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  1. Harnser

    River racing

    We sail on a similar river, marshes both sides until the river meets the coast then it runs behind the spit for about 7-8 miles. Upper reaches dry out at low tide but where the club is you can launch at any time. Was concerned when I joined that the IC would be a problem but actually works fine, a bit of a problem with all the moored boats in the summer but its only part of the river... we have regular races "around the island" down to almost the mouth where the river splits around Halvergate Island, I think its about 15 miles round trip
  2. Harnser

    A very one design, the rebuild..

    just as an aside that canoe was designed and built in Norfolk as well...
  3. Harnser

    DC Designs

    With a stump that has the goose neck on it then it depends on mast stiffness and set up as to if you need lowers... mine's hog stepped so needs lowers (or in the old days we would have used a strut) How are people terminating carbon rod rigging? I've seen it done by glueing the rod into a SS swage end fitting....interested but nervous to use it...
  4. Harnser

    What to eat ? 4 day regatta

    I find two things important with diet at an event, rehydration and ensuring that I don't consume anything that disrupts my sleep, so boringly now that means no alcohol fags or caffeine. When I follow my own advise then I find I feel as fresh at the end of the event as I do at the beginning. For rehydration I've been using High 5 4:1 which has carbs and protein, eating on the boat tends to end up with me swimming so no food on board. trying now to roll this out for general living, the smokes went a few years ago, I've been doing "dry January" and don't drink caffeine late in the day....its all very boring and sensible but I do feel better....
  5. Harnser

    DC Designs

    My rudder is 130mm cord (when I actually measured the CAD). For my next set I've a mind to have the max thickness straight and curve both leading and trailing edges as it tapers, that's if it ever gets off the CAD and into real world... Been playing with some bits in the garage, first time in about 3 years, looking at making some tubes for spars. Can't get any longer than a boom until the bedroom furniture is out, oh and the multiple washing machines etc....need to get a skip!
  6. Harnser

    DC Designs

    Ah the old foil debate.... I have a straight leading edge on the daggerboard but no difference as far as I can tell with having a straight trailing edge... section is important, but not sure whats best, mine's a very conservative NACA 0010. cord is 220mm a bit wider than some but I've chopped 100mm (I think) off the bottom, 200mm cord seems good and those are run full depth. Rudder is transom hung, the theory with the cassette rudders was that the boat acted as an endplate but the pins always bent and it all ended up being heavier and more difficult to build, also as bret says we all sail much further back in the boats now. My rudder section is NACA0012, cord I think is 120mm but I would have to check that and it sticks some 600mm below the line of the bottom of the boat.
  7. Harnser

    The fine balance of Family and Sailing

    similar problem... I'm an IC sailor. We have just the one child, age 9 now. My wife also not that keen on "tippy" boats, thought of a sml cabin cruiser but got a Norfolk Oyster, 17ft day boat, no cabin very slow and trad but takes children wife and dog and most importantly picnic hamper. More room than a small cabin cruiser for day sailing. Embrace slow and a cuppa.....
  8. Harnser

    DC Designs

    All those coming to the worlds need to pre-enter. I'm sure all the guys coming from abroad will have done this but us in the UK are used to entering events on the day, entry for this event ends at the end of this month! Just done mine.. prob the most likely person to forget...
  9. Harnser

    DC Designs

    Hi Willy You're not the only one, since last year have only sailed our nationals, boat could do with some TLC, had to have the sails patched after the first day, its all falling apart a bit, but still looking forward to a weeks sailing!
  10. Harnser

    DC Designs

    Hi Dex Normally we put about 12 in a 40 foot container, when we came from the UK to Richmond it was about £900 for the round trip each, that was all inclusive and we kept the container on site to use for storage which costs a bit more. I think in the past the East coast and the West coast USA have done there own containers?
  11. Harnser

    DC Designs

    So, the worlds in Phllheli, not long now. We have some 20 or so people signed up on the worlds web site http://icworlds2017.com/, who else is on the way? Notice of race is on there as well and entry forms. There will be some new M3 designs that are looking fast, any other new developments on the way? Here in the UK we have or nationals at Weymouth at the end of the month, a chance for the UK boats to tune up, for me it will be the first time the boat gets wet this year.....
  12. Harnser

    DC Designs

    One of the problems with scaling up the radio controlled swing rigs is that as you sheet out in a gust the jib backs.... not great. Also a huge load goes through the pivoting rig. Almost everything has been tired in canoes..... the standard set up is generally hard to beat.
  13. Harnser

    DC Designs

    Sezed, I have been mulling over this for some time. I have tried using the "uk" style jib boom, and the dangly stick, the dangly stick worked best but required too much adjustment. I have alternated in championships between the jib boom and none at all. I am not convinced of the effectiveness. For certain there is some benefit, and perhaps more if you had a larger jib, I am on about 2.15m2, for ease of use however its nicer without. I also do not wish to add structure to the front of my boat. Have not had much time to experiment recently but I think there might be another solution, perhaps it's just as Dave says, jib batterns.... simple is usually best
  14. Harnser

    DC Designs

    Hi Chris I am sure I am on 3.5mm 7 x 1 dyform, but this is a bit over kill, I think Phil Robin uses 2.5 dyform, not sure about rod.... yet to experiment but like the idea of 3mm carbon rod and 3mm ti rod but don't really need any improvement on what I have.
  15. Harnser

    DC Designs

    anyone ever tried titanium wire as rigging?