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  1. The way coronavirus is going, i think ACWS, as potentially all sports events in Italy, are at risk. Here in Milan most banks are asking their employees to stay at home tomorrow, this is looking fare more serious than we all tought. I do not want to sound too pessimistic, but next month in Italy and I guess in most Europe will be pretty tough. Let's hope for the best
  2. 17mika

    best new foiler for beginner?

    yup.. I want to hear Luka's take too
  3. 17mika

    Team NYYC

    In the piss?
  4. 17mika

    Sailing dinghy shows in the US?

    Yep. Honestly I believe it is the only dinghy show in the world (othernshownhave also bug boats). I went for thr first time last year and it's pretty cool! Lots of boats, grear atmosphere, great chat with lots pf passionate people about sailing
  5. I've booked flight and hotel, so it is a go. Will Any anarchyst be there? I plan to sail the moth on friday, spectate on saturday and maybe do a bit of travelling around cagliari on sunday. I'm a bit conflicted about getting the boat ticket for saturday. 110€ for saturday is not that cheap, but still it is a pretty cool event, so I may give it a go.
  6. 17mika

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Is it me or it looks more rigging/fitting failure than mast breakage? It would probably also mean less time off the water. Let's hope so Michele
  7. 17mika

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Did I miss those shots? Definitely I agree that they're pushing cause probably this is the last period they can change something in the laminate schedule of boat 2.
  8. 17mika

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    I am surprised nobody posted it yet! this is not SA I used to know Mast down! https://www.facebook.com/foilingweek/photos/a.303434046499804/1529874593855737/?type=3&theater I really hope everybody is fine. masts can be repaired.
  9. 17mika

    INEOS Team GB

    Some upwind video in mistral conditions (big breeze, small waves)
  10. 17mika

    Sailing Centre Designs / Best Practices ?

    Yup. What major tom said. If you go container route, you it is best to cover them, better with a bright roof, so that when it rains you can keep door open and in the summer it does not get hot like hell inside.
  11. 17mika

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

  12. 17mika

    2019 Chandler Macleod Moth worlds

    Also the second episode is about the worlds: chat with Kyle about Tommy's boat:
  13. 17mika

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Cool to see them pushing. They say it was before christmas (before 20 I suppose, cause it was nuking from the 21st to christmas), so it should be ruggero tita helming.
  14. 17mika

    Laser Sailing Videos

    Cool video! Lots of show in there
  15. 17mika

    2019 Chandler Macleod Moth worlds

    Bieker are definitely fast upwind, i think Amac would go for smaller wings if he had to do a mach 3.0 Lots of discussion now about flow attachment on leeward wing... lots of cfd and analysis with good old tell tales atrached to the wings. Silver fleet racing on screen was a bit embarassing I should have jibed like 30 second before than what I did, and I would have won the race . Still it was a first for me to lead a race with 50 boats on both upwinds, so it was fun!