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  1. 17mika

    Moth Developement

    You had to look at the actual piece, but I suspect that it would be the same as the lever, which is considered a fitting and consensus is that it has to fit the 90mm rule per se, not toghether with the boom. Anyway there is an now an official interpretation in the works, since the rules do not really say what kind of restrictions apply to boom levers and similar stuff.
  2. 17mika

    Moth Developement

    not to my knowledge. I see e lot of reinforcement needed on masts to make it work without destroying it all
  3. 17mika

    Self Christmas Present For Your Dinghy??

    don't buy, build! for the moth, currently building a gantry fairing and shortly I'll be building a deck fairing for a decksweeper sail.
  4. 17mika

    A-Cat Style Rig on foiling Moth

    From the greatest FB group (int moth home builders), james's system. Still, If i think again, I cannot see it working with a overotating wing mast, cause the geometry would not work when mast is "flipping" on the other side. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10160631417500066&set=p.10160631417500066&type=3&theater&ifg=1
  5. 17mika

    A-Cat Style Rig on foiling Moth

    mike lennon found it very impractical for boathandling, as phil said in previous post. traveller at the back of the sail is not fast enough to change aoa with same sail shape this year James sainsbury (not sure I spelled it right) tried a very smart solution with the track in front of the sailor so baically it is a normal kicker but it operates vertically, so it is unloading the mast. the skeeta inaus had the same concept of the kicker on the track. this could be a solution, if you are building a platform that can accomodate the track.
  6. 17mika

    A-Cat Style Rig on foiling Moth

    this is the rig I am talking about. standard moth rig (boom, kicker, etc), just wingmast instead of cambered sail
  7. 17mika

    A-Cat Style Rig on foiling Moth

    outhaul in moths is also not needed because kicker geometry is such that when you pull everything (kicker and downhaul) hard the sail foot flattens, and when you ease them the foot gets deeper. it' not perfect, but it is good enough. if you want to go the wingmast route, you can also contact in the uk kyle stoneham, who last year did some races in thr summer with a wingmast (I do not know the builder). I do not know the details, but I understood the rig was ok in the breeze, but it was lacking power in the light stuff.
  8. 17mika

    what was it?

    not a hard question to answer, just a very sad one I did not get it was that much destroyed
  9. 17mika

    Hervey Bay A Class Worlds

    That's what I meant. render of the F50 rudders at seconds 17. in this case wing is forward of the vertical, in the Acat shown and other latest rudders wing is at the back of the vert. but the concept of misaligning and of reducing the angle at the joint is similar, typically by adding some wing anhedrality
  10. 17mika

    Hervey Bay A Class Worlds

    no guru here, but a lot of lat3st rudders (ac50, f50, some moth ones) in the pas couple of years have been trying to get the horizontal at the back (or at the front) of the vertical. also I've seen some of those with little anhedral in the horizontal just at the junction, to reduce junction drag. typycal examples are oracle and etnz rudders in the last ac or the f50 rudders. any good photo of the etnz capsize shows it well
  11. 17mika

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    The bathtub of course. few friends also made a regatta in a Bathtub in 2010, dressed like SuperMarioBros. Good old times
  12. 17mika

    New Olympic Dinghy Selection

    That definitely ticks all the boxes
  13. 17mika

    The new sailing twin skin setup

    there was a twin sking moth rig developed in Italy few years ago. It was had glimples of good speed, but was not really well tuneable how standard rigs are. Also, it was of course quite heavy. It would need a lot of time to develop properly, so the project was aborted. I may have some old photos somewhere
  14. 17mika

    29er Spinnaker Halyard Routing

    you can also do it the "easy way", running on the otside of the mast. I have not raced 29er competitively, but I have seen more than few kite halyards run on the outside. I had it both on the 29er and the 29erxx. regardng shrould and trapeze bolts, I think halyard usually runs at the back, but not 100% sure
  15. 17mika

    14' Stunt S9 Foiling Cat

    AHaha! loving both the graphics and the naming