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    Why do you think I'm on this site? Pointy end.. Duude is a term of endearment- even with us girls.
  1. So received this email from US Waterline systems. Which seems to be one of the entitities that they preserved. "So don't miss the opportunity" We have you covered "Preparation and planning begin now to help insure you do not miss a single day next season" We know how important and infrequent those perfect days on the water can be. We love being on the water and we know you do to! Waterline Systems offers a full array of services for your boat. Power or sail, racer or cruiser, our staff will work with you this off season to insure your boat is structurally, cosmetically and mechanically ready to go. 2018 will mark 30 years of providing "World Class" service to our customers and we look forward to sharing our expertise and knowledge with you. Contact Waterline Systems now to schedule storage, repairs, refits or if you are doing it yourself and just need advice and some parts we've got you covered on that as well. sales@waterlinesystems.com
  2. Chicago Area III

    Wow- MASH has had their run of bad luck. Mac- Damage; NA- Equipment failure; Now this... That boat is going to need a MASH unit... Just saying.
  3. Chicago Area III

    Looked like a nice weekend from the pictures. Were the numbers up or down from previous years. Seemed like more J111s, J109s, less 40.7s, 36.7s. Farr 40s, ORR boats.
  4. Wah, wah... Countries in Europe- you get it... Quit being an ass.
  5. A country where the sailing lifestyle is embraced from the cradle. USA/NA not so much.
  6. Just how many of those did they actually think they could sell and keep the doors open? Part of the problem- too much of a niche product line. We can armchair QB all day, right now is not a good time in the sailboat biz.
  7. Looking at some of the names on the 111 list, I don't think that is the case. Some of the adds to the 111 fleet are from outside the area.
  8. Me thinks it's pretty flat overall. Some sections have seen a decline: t10s 36.7s, 40.7s. j105s. These used to be the cornerstone OD sections.
  9. Karma is a Bitch...

  10. There seems to be less boats in the Mac this year? I know their numbers are down for Chicago when they are first, but it seems lower than usual?
  11. Chicago Area III

    It seems to me that LMSRF - RGC is just a way to keep LMSRF in the mix in Chicago, I wonder if it would have even been created if CASRA wasn't a thing. It looks to me that RGC was just a reaction to CASRA and not a initiative that would have come anyway. RGC is too little, too late from LMSRF. Since I'm are on the too little too late thought, why is it that only Area III LMSRF members have to pay dues for LMSRF? Is that fair? Or were we just the biggest pool of members and they were looking for a payday. Except for BOTY prizes, what will LMSRF provide to Chicago racers going forward? We won't need to be a member of LMSRF to race the entire CASRA schedule and we saw at the townhall meeting, not many racers are concerned with the BOTY awards. If CASRA will standardize the NOR/SIs, do the schedule and organize a website for entry/scoring, this is now the death knell for LMSRF in the Chicagoland area. CASRA has been meeting for more than a year, they most certainly have plans for what they are doing, maybe they just didn't want to share them with a committee that has only been up and running for 2 months, that most of feel will be less useful than the last LMSRF Area III committee was. I'll say it again, chicago BOAT OWNERS NO LONGER NEED TO PAY AREA III DUES. GOOD BYE LMSRF, HELLO CASRA. "CASRA doesn't appear to have interest in the BOTY, and other such things, and RGC will fill in those piece" Judging from some of the comments of racers- aside from a few select fleets- CHICAGO sailors don't appear to have an interest in BOTY! A few of the fleets run their own- why pay tithing to LMSRF for this? Sounds like LMSRF should focus on the grants in aid and the appeals and leave the race organizing to the clubs- they have the most at stake. RGC does look like an 11th hour reaction to CASRA. In just that element- it shows how obsolete LMSRF is/has become. Time for something new!
  12. Chicago Area III

    Do you own a boat ? Didn't you sell yours? It seems like every comment you make is about the way it 'used to be'. With all respect, things have changed- alot.
  13. Chicago Area III

    Good feedback. You're making me miss my old haunt- Chicago, except when I saw the weather report!!!
  14. Chicago Area III

    Is that the official LMSRF hat?