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  1. Saw ZZ Top open for Alvin Lee in Wichita KS. But they had already released one album by then.
  2. I'm told that washing sails on your lawn will kill it? Any first hand knowledge?
  3. I love MT Biking. But I don't want to do any of that.
  4. Rock Steady Rude Boy
  5. Dusty boobs
  6. Well now, I'm glad we all got that out of our system.
  7. V tail the V35 was to decrease parasitic drag and get some speed for it. A36 had a more conventional tail. The V tail would get a violent dutch roll going in turbulence particularly if your airspeed was high and exceed some stress loads. Still nice aircraft though.
  8. Very rarely are there any empty seats. I fly weekly around the US. Monday on my flight on a UAL 737-800 BOS to SFO there were 2 empty seats. That is the norm even on red - eyes. Airlines reduced # flights to reduce costs ( AC operations and flight crew) and reduce empty seats.
  9. You can only take your ticket over to an airline that has an Interline agreement with the carrier whose ticket you hold. Delta dumped their interline agreement with American last year. American is the largest US air carrier. so good luck getting booked on another flight. There are very few if any interline agreements with the cheap discount carriers like Spirit etc. Best bet is just go buy another ticket with some other carrier and seek refunds from the carrier with the cancelled flights. But act quick you have a lot of competition when someone like Delta goes down.
  10. My guess is the system would weigh quite a bit. Try to go pick up a 14 foot whitewater raft made of hypalon. Or you could just inflate your life raft below deck. Wasn't there a guy tried to sail to HI in a boat made of plastic water bottles?
  11. If you were racing against the Germans in Jutland it would be appropriate.
  12. I live work in SF. We've had nerds and dorks walking around with their faces stuffed into screens, oblivious to their surroundings for years. You can't walk down the block without dodging or running into these space cadets. But glad pokemon is getting some of them outdoors. They may even get some sun and fresh air even if they walk out in front of moving cars.
  13. Death Certificates do cost a bit and you need about a dozen originals. It is illegal to use a duplicate. You'll need to file many of them for any account she has opened including utilities, Real Estate, banks etc. Helps if she'll provide you with botha financial power of attny and medical power of attny as well. As far a funerals - a service is necessary for you and any friends and relatives. Very cathartic. This doesn't cost much particularly if she was active in a church.. My mom's ashes are still in a nice box on a mantle. Pretty cheap. We spent more on the open bar and food after the service.
  14. I do a lot of abalone diving. Rarely deeper than 20 feet but occasionally will do 30 and still have bottom time to hunt. But yes I've learned that if I start to equalize at the surface and basically do it continuously on the way down it is much easier and you don't have to force it much. A trained apnea diver taught me this.
  15. Thanks K8. Makes good sense. There are 2 in the general area that have both longevity and that a couple of people have recommended. I think I'll take the daughter to visit them and talk and see if she clicks with one more than the other. I must say there seems to be a lot of dive shops that are short lived. The ones that last must be better at least better business folk.