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  1. Well Ryanirl said it much better than me
  2. Hi! Agree a well kept ninja is a very good budget choice for a moth.you spend a bit more than a bladerider but you have a much better boat. For the budget you write you could maybe get a very early ninja. I would think it would be better to spend a couple of grands more (8 or 9ke) to get a ninja with elite foils, which would get you a lot more close to the performance of current boats
  3. Why Circolo della Vela Sicilia?

    I think more of a personal connection between club owner ans LR guys. Cvs is also checco bruni "home" club ( Bruni bros are from Palermo) Sailing is not big in sicily, and it is not very developed as you say ( a lot of sailors,but mainly on old boats and not a lot of big regattas) but cvs has quite a bit of history, so it sounds reasonable to have them as a club representing the COR. They are 80 years old, they organize one of the biggest regattas in the med (Palermo Montecarlo). So while sailing in sicily is not as big as it could, considering the very good sailing condition they have ( it is mainly an econimic issue), cvs still does look as a proper COR.
  4. Foiling Moth Setup

    I agree with WCB. Concrete ramp are pretty good, you just have to pad the wingbars. Regarding light wind sailing in a harbour, it requires some agility and tecnique, especially to get the boat moving when it stands still and to get it through the tacks . Totally doable, but you first have to familiarize with it. Fore sure it is not fun, and quite tiring if you have to cover a big distance. Best option to start is a moreless recent used boat already well setup, cause when you start you would want to just to trust the control system and not play too much with it. Michele PS regarding cartopping, I don't know if it is an Italian tecnique, but here almost everybody with a mach2 cartops the boat on his own. I don't use the tecnique, cause my trolley (rocket) is much heavier than the one of the mach2, so it is quite more tricky to do it. Nobody has crashed a boat (or a car yet)
  5. Onefly foiler

    well there are definitely a good number of waszp already around. In garda there were around 50 racing. still not sure if that is converting to good local fleets in europe or not. I Agree with team gbr that in europe ther is no "total control of the market" definitely. In Italy there is no local circuit yet, but quite a few boats sailed around. So, depending on where you look, I guess the situation is different (downunder there are already quite big waszp fleets and the situation is probably very different).
  6. Sweet spot for wind

    glam sailing for me in the moth is 15 knots in flattish seas. Upwind the boat feels as fast as it can ever be (15-17); foil tacking is still doable (even if a tad harder than in 10 knots), downwind it starts to gets exciting and fast. I could spend a whole afternoon, even sailing alone, just smiling and enjoying the ride in those conditions. All other windspeeds are good and have their pros, but those 15 knots just tick all the boxes.
  7. Onefly foiler

    It may be a good waszp alternative, if it flies well through the tacks, especially for big people. I feel like the waszp is investing in the youth market a lot, especially for the future (as second-hand boats go down in pricing), this could find an alternative target it it is better than the waszp for the adult range (i.e lower wind takeoff and easier tacking).
  8. help me tune my moth control system

    Ok good. let me know if you need some photos or parts specs if you go for the carbon tubes. I've changed all bearings and ends this year so I've done a bit of research on the best parts for the job
  9. help me tune my moth control system

    In the rockets the 10 (or even 12mm) OD Pushrod floats inside a huge carbon tube (I think 40mm) in the foredeck from bowsprit to deck. than in the middle of the deck it has just 1 fixed sliding point. From there there is the join to the second similar tube which gets the angle for the cb gearing adjustment. On older rockets like mine it is a unique 12 OD tube which floats completely from the bow to the centerboard gearing with no support at all. In the Maguires I am not really sure. I think it is an 8 or 10 OD tube which runs freely in the bowsprit and has some sliding external tube at deck level, but I don't know material and size. If you have a mach 2 glen solution seems the most sensible; otherwise you would need to change the external tube in the foredeck; I don't think it would be worth it, unless you really have other reasons to open the boat (like the need to reinforce kingpost or foredeck).
  10. Towing

    Yes Around mast. To have better safety I never tie a bowline but I ask the crew to just make 3 rounds around the mast and keep the line in their hands. This way they can easily get free when they have to, especially in emergency situations. I've towed in significant waves and also at quite high speeds and I never had issues with the loads on the masts.
  11. Bora gulari nacra 17 incident

    Thanks bora and clean for the clarifications. Get well soon Michele
  12. help me tune my moth control system

    What glen said about the pushrod. Uk boats tend to have carbon tubes instead of inox rods (8 to 12mm OD depending on the boat) but they wont fit on a mach2 hull without mods. I cannot comment on the cams. Never tried. In theory the idea looks good
  13. Bora gulari nacra 17 incident

    I don't really know, few friends told me foils; source should be reliable but I'd trust more the USST on the front page. Still it seems hard to me that rigging (I guess it cannot be less than 3mm?) is able to cut fingers at 20 knots. I can easily believe the trailing edge of a foil can, especially if Bora finishes his nacra foils the same way he does with his moth foils (blooody blades) . We'll know as some more info come; I could easily be wrong. Most important thing seems that he is not that bad if he expect to sail again in a month
  14. Very serious incident for bora Edit: best source from the front page. http://sailinganarchy.com/ EDIT. I'm trying to get some more info from some moth friends.. it seems like He got cut 3 fingers (hopefully only the top part) from hitting the trailing edge of the daggerboard ina capsize Hope the best for a quick recovery