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  1. 17mika

    ....got stung by the 'WASZP'?..OD foiler...

    I was assisting on a rib on saturday. They looked good when there was enough breeze. Good racing with a mix of lowriding and foiling. I still believe boats would be better off with a bigger mainfoil to have better flying time, but I was surprised to see a couple of actual foiling tacks from the top guys; impressive! I was told sunday was glam and thursday and friday were shit. Overall a lot of young guys in there, and that has to be a great result for amac, since getting the kids on the foils was the whole point of the new class for him.
  2. as far as I can remember, kite is exactly the same, and jib had very little changes, but it fits. not 100% sure though
  3. After the initial excitement from sw article, I have to say I agree wit xlot and others. Let's wait and see if they reallly have the money. All I've got from friends in the past days is that they should have some financial backing from sponsors in the emirates, but nothing is fully locked-in yet.
  4. Grande Duccio! So happy they made it. Now the difficult part starts
  5. 17mika

    moth mach2.0 upgrade possibilities

    yep what Phil said. Do not discard the chance to get directly a used rocket; speed/price ratio is the best of all used boats market, and foils are second to none. Remember that cons of all rockets that basically everyboat is a bit different, so on a Rocket you lways expect to have to work a bit on the boat by yourself (to tune-upgrade, etc). Mach2 and Maguires are definitely more "standard" in their products. So a mach 2.0 could be a decent choice if you like to buy stuff and easily fit-it.
  6. 17mika

    moth mach2.0 upgrade possibilities

    yep. but some rewuire to glue on the hull a female pug for the bowdprit tube (if I remember correctly both the sailing bits one and mach2 one work like that). what others said. performance wise, i think main advantage would be in getting a decent rudder (IMHO best are rocket or magutire). bowsprit helps a lot in very big waves, it does not make huge difference in normal condition.
  7. I do not know thee gill one. zhik is expensive but real good just to confuse you more, this year I bought the lennon suit with the medium top. really,really happy. almost waterproof, incredibly elastic and confortable. i sailed it well from uner 10 degree water to current 20.
  8. Few key news for non italian speakers: Target Team of 170 people, with 90 going forward after 2021 (for subsequent 5 years) Very "sardinia" oriented team, which will have some kind of sponsorship from the region, but mainly Private backers Boat to be built in Olbia Team headquarter in La Maddalena Sailing team in progress; lots of sailors from Sardinia; management of sailing side by Duccio Colombi, who has worked for coordingating the sailing project for the las couple of years Project goal is to "build" a better maritime and technology value chain in Sardinia, in a Sustainable developement scenario. Michele
  9. It looks like we really have a second Italian challenger! Renato Azara says it is a go, and that they have the money for it! Article below in italian, from the "unione sarda" journal. https://www.facebook.com/adelasiaditorressailingteam/photos/a.210677389438795.1073741828.208597996313401/382428235597042/?type=3&theater Really, really happy Adelasia di Torres is a great project, managed on the sailing side by a Great sailor and gread guy (Duccio Colombi).
  10. 17mika

    Gitana Maxi 17

    @ minute 1.05. Do gitana rudders have flaps? I did not know about that.
  11. 17mika

    Moth decksweeper and lowered mast stumps

    well Nick that looks like where everybody is going now, 2 years after you. But I really would like to see if the track idea works in practical terms. let's see how james actually can sail the thing. Regarding the weight of the solid boats, honestly after sailing few times my rocket ssd I have to say I do not notice a big difference.it is probavly slightly heavier, but definitely not much. and it is by far the nicest moth I have ever said; the stiffnes, responsiveness and ergonomics of the platform are simply in another league compared to soft wing things veeery happy to have gone solid
  12. I don't know if it is relevant for your issues, but when I started mothing I had precisely the same situation and the main cause for it was not enough tension on the leech of the sail.
  13. Fix the noodle, if you can, below the wing; it is not very useful above. Regarding tieing the wingbars ninja, as rockets and exocets, should not really need it. They are designed to bear the loads without any rope. But if you want to do it, it should do no harm.
  14. I do not repeat what has been already said, cause it is all correct. 80% of starts are by going over the wing when righting the boat. Talking about disassembling the mast, you just have to use your weght. you do not need a lot of strenght. I like to take pull the mast as vertical as possible with one hand (grab the mast as high as you can) while I free the forestay, then I can have a vertical mast, forestay free. Then I pull it up (and slightly rake back, of course) just a little to free it from the pin; as soon as it is free I push the bottom of the mast immediately against my leg, to counteract the tendency for the tip to go down, and I put the bottom of the mast on the floor against my foot . with the mast vertical. From this position (mast on the floor, vertical) it is very easy to control the mast as it goes down on the boat, cause now you can put a hand pretty high on the mast when you push it down.
  15. sorry i misquoted. cedric ou could try aa big elastic insted of a rope. for the waszp tiller it works well