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  1. 17mika

    New imoca boats

    I talked to a guy in Persico last month (currently building an Imoca) and he told me on that boat the board is mostly solid carbon, with some core material in the thickest part of the section. No metal stuff. Everything prepeg and cooked in autoclave , with very different fabric charactetistics (modulus, direction, etc) in the different parts of the foils, depending on the loads. Last AC boats had definitely some metal in, instead, at least to my knowledge.
  2. 17mika

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Max sirena, toghether with Persico Marine owner and Cariboni owner will do a "lesson" on Ac36 in Bergamo University next Thrusday. some friends will be there, maybe in that relaxed environment some interesting news are discloded.
  3. 17mika

    Favourite Boat pic?

    My favourite! Really cool shot
  4. 17mika

    Favourite Boat pic?

    I got this one mid gybe, from great friend and photographer Martina Orsini love the leeward heel, the foils almost invisible and the shape of the wings
  5. 17mika

    Making upgrades to Bladerider moth

    Best option is to make a rectangular bottom case, and 3dprint a plastic insert to suit the foils you want to buy (from what I remember all builders have slightly different underside slots). I think few of recent hombuilders have done it (Josh mcNight, Andrew Friend & Doug Phybus). Ask on the hombuilders FB page if you need details.
  6. 17mika

    Making upgrades to Bladerider moth

    @WCB all rudders from all designs are basically interchangeable so for the back foil chooose whatever you like most or find cheapest (rocket mach maguire voodoo). regarding maifoils, I think rockets cb case is still compatible with br case. write mike at aardvark and he could build you a vertical to suit a br. you need a custom one (or you need to do some mods if you buy secondhand standard rocket vertical), because normal rocket verticals are designed to work with the bellcrank in the opposite direction compared to other designs (br, mach, maguire, voodoo)
  7. 17mika

    The Winning Foils AC36

    Few comments from a useless moth sailor: MAINFOIL if, as I read, foil wings size is basically unrestricted except for max span, so We may see all foil close to max span of 4m, and some pretty big anhedrality. since all team can build 6 wings and modify 20% of each foil, I guess we will see something close to AC 35, where the combination of "core" foil and wing tips will make for at least 1 set of big foils and 1 set of small foils per boat to my understanding having an anhedral foil will mean that in most condition, at least upwind, one part of the foil wing will be close to parallel and the other will heel to windward, so probably at least part of leeway resistence will be managed by the foil wing and not by the foil arm I'll love to see if the AC teams end-up with a bulb or bubless foils. lots of theories, pros and cons there, AC gurus will definitely lead the development in all the small classes in the next few years. I'd also love to understand how the flap control system will work, and how they will manage the foil/flap hinge. They'll definitely have some sort of internal linkage in the foil wing to adjust the flap, and they will definitely find a way to make a seamless hinge both on top and on the bottom. Some moth foils are already close to a seamless finish out of the mould (bleworks foil is probably the best in this https://www.blueworksfoiling.com/technical) but the ACguys will definitely make it even better. RUDDERS Here AC35 definitely showed some trends (wings offset from vertical, no bulb, some sort on anhedality at the join to reduce junction drag). it will be interesting to see if things progress this way or someone finds an even better way
  8. 17mika

    Third(!) Italian team

    we'll see. hope this one really is able to go forward.
  9. 17mika

    C-Class Little Cup news

    Keep them coming. Happy to see some C in the water
  10. 17mika


    Probably Not. Last week Max Sirena told the "gazzetta dello sport" that there was another Italian challenge in the making, and it was not the Sardinian one. I guess we'll all know tomorrow
  11. 17mika

    29er ocean sailing

    Trainingwise, You'll kust probably missing the upwind management of heading/body management in short waves, which is a bit different than in long waves. Regarding the doability of actually sailing in the big waves, no huge issues in the 29er: upwind you just have to pay attention not to get too much water over the bow (it's pretty low freeboard) downwind you'll just learn better than all the others on how to keep your boat reeeally flat in the big waves. There are no huge issues with nosediving on the 29er, even in the big stuff.
  12. 17mika


    Just in from the biggest Italian sport newspaper (Gazzetta delo sport). "Tomorrow in Imperia (near Genova) a new Italian Challenge for the AC will be announced". No other details http://ventoevele.gazzetta.it/2018/09/07/domani-a-imperia-lanciata-una-nuova-sfida-di-coppa/
  13. 17mika

    Trapeze harness recommendation

    I have not tried them all, but I reeally like the Gill one. it's the right stiffness at the back and it just feels confortable. I definitely prefer it to the magin marine one. I have not tried the others
  14. 17mika


    friday max sirena said there is an italian challenge pretty advanced in the process of making it, which is NOT the sardinian one. does anybody have any inside info on this?
  15. 17mika

    shit show (front page)

    I am no tech expert, so I am just guessing. But compared to a foiling monohull with parallel foils (moth like) or a foiling multihull, I think this has definitely some bigger side loads on the rudder. For example one month ago in the moth my rudder vertical exploded at the bottom in 20 knots and I didn't even capsize. The boat sky dived and then fell of the foil. Similar when it happened to the superfoiler in adelaide. yes, they capsized but did not dramatically change course in the process. Here it seems like the boat totally goes in a spin when (we assume that) rudder snaps, because rudder/main forces are not aligned.