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  1. hello, are you still the owner of the sailboat seven sundays? 
    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. Greever


      OK, I just resent the email. I typed the first one wrong. Sorry about that!

    3. J.F.Hall


      I don't have a cell ;-)


    4. Greever


      I sent you another email,  but I am away from home until this afternoon. Will reply to your email then.

  2. Greever


    I agree. That is one of the reasons that I support a much higher minimum wage. Those workers will spend every penny, and pump it right back into the economy. So what if we pay more for a BigMac, or a head of lettuce?
  3. Greever

    The debate over assault weapons

    That was actually pretty funny Joe!
  4. Can’t wait? I thought you wanted to use your vast wealth to get rid of guns? What do you want them to arm up with, slingshots?
  5. What would you propose for the limit on the number of rounds a magazine can hold? I recall the AWB of 1994 capped the limit to ten rounds.
  6. He might. I just posted the question a few hours ago...
  7. What would your limit be on magazine capacity? How would we get rid of the tens of millions that are in circulation? I am not trying to play a gotcha game with you. You are a smart guy, and I wonder how you think such bans would be enforced.
  8. Like nuclear weapons, I think the Genie is out of the bottle, and there is nothing you can do to put it back in. What do you propose?
  9. How can we ban “high powered ammo”?
  10. Obviously. How do you propose to ban, and confiscate large capacity magazines?
  11. How exactly would we be able to enforce banning large cap mags?
  12. Not to mention a cannon mounted on a Ridgeline!
  13. Greever

    A Colonial Thanksgiving

    Turkey, Ham, and all of the fixins’. Life is good!!!