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  1. My2c. This is by far the best coverage ever. Information is given with a sensible balance between technical aspect and simplicicity for newbies, graphics is great, ken read commentary is the best I remember,info from the water from actual teams gives nice insight.
  2. Nice intervirew (in italian) with max sirena by Luca bontempelli. Lots of straight answers. He says that the boat on thursday was around 60% of potential, cause fairings are pretty critical for the setup. In particular he adds that they are setup and designed in such a way that accounting for platform twist they are able to produce lift on the leeward side and downforce on the windward side. They are difficult to do and not fast to install on tge boat. The boat will come back to 100% after the lv final.. he confirms that there were no damages others than for the fairings wings and aero stuff http://video.gazzetta.it/coppa-america-max-sirena-new-zealand-possiamo-dare-molto-piu/d17a518c-4dae-11e7-99a9-89d6259e7fa2
  3. Here 65 kg as well, trying to flatten the sail with ridicolous amounts of kicker and downhaul. Going better, but definitely I'm not hitting the 17-18 upwind as some of the bigger guys. 90 kg is still a pretty good weight for a moth; just get one with big foils and a stiff mast.
  4. It all depends on currency and location I guess: In € terms in mainland Euro, now a Rocket + CST rig and Lennon sail (if you add shipment) is similar to a Mach2 probably, while a Maguire is a bit more pricey In £ terms in the UK, probably a mach2 gets more expensive than all the UK builders, Maguire included, while a Rocket is the cheapest (I don't know the price of a Voodoo) If $ or AUD in Aus or US probably the Mach2 the cheapest of all. I have always believed that if you live in continental Europe the Rocket has the highest value for its price, so I got one in 2014 and I am getting another one at the end of the year. But we could spend hours discussing what "value" means for each buyer (speed, ease of sail, reliability, easy of maintenance, warranty terms, ease of shipment, resale value ... ) Michele
  5. Well, with 3 very good uk builders you'd expect the poms to ride their own boats I would not write off the mach2s for the worlds yet. The 2.4 foils are pretty good, and the 17 rig is a decent step forward. Chat in Garda is that good guys with the 2.4 are not going slow. Still I believe latest norths and lennons are quite better than the 17 rig (and a shitload more expensive, if that matters) So what? We'll see at the foiling week, when the AC guys back from bermuda will meet the fast uk guys.
  6. Indio I don't think Deano was overly aggressive. He got aggressively into position, but after that the luff was small and smooth. It's the reaction by BAR that was nonsense. Hopefully driving mistake
  7. Stupidly risky move by sir Ben. That could have been a deadly situation.
  8. Any udated weather info? Windspeed?
  9. Ciao Michele. Se non ricordo male 3 settimane fa ho conosciuto Elia a Dongo, e poi ho fatto un paio di bordi appaiato a lui fuori, io in moth e lui con l'S9. Faccio riferimento a quel momento quando ho scritto di performance relative nel post; pensa che avevo anche dei video fatti con la gopro della mia barca, che poi ho cancellato. In sostanza in 12 nodi di lasco velocità simile ma io poggiavo un po' di più, di bolina invece per volare e stare su lui doveva poggiare molto più di me... VMG differentissima. Se ti interessa qualche info o confronto, domenica e tutto il we del 2 giugno sono su ad allenarmi in moth, e nel caso mi metto d'accordo con loro. Se per Luca intendi Botta, ho scambiato 2 impressioni con lui domenica pomeriggio quando è rientrato dall'uscita con l'S9, era contentissimo del lasco (ha strambato in volo), mentre non riusciva bene a farla partire stringendo di bolina. PS io sono Michele Trimarchi, piacere di conoscerti.
  10. The cat is currently available for testing in my club. I couldn't try it this week, but lots of friends with different experience did, and I had the chance to line-up with a very good cat guy that was driving it 2 weeks ago First EVERYBODY who has tried it, said that is incredibly easy to fly, a lot easier than a moth or a waszp. a good skiff guy (who also does foil-kiting) was able to foil-gybe on day one. Secondly, angles. Downwind speed is similar to my moth, but the S9 goes a bit higher, so it's slightly worse VMG. Upwind in medium wind I had a much better VMG everytime. It seems like on the S9 the best upwind VMG is very close between skimming and foiling, because the boat to fly needs to bear away quite a lot (I'd say ballpark 55°-60° AOA); I suspect though that upwind foiling will be very much dependent on skill and experience, as it is with the A; so maybe very good people will find a way to keep it on the foils fast while going pretty close hauled. Overall it seems like a very good boat! Impressed! I don't really have a lot of free time (and I need to bloody train for the worlds), but maybe next sunday I'll give it a shot. Michele
  11. In Italy, for the CUP https://www.sisal.it/scommesse-matchpoint/palinsesto?dis=13&man=1&fil=0 ORACLE TEAM USA 2.00 LAND ROVER BAR 3.75 EMIRATES TEAM NEW ZEALAND 3.75 ARTEMIS RACING 12.00 SOFTBANK TEAM JAPAN 25.00 GROUPAMA TEAM FRANCE 75.00 As other people, at this condition I put some money on the Swedes.
  12. I believe too that betting agencies don't count Swedes potential.Italian main company quotes the win for them at 12:1 - I just put 50€... go Nath!
  13. No real expert here, but in my understanding if you change foil characteristics than you have some testing to do to to find the "sweet spot" (ride height,aoa,cant, etc) for every sailingol mode and wind speed. Ac guys will have all kind of theorical setups from the enginers,but I guess they all have to be validated on the water with some real performance tests.
  14. Yup... it seems like yesterday. RIP big man.
  15. I think you simply glue it to the mast. Veeeeery small aero gain, IMHO it makes sense only if you are afraid of braking your mast with the boom hole.