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  1. Moth Developement

    Speedwise most foils of all latest boats are very close. Only Mach2s do not have a good big foil (so people buy the lanulfi gp or will buy the new damic bigfoil), other than that it will be all small incremental changes imho. You cannot get stiff foils much thinner than what we are using now. Surface Finishing matters, but that is just a matters of hours put into painting and sanding, not of real developement Key in the hull is stiffness and control system. uk boats are stiffer than mach2s (but they are heavier) and this helps, all control system are very similar now, except the cams system some aussie have, which may be a good developement. There is a lot of rig developement right now. The balance between span, capsizing moment, sail shape, usability and eventual endplating (so interaction with hull ) is hard to get right. The 2017 rules which allow 10cm more span could also play a role in defining where the right compromise is.
  2. Bangin the corners cup 2018

    Yes. They Definitely need a couple more knots that "medium" moth foils. And at least 3 more than high lift foils. With the rocket big I foil in 6 knots (I'm light). In the waszp I needed probably 9 knots. Talkng about waszp, I really appreciated what amac is doing with early boats; he's shipping free upgrades to early boat owners for all parts that have been reenginered in the last few months. Very clear communication and sensible initiative.
  3. Bangin the corners cup 2018

    I honestly love the Banging the Corners Cup like it is, unless Randy has a real aspiration to go commercial on that. I hope and believe that IMCA will continue to Pay Randy and Beau for their coverage in main events, and hopefully the BTC Cup will establish as a side event in all Worlds. Last weekend I was painting my daggerboard at home, and I put on TV all IMCA Youtube coverage of Garda Worlds. In 1 word it has been AWESOME! Great visual by Beu and Hartas, great storytelling by Randy. Honestly the only upgrade possible would be to go to live commentary, but I guess the production pricing would significantly go up. Michele
  4. Moth decksweeper and lowered mast stumps

    I think Dylan's sail was made to the old rules though, so this is also one of the reason the luff is shorter. Anyway I think he reads SA, so he may elaborate on that if he wants. We'll see what rig he and others will bring at the worlds. Mic
  5. Moth decksweeper and lowered mast stumps

    My2c DISCLAIMER: I have to agree with Dave. Do not think that any progress you will change performance much. Low rigs are a bit overrated, at least with current boats geometry and with the impossibility to properly seal the foot. CUTTING MAST STUMP: if you are already on a low mach2 mast stump you can cut a little bit but not much; going to stump heights like those of the Maguire (close to 20 cm from kicker attachment to end of stump) increases loads exponentially. I'm not really sure a mach2 can handle those loads without significant reinforcements to the kingpost area. 25 cm, which is close to the standard mach 2 low stump, looks more reasonable. CUTTING MASTS: with a m2 mast with a KA sail you have room to cut a couple of cm of mast if you really want to. beware that you will have of course to run a little less rake from that moment onwards. DECKSWEEPER LEECH LENGHT. Ka decksweepers go precisely to 5,185 lenght from throat point (I assisted to measurement in Garda). All other sails measured before july 17 were 8-10 cm inside max lenght. Latest Lennons (goodison sail at the Garda worlds) and I suspect new 2018 norths go to max lenght as well. Ka decksweepers of course had to cut a good chunk of the mast, to go down to foredeck; all others decksweepers will have to do the same. DECKSWEEPER EFFICIENCY: I have no proper technical Info. What I have been told by more informed people is exactly what Dave says. I suspect that decksweepers will properly start to make a difference only if they are put on a boat designed for them and if they are able to combine endplating with good sail shape and with good enough ease of handling. There is a lot of developement on them right now, we'll see in Bermuda if someone really finds a proper breakthrough. Until that happens, performance differences with standard rigs will be very small IMHO.
  6. Bangin the corners cup 2018

    Cool show and some great light air boathandling! It's kinda reassuring to see that even the top guys sometimes miss the tacks though.
  7. Moth - adding bladder to tramp

    I'd look for a way to tie another swim floater on the underside of the wingbars. Stitching a proper floater to the tramps is not the easiest thing in the world
  8. What Are Your Sailing Goals for 2018?

    Get the new boat wet at the end of february...than sail it, sail it, sail it, sail it. Did I say it? Focus and concentrate on sailing it well, and not on less important stuff. Then go to sweden, drink a lot, have fun and hopefully get a decent result at the moth europeans.
  9. Moths at Wangi

    From photos and results it seems like champagne sailing and a good fight between the top 4 aussies. Looking forward to having some first hand news
  10. Cool! It looks like a good boat! Have fun, and sail with others whenever you can. I know there are few moths in south france who sail in the Med, contact the freanch class if you did not do it already
  11. Thanks Phil; some cool photos here: https://www.facebook.com/pg/imcaaustralia/photos/?tab=album&album_id=1761370897492704 Michele
  12. Ahah let's hope so. the problem has always been the driver though Stilk few weeks before she sees the water
  13. 2018 moth worlds are coming soon around Easter time in Bermuda. http://www.mothworlds.org/bermuda/ Pretty envious to those that are going, that has to be a pretty special place to sail (well expenses to go there make it pretty special as well); entry numbers won't be the same as Garda, but most top guns should be there. few people from Italy, but I think the whole UK class will get in a cointainer to go there In the meantime, while in Europe we are all busy doing useless upgrades, I guess the Aussie season is getting hot. Any news from down under?
  14. Hi! Don't worry too much. I don't know well the Hyde on that boat, but I guess both can be flattened pretty well by pulling lot of downhaul (I am 65kg as well). 12:1 should be enough purchase for those rigs. Now almost everybody is on 16:1, but that is because latest sails (ex lennon a3M and more, latest north sails) have a lot more power than the ones you are talking about and latest masts are also stiffer. So it depends on the condition of the hyde, and how much do you pay for the KA. Honestly if the hyde is decent, I would keep the money and, once you learn to properly sail the boat, get a second hand lennon or north . Right now at 65kg I am very happy with a recent lennon (a4m) and downhaul upgraded to 16:1. Michele
  15. UK Moth Nats

    Yep. I did not stress it enough. Those topics shouldn't really interest you. To be more clear, I am an average sailor, i have a boat that is pretty easy to tack, and it took me like 1.5 years year on a good moth to properly foil tack. Al least for 1 full year I just fighted to stay consistently on foils, do some foil gybes and go where i wanted