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  1. Thanks Ish. I still have the drafts The Maestro sent me! CA 36 PH, and the Greever 46 PH.
  2. You have never shot bowling pins have you? We shot reloads. Non jacketed .38 specials, shot out of a .357 Magnum.
  3. Call it what you want. My Father got his "Combat Revolver Master" at the Ben Avery Range, in Phoenix, back in 1990. Practice makes perfect.
  4. A Weaver grip, with a "six o'clock sight". You do have to shoot slow to make the shot... Useful? If you don't practice at that range, you will never be able to make the shot under stress....... Yep, the bowling pins looked quite small. Hard to hit. As a side note: after years of only having a six gun, I bought a shotgun, and shot one of my Fathers beloved bowling pins with a shotgun slug. Boy was he pissed! I had no idea it would split the bowling pin in half! (Yes, he made me buy another)
  5. I think you wouldn't get hired. Where is Vernon Green when you need him?
  6. Since it was my Father that taught me, I do not consider it a "stupid" thing to do. What if that is all you have? We used to shoot bowling pins at 100 yards with 4" barrel .357 Magnum revolvers. Back then, I could get 4 out of 6, and my Father would get all 6 every time.......
  7. I will give you an honest awnser: I would be scared shitless! However: If I had my choice of a handgun, a shotgun, or an AR-15, I would go in there with a pistol because that is the platform I have the most practice with. We are talking about a building, not an open field. I used to compete in IDPA, and one of the stages had a scenario much like this. The stage said: " Terrorists have attacked the Mall of America, little Timmy is injured and needs you to bring him a first aid kit. Hold the first aid kit in your weak hand, and engage the terrorists with your strong hand (the hand you shoot with), after eliminating the first four terrorists, you drop the first aid kit near little Timmy, and then you can then use both hands to eliminate the last four terrorists. The last four terrorists were 30 to 50 yards away, and most competitors could not hit those targets, because they did not practice shooting a pistol at such long ranges. (For a pistol, 50 yards is considered "long range" by most shooters) Granted: no one was shooting at me, but you are running from cover to cover, (walls, and barrels) and that definately affects your accuracy. My point is: most people do not practice shooting pistols at 50-100 yards during regular training. I will also say: IDPA does not let you know what the stages/scenarios are before the match, and at the time I thought that this particular stage was ridiculous. I mean, who in the hell takes on 8 terrorists with a handgun? However, I now think that it is good training, for the very reason we see in this school shooting. Honest enough awnser for you?
  8. Did I say I wanted to become a Police Officer? That guy was, and his job was to "Protect and Serve" the kids in that school. Feel free to rip on me all you want, but the fact is: that Police Officer DID NOT DO HIS JOB. To hell with "clearing the building", had he headed towards the gunfire, who knows how many lives he could have saved? And while we are at it: The FBI didn't do their job, and neither did local law enforcement.......
  9. Personal responsibility. I haven't carried since I moved to Michigan. 7 years now. When I lived in Phoenix, I carried every day. The way our country is headed, it looks like carrying again is a good idea. There is nothing special about me, but I am well above average with a handgun. Rifles, not so much, but I am planning to take some carbine classes to improve my knowledge with a rifle...
  10. You are correct Joe. Before Columbine a lone officer was trained to wait for SWAT to arrive. After that, they changed their tactics to engage the shooter as soon as possible...