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  1. When to gybe

    Little less than 90 degrees, but not much less. If you are pretty close to the mark, go for a deeper angle (much lower than 90), cause you'll have to bear away to drop the kite.
  2. Moth decksweeper and lowered mast stumps

    Erwan main issie is not only rig height but that currently we decksweep through the boom (49er style), so bottom of the rig is by definition flat. You definitely lose power like this. Acat style decksweeper would be more powerful but would need a different mainsheet system, which may be not usable on a moth
  3. Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    In the meantime checco bruni is second at the moth worlds. Fight for the ac75 helm has begun
  4. Moth decksweeper and lowered mast stumps

    Current rules allow for a sail with 5,18 luff when on the floor (I am simplifying a bit) and probably 525/530cm luff when downhaul is pulled to max. Most sail are designed to max luff lenght (moreless) "normal" moth masts are all between 532 and 538 cm, to use the above sails New decksweeper masts are around 510, so that luff on the decksweeper goes below the mast and on the mast step, to sweep the deck. For example below is Goodie with a decksweeper with downhaul on. I guess mast is 510 or 515 and kingpost + end fittings probably other 10 cm, so total 520. luff, stretched by the downhaul is maybe 525-530 and starts to create some wrinkles at the bottom of the sail, cause the sail hits the foredeck. Michele
  5. Weather's looking terrible. Max wind expected in the next 3 days is 6 knots. This could be the shortest worlds ever.
  6. Day 2 great video: Weather forecasts look terrible, basically no wind from today to sunday. Let's see.
  7. GO GO GO Checco Bruni! Up to third after a couple of insane Port tack starts
  8. nope Slingsby not racing. Goodie is killing it in the big breeze today. Footage should be fun
  9. Few videos from the last couple of days. Bermuds nats day 1 Bermuda nats day 2 (no sailing): Good luck to everybody to stay close to Goodison; chat I heard is that he is uncatchable.
  10. SuperFoiler Grand Prix 2018

    I have not seen today's racing yet. Viewing from yesterday was pretty cool ,though! Sometimes it felt just scary to watch.. Sydney is always a pretty congested venue.
  11. It's looking windy for the start of the worlds https://it.windfinder.com/forecast/bermuda_airport
  12. Yup I agree. Just some more unsubstantiated rumours on the other 3 above, to give something to talk: Bora, as always when he seriously commits to a Worlds, will have for sure something new in his kit that he will show to the world on monday morning . expect the unexpected. Checco Bruni, for the first time, is coming to a worlds with a good training (much more focused than he was in Garda). Maybe not a contender for the win, but I'll count him in for a possible top 3. in Garda he sailed very well but he did not have the boatspeed; he may have it now. Patonator is always there at the top and Bermuda is his second home. Do not count him out. I like to think it will be Goobs time to win a worlds, cause he is such a great sailor, often hidden under the shade of Outerridge, but unless someone has a secret weapon in the bag (Bora?), I simply cannot see Goodison losing it.
  13. Well, at least in northern Italy, finally this weekend it seems like this bloody winter/freezing/windless weather will be over, so it may be a good time to actually spend some time on the water, hence ending this glorious period of winter armchair sailing Michele
  14. Honestly we all tought Freight would be paid from anywhere because of sponsorship, and that the cup would stay there Anyway, so all pros would be in. We as Italian class voted almost unanimously for Bermuda at the time. With the benefit of hindsight it was a mistake. I think in the end there are 3 Italian boats going; 1 AC helm, the IMCA president , and 1 Italian who lives in Belgium. I agree with what other mothies say. Perth 2019 will be back to "normal".
  15. trickle down

    I do not see kite foils that much different from moth foils, other than they are simpler (no flap) because ride height is controlled directly by altering foil AoA, with crew weight placement on the board. Still they are by far the most efficient thing on the water, by combining light platform and a really efficient sailplan (10-15m up in the air). In marginal breeze they're insane, at something like 10% better vmg than top moths both up and down.