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  1. DC Designs

    All those coming to the worlds need to pre-enter. I'm sure all the guys coming from abroad will have done this but us in the UK are used to entering events on the day, entry for this event ends at the end of this month! Just done mine.. prob the most likely person to forget...
  2. DC Designs

    Hi Willy You're not the only one, since last year have only sailed our nationals, boat could do with some TLC, had to have the sails patched after the first day, its all falling apart a bit, but still looking forward to a weeks sailing!
  3. DC Designs

    Hi Dex Normally we put about 12 in a 40 foot container, when we came from the UK to Richmond it was about £900 for the round trip each, that was all inclusive and we kept the container on site to use for storage which costs a bit more. I think in the past the East coast and the West coast USA have done there own containers?
  4. DC Designs

    So, the worlds in Phllheli, not long now. We have some 20 or so people signed up on the worlds web site http://icworlds2017.com/, who else is on the way? Notice of race is on there as well and entry forms. There will be some new M3 designs that are looking fast, any other new developments on the way? Here in the UK we have or nationals at Weymouth at the end of the month, a chance for the UK boats to tune up, for me it will be the first time the boat gets wet this year.....
  5. DC Designs

    One of the problems with scaling up the radio controlled swing rigs is that as you sheet out in a gust the jib backs.... not great. Also a huge load goes through the pivoting rig. Almost everything has been tired in canoes..... the standard set up is generally hard to beat.
  6. DC Designs

    Sezed, I have been mulling over this for some time. I have tried using the "uk" style jib boom, and the dangly stick, the dangly stick worked best but required too much adjustment. I have alternated in championships between the jib boom and none at all. I am not convinced of the effectiveness. For certain there is some benefit, and perhaps more if you had a larger jib, I am on about 2.15m2, for ease of use however its nicer without. I also do not wish to add structure to the front of my boat. Have not had much time to experiment recently but I think there might be another solution, perhaps it's just as Dave says, jib batterns.... simple is usually best
  7. DC Designs

    Hi Chris I am sure I am on 3.5mm 7 x 1 dyform, but this is a bit over kill, I think Phil Robin uses 2.5 dyform, not sure about rod.... yet to experiment but like the idea of 3mm carbon rod and 3mm ti rod but don't really need any improvement on what I have.
  8. DC Designs

    anyone ever tried titanium wire as rigging?
  9. DC Designs

    Hi Rigs, I think you have some good questions there. I tried a single sail (with a stayed mast) on Monkey (all be it not very well done) before I brought it to the Oz worlds where I had a main and jib. The problem seems to be up wind with the single sail, its not as quick and you don't make it up down wind, although it is quicker. Had real bad problems in a strong wind, just too much in one sail, real beast. It would be interesting to try and get rid of the stays but still have a jib, I think you would pay with a heavier mast which might be worse that having the wires.... have not seen any one try that but have seen it on a yacht somewhere...
  10. DC Designs

    This is always my biggest problem, fortunately there is often some one about to hold the boat when rigging in a strong wind(or else it capsizes on the trolley) and when recovering the club has put a rope down the middle of the slip which I tie the end of the seat to and the boat then is surprisingly stable. As far as narrow bows go then as narrow as possible I think, transom is a little more diffcult, fat for planing or narrow for low drag with a T-foil perhaps? As to rig position you can go too far back, I think 1.9 to 2.2m from the bow in my mind seems to be the limits. Hope to see you both in Wales?
  11. DC Designs

    Thats my worst nightmare, but at least you are both OK, boats can be repaired, bodies can be more more of a problem...
  12. DC Designs

    Andy Paterson tried the rudder foil on tin teardrop, I think the original idea was to have a fixed carriage with the foil to trim but it proved to just add drag in most conditions. The foil I saw him try was wider than Chris's was in Richmond but similar cord. He later added a movable carriage
  13. DC Designs

    British Team sponsored by C12 Performance Boats and Williams Shipping after some frantic last minute repairs, adjustments and spairs making will be packing our boats on Saturday for Richond Y C!
  14. DC Designs

    Good to see the arms race hotting up. Feeling a little inadequate, nothing new to show, Dragonfly looking a little worn around the edges, I think 3 of the 11 boats we are bringing from the UK will be newly launched this year as well. In the process (seems to take ages) of finalising the shipping arangements for the UK fleet. Looking forward to seeing all these boats in the flesh!
  15. DC Designs

    The reason for the tapes is to try and have a min beam that is adhered to, rather than the measurement bumps that some other classes have ended up with in the past. Its just a set of rules so we end up with boats similar enough to race against and that look a bit like canoes.