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  1. 17mika

    Car topping a moth

    Sorry on sunday morning I forgot. Anyway first stars on front rack on the left, to around the kingpost (for ex 2 rounds with a cross), then to front rack on the right then around the kingpost again (a couple of rounds) then back to where you started. This must block boat from going forward, but also bow from moving right_left, so this is reason why you go a couple of times around the kingpost. On the back is easier, just from back rack to the boat and back to the rack to stop boat going back.
  2. 17mika

    Car topping a moth

    I have trasported moths fully assabled on top of my car for 5 years now, for travels of more than 1.000 km. Boat fully assabled on the trolley, tramps on, boom on fixed in a good position. As somebody said, you have to look at local regulation for car topping. In europe is basically allowed everywhere but switzerland, where you can get some insane fines. Regarding safety, I had Zero issues, unless I had very significant cross-winds (25+knots). In that case removing tramps would be better. It is just important to tie well both the trailer and the boat to the racks. Typically from front rack to kingpost and from back rack to where real wingbars meet the hull. I have mine on top of my car now, I'll do some shots tomorrow morning if it is useful
  3. 17mika

    Moth or Musto Skiff

    Hi. you'd love both. - Very good laser sailor transition very well to moths, average sailors do not necessarily transion that well (average skiff sailors transition better normally to moths than average laser sailors in my experience) - Musto is hard to transition to for everybody, unless you are a competent skiff helm. you are almost always without a third hand you would need, so you need to be really precise with the steering. Go with the moth if you want the most rewarding sailing experience, go with the Musto if you privilege time on the water over boat tinkering (moth requires some). then of course local fleet matters, especially to help you through the transition. have fun! mic
  4. 17mika

    Youth America's Cup

    To my knowledge 4 boats now ready, last 2 will be ready for september foiling week. Looking forward to see those racing. I've been told they're pretty good boats, just do not point very high upwind.
  5. 17mika

    Foiling MOTH tuning

    Hi! If you change gearing, mechanically numbers have to like double between low gearing (high on bellcrank) and high gearing (low on bellcrank), I cannot see any reason why what you describe can happen. it is mechanics :) some mach2 had issues in the bowsprit, but that would imply that the wand would not move correctly in the full range. If your wand goes full range if you go high gearing (low on bellcrank) the damn flap should really move, even that terrible foil you have (I hate the early lift) :D I don't know well mach 2, I do not know if you can actually increase gearing in the bowsprit as well. Maybe some more mach 2 experts can help Mic
  6. 17mika

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I agree that windward rudder on ac50 and f50 provides downforce, but that is because it is set to big negative angles (I think close to -4) to increase righting moment. But on centerline foilers with one rudder most of the time I think they provide lift. Then of course I am biased from my moth experience, where we normally set rudder between tupically +2 and -1 deg, where -1 normally means still some small degree of lift (,because of the elevator section shape). And in moth sailing all the times I "lost" the rudder boat alwys went bow up, like LR did. Then again I am not saying I am 100% right just what i see (now in video as well) fits my perception of it
  7. 17mika

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I am not with you about rudder downforce. I'd expect rudder in "normal" sailing condition to provide lift, so presti story works for me
  8. 17mika

    Foiling Technique Anarchy

    I think it is relative, cause if you go faster with same rudder settings normally in most moths the bow goes down a bit. So I think he reduces rudder lift before going low and fast to counterbalance the effect and keep bow stable. Same as what most people do at the upwind mark before the bearaway. Then I agree with phil that it makes sense to keep slightly more bow down when going fast, or at least this has always been amac's theory
  9. 17mika

    Foiling Technique Anarchy

    Tom was unreal in perth. I lined uo close to him just once, and I could not believe the speed. That being said, everybody was faster in perth than real life, with the superflat big breeze. At rhe end of the event in the big stuff I was constantly on the 17-18 up, which is at least a knot more than I normally do.
  10. 17mika

    well this is bullshit

    Sorry for being a bit harsh. But I am really worried, in Italy we got unprepared cause we did not know the virus was out there. and I am sick when I hear that people is underestimating the thing, when they should have all information available now Michele
  11. 17mika

    well this is bullshit

    This is probably the dumbest post ever on SA. I can tell that from Lombardy, where we already had 8k+ fucking dead people (and real number may be 15k dead people … and I know a few!), which is what you're gonna have in every US state if you do not act accordingly. This is not about banning fucking sailing, this is blocking people from moving, from getting close to each other, from using the same restrooms and bathrooms, from touching stuff that has been just touched by others, etc.
  12. 17mika

    Easter Laser Regatta 2020 vs Kung Flu

    A perspective from Milan, Italy. Here some friends, also people with no other illnesses and less than 70 years are bloody dieing, and hospitals are litterally exploding, and Lombardy probably has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. We were the first after china and were totally unprepared (we had the virus around probably since january but we did not know it), so hopefully you in the US can have more time to manage it in a more organized way, so no need to panic. But please do not underestimate it, the hysteria has some solid, sad background I could send you a lot of messages I got from friends who work in hospitals here, and I can tell you there everything look like a bad horror movie, but numbers you see on TV are real people who suddenly cannot breathe anymore. So, have some sailing if covid conditions at the time allow you to there to do it, but please stay safe otherwise
  13. Chat from cagliari today is that they mau run the regatta, but no spectators and no collateral events. I have 3 weekends already booked from milano to cagliari for moth training and the cup in march and april, I think it's highly likely that they will ban travelling from milano to anywhere, so I'll loose those I think Hard time in Milan for the next month
  14. 17mika

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Ahah I was moth sailing, taking photos I guess was out of the question Today they did not go out, and they will probably not go for the next few days... it looks unsailable until wednesday. Big SW tomorrow (maybe there's a window in the morning), then it will nuke from the NW for 2 days.
  15. 17mika

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I was out today in cagliari and saw LR very far in the distance, so they are finally back. I have zero info, as they were at least a couple of miles away. Beautiful day, with 10-12 knots and 20 degrees