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  1. It seems to me that LMSRF - RGC is just a way to keep LMSRF in the mix in Chicago, I wonder if it would have even been created if CASRA wasn't a thing. It looks to me that RGC was just a reaction to CASRA and not a initiative that would have come anyway. RGC is too little, too late from LMSRF. Since I'm are on the too little too late thought, why is it that only Area III LMSRF members have to pay dues for LMSRF? Is that fair? Or were we just the biggest pool of members and they were looking for a payday. Except for BOTY prizes, what will LMSRF provide to Chicago racers going forward? We won't need to be a member of LMSRF to race the entire CASRA schedule and we saw at the townhall meeting, not many racers are concerned with the BOTY awards. If CASRA will standardize the NOR/SIs, do the schedule and organize a website for entry/scoring, this is now the death knell for LMSRF in the Chicagoland area. CASRA has been meeting for more than a year, they most certainly have plans for what they are doing, maybe they just didn't want to share them with a committee that has only been up and running for 2 months, that most of feel will be less useful than the last LMSRF Area III committee was. I'll say it again, chicago BOAT OWNERS NO LONGER NEED TO PAY AREA III DUES. GOOD BYE LMSRF, HELLO CASRA. "CASRA doesn't appear to have interest in the BOTY, and other such things, and RGC will fill in those piece" Judging from some of the comments of racers- aside from a few select fleets- CHICAGO sailors don't appear to have an interest in BOTY! A few of the fleets run their own- why pay tithing to LMSRF for this? Sounds like LMSRF should focus on the grants in aid and the appeals and leave the race organizing to the clubs- they have the most at stake. RGC does look like an 11th hour reaction to CASRA. In just that element- it shows how obsolete LMSRF is/has become. Time for something new!
  2. Do you own a boat ? Didn't you sell yours? It seems like every comment you make is about the way it 'used to be'. With all respect, things have changed- alot.
  3. Good feedback. You're making me miss my old haunt- Chicago, except when I saw the weather report!!!
  4. Is that the official LMSRF hat?
  5. Sailed on a few Bennies 381, 423, 36s7, 44.7, 36.7 and 40.7. I was part owner on a 381 for some time. The first series used to be an ok all around boat when farr was designing the hulls. The newer first product (2008<<) is crap. Pure and unadulterated. Add to this that they no longer support their sail product and you have no sane reason to buy one (unless you are trying to impress us girls ) . They were on a good tear making solid boats from about 2000-2010. Anything since then is crap. Many of their dealers don't know the first about the product- Our local dealer in the bay area has a blow hard service manager and the owner is a wreck. They had some solid players in Chesapeake , Buffalo and Chicago- but I hear the players have changed. Their cruisers _like the boat in this picture are sheer garbage. They haven't sold well and from what I saw in the SoCal shows- they renamed them 35.1 and 38.1 as an attempt to mask the poor Electrical issues, poor design, corners cut (to keep production costs low) while the prices have skyrocketed over the past six years. There are better boats out there, but in the end you have to ask yourself - how are you going to sail her?
  6. I disagree. Many, even on this very thread, have cited smaller fleets on race day as a reason to not show up. If the fleet is being split, that is bad racing which makes people not want to show up. The thrill of big fleets is a big draw. Apparently our psyche is so fragile that we need to think we are doing something cool, not just enjoy it for its own sake. But that's fine - we can eliminate that variable/argument easily.Like so many things on the internet just because it is said does not make it so. Look at the history and the actual facts. The fleet (MORF is special case with which I will have something to say minute) has been absolutely scheduled with absolutely no conflicts between the clubs major races until very recently when CYC took it on itself to expand its "one design" and club racing out of Belmont to include boats that have in the past been racing in what has come to be called Area III. Lets get some facts out there. When I started racing in Chicago in 1974-75 the local race dates were coordinated among JPYC, BPYC, CYC, ColYC and CCYC through a committee of the Chicago Yachting Association and the ultimate sailing "authority" for Lake Michigan, at that time was LMYA (Lake Michigan Yachting Association). In 1980 LMSRF was formed in rebellion by sailboat racers against the rule of LMYA (I was at the organizational meeting and signed up but was not an insider that took place at CYC's Belmont station) for the explicit purpose of focusing on SAILBOAT RACING on Lake Michigan. One of the decisions made later was the regional structure of LMSRF. Area III then created its own subcommittee with respect to a number of items--one of which was the coordination of race dates and starting areas for all of the YCs of AREA III. The membership of that Committee included all of the Chicago Area Clubs. So, and here is my point, there never has been (at least since 1975) any conflicting race dates among the clubs until the last two years. I previously gave a brief experience in a 4KSB and the fun it was. Let me take the other end of the fleet. In 1986 through, I think 1991, I owned and raced, in partnership with another, a Peterson 43, named Toscana. In various years we raced it in IOR, MHS and PHRF. I have a picture in my home of Toscana the 43 leading IOR Section 1 (we were only physically in the lead because Pied Piper the 70 was not out and we were getting crushed on handicap as Carrera to whom we gave a ton of time was only two lengths behind). The year was 1987, the race was the "8 Mile Bouy Race" and in the picture you can see, Toscana, 3 NM 41s, 2 additional Pet 43s, 2 NM 45s, 2 C&C 43s and two boats I can no longer identify. A 12 boat section 1. That was participation.I do not have the answer, yet, but it is not that there is a lack of coordination. The fact that no one has races on the Verve Cup weekend does not get a single "NEW" boat out or a single new crew.MORF has always been a bit different and it is both a feeder organization and a self sustaining organization. I was a member of MORF when my boat really fit in its sweet spot and when I was still learning to race. Much of its schedule does conflict with other Area III events but frankly does not draw from Area III participation largely because AREA III has made itself unfriendly to MORF Boats. One race in Area III costs one third of what an entire season costs in MORF, MORF starts more inshore (shorter trip) races usually one race per day (more social and club time) smaller boats (smaller crews, more family) etc. However, even MORF has not been able to grow.robinThanks for sharing. This is one of the problems we see in the bay, passionate sailors that speak up and two sentences into the conversation they go with "back when I was sailing scows" or "back when I started sailing in 197--". That's part of the problem. Sailing is dramatically different today than 197--- , American way of life is dramatically different today. The least of which is two income households, less time and less resources. The sport has failed to adapt quick enough and is starting to go the way of golf. As this week has shown us ( sorry to go there) sometimes you have to go in a different direction to have a shot at different results. It's just like sailing a beat and following the fleet and taking 5th or taking a flyer to the windward mark , catching a fresh shift and rounding in 1st or 2nd. (Sorry for the soggy analogy). I do like the 8 mile buoy idea. Maybe casra can do that?
  7. You have heard of MORF, right? I don't know if this is still the case (CG, fill us in), but MORF used to have a lower limit on ratings. So someone with a 36+ foot reasonably nimble cruiser/racer could not actually participate in MORF events (e.g., Bene 36.7, J-105, Bene 42.7). A3 was the only option. If that is still the case, then you can see how there needs to be an outlet for the 6kSB (think of cruiser/racers 36', 40', etc.) to learn to race in a less stressful environment. I didn't remember the J/27... what a nice boat! It was a great little boat. Didn't sail it enough to make it worthwhile keeping - still was doing the full A3 (and then some) schedule at the time on QW, Sold it after 2 seasons (spent half of the second one on the hard too...). Often wish I still had it! Yes, MORF has a lower limit on ratings, but it's rather fungible these days. It's been going lower over time as most racing boats keep getting faster and faster. I think the fastest active boat rates around 60 something. btw, in case you didn't know, your old Red Sh**t skipper is no longer with us. Yeah I heard some time ago. Normy was an interesting smart guy, but got burned out of the IOR scene after not too long (as many owners did back in the 80's). He gave a number us a great opportunity to play on some fun boats. If this is true, then they too have been pulling from the fleet. Any sub fleet that divides sailing in an area is helping kill attendance by running competing events ( i.e. Port of prhf, Morf open etc) on top of other events. With overall participation numbers down the sailing community should be sticking together not splitting. This hasn't happened with LMSRF (sorry Mr Mcarthy) or with a3 to the best of my recollection. The one thing a3 was tasked to do- administer a schedule for all of sailing, they've failed to do. I hear meetings are highly tribal, torrently long and full of animosity (by some). The end result- dysfunction and a crappy program for scheduling (the don site) and registering= frustration and low turnout. Maybe LMSRF should focus on grants to help youth sailing as they do that very well and leave it to the clubs to do their thing via casra? Some of the people involved in this new casra have experience putting on events that draw boats (consistently). Examples: Red flannel, colors, three crib, Mack race, nood, verve. I was back in chi a couple of years ago for the three crib and couldn't believe the number of new sailors (bimininis and smiles) on the course. Why? Because they took risk and tried something different. The coordinators - skyway and karma yachts were both good guys that had their fingers on the pulse of the sailing community. They marketed the poop out of that event , but most importantly it represented a diffrperent product. Our sailing is pretty fragmented in the Bay Area, mostly due to the size of the geography- but majorly because of the groups (some who are hucksters) that have split it up. It has taken leadership like with the running of three bridge fiasco that has offered a new kickstart. Learn from that and don't be afraid of something different. Nuff said. Peace .
  8. +1+2
  9. As far as I know, only the "brick and mortar" clubs have been invited to the CASRA table so far. MORF will surely host the MORF Open, as they always have. MORF will likely schedule that so it doesn't confict with an event that a CASRA club is hosting. On any given weekend in the summer there is some MORF bullshit that conflicts with what the other clubs are doing, what makes you think that they will do differently now that all of the clubs have gotten together and excluded them? Frankly, I could give half a shit about any of the MORF stuff, but when everybody talks about getting the idle 4ksbs out racing on the weekends, what do you guys think the currently racing 4ksbs are doing on weekends? Is morf still the cheapskate fleet like it always was? It seems that with the decline in numbers- they may be down to very few boats? Are most morf members still columbia members? I seem to remember a few (whisper, sorcerer ) that were. Then again, I'm going back to 2001 in the wayback machine.
  10. Great website - and they say they will use yacht scoring, huge improvement IMO. You'd think there would be some sort of "get involved" link or some other way to offer support? Just called some sailpals back in the windy city- they will be having townhall meetings. sounds like a great effort, well thought out. Midpack- AIII is dead. The brainstrust at LMSRF killed it. Probably long overdue. My recollection is old on this (circa 2001) but LMSRF, LMPHRF and A3 were part of the bureaucracy problem that led (in part) to some of the decline in chicago sailing. Too complicated. Being fair- LMSRF's youth grant program is useful- so hopefully they can focus on that. Their whole grandprix bahoooey is so out of touch with where the sport is today. when you think about it- A3 ran nothing, they didn't even schedule things correctly as the real organizers of the races are the clubs that formed Casra. The gunpowder behind this casra group is strong- the bigger organizing clubs with the largest interests in making sure Sailing lives in chi-town. over and out.
  11. There was one in the 2014 race http://www.rolexsydneyhobart.com/the-yachts/2014/kraken/ but it only carried asyms. I think the feedback was that they needed to also carry sym kites to be more competitive - was very new at the time. Sailed this boat. She is very sticky in light breeze. Double rudder set-up is not optimal. I think Beneteau also had a similiar design in a 30 range that suffered the same painful issues. May work for the Frogs- as they do distance racing but bad for any short track stuff.
  12. Don't you guys have a local guy on the SailAmerica board? http://www.sailamerica.com/about/board-of-directors/
  13. Very good point. Almost all intro to sailing programs do not have a "next step." Think of the adult sailing schools, charter, time-shares, etc. They try to keep the sailors to themselves for their own revenue stream. Many want to move on, don't know where to go, and give up. It would be great to have evenings with these people to explain to them the steps to boat ownership, how to join a yacht club, how to try racing, what is involved in an around the world sail, or whatever avenue their ultimate idea of sailing is. In other regions of the country there are commercial associations, we don't have one in this region to bring the commercial interests together to develop synergies. Wisconsin has one that covers the whole State. Michigan has one that covers the whole State. Then there is the 900 pound gorilla, the National Marine Manufacturers Association HQ'd right here in Chicago which most don't even know their name. Good luck in getting some of these commercial interests to align. They all seem to be in a churn and burn mode- to the chagrin of the sport. In CA- we have a few in the Bay Area and they (charter/frac operators ) have all but killed any growth pipeline. They operate like an amway salesperson or MLM group trying to get you in to pad their profit margin with no real connection to the sport.
  14. Kudos the the key clubs in this new organization. Knowing some of the players in this, it looks very good. http://sailinganarchy.com/2016/11/10/new-rules-3/