it was over so quickly. I could have gone again right then and there. What would be next level? Me thinks Patagonia! I’ve been wanting to visit Patagonia for years. I’ve got a new boat (one with a cabin). So why not? The beauty of high latitude sailing and the navigational challenges of racing in fjords is a whole different thing than ocean racing and for me has a special appeal. The R2AK organizers do an incredible job with their event. But they benefit from proximity to a large Pacific NW sailing fleet. What would it take to attract 20-30 crazies to Chile? One idea is providing logistical support in the form of barge transport for the fleet from some West Coast US city to the start and return from the finish. Obviously this would be a multi-month commitment for the boats if not the crews. Another idea is providing sat phones and professional weather forecasting to the fleet. Am I tripping? Would anybody do this with me?
  8. 2017 Race to Alaska

    +1 Incredible performance.
  9. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Last year MAD Dog hit a log that did minor damage to one of the bows. This year P&W hit a log that broke thier rudder fuse. TPSR hit a log, damaged thier rudder. Broderna grounded. Bad Kitty grounded. Sistership grounded. This is just what i know of. Tough race.
  10. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Not an expert in this, but I would think a multihull is more likely to hit something. Two or three hulls, multiple multiple dagerboards, multiple rudders. Multis have more dangling stuff in the water.
  11. 2017 Race to Alaska

    A TP52 is far from the ultimate weapon for this race. A couple years ago we raced the M32 against a fleet of TP52s in the Santa Barbara to King Harbor race. Total horizon job. Put 2 hours on the fastest one in a 100 mile race. Would have be more with pedaling allowed. A Volvo 70 would probably only be faster in extreme conditions but would be stuck with no wind. And good luck getting in and out of Victoria. My ultimate weapon would be a 40' carbon trimaran with a quad prop drive system. I don't see a monohull that beats an M32 in R2AK.
  12. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Any update on Rod Price Adventure?
  13. 2017 Race to Alaska

    I don't think fun is necessarily the point of this race. If you have fun, good for you. But I think the creators organized this race to offer a personal challenge for those willing to take it. I see it as akin to climbing a mountain. Anybody can try and preparation, skill, and luck will determine whether you make it. Every step of the climb is miserable. Your legs and lungs burn. Half the party turns back, and you may question your own sanity. But you do it because it's there and for the 5 minutes of elation when you stand on the top. Then you snap a picture, trudge your tired ass back down the mountain, and ask yourself when you'll get to do it again.
  14. 2017 Race to Alaska

    I guess I can pick a horse.
  15. 2017 Race to Alaska

    Huge congrats to Team Pure&Wild/Freeburd! Can't wait to hear the report.