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  1. zks7

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    No kelp cutters that I know of originally produced. There is no compression post underneath, just a sizable bulkhead. Easier to release the forestay each time when leaving the boat. Double turnbuckles are good enough so far for tensioning...
  2. zks7

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    Use the ones with suction behind the skipper until you locate one that bother you least... We use bags on each corner of the hatch, long vertical ones. We also have bags (with screws) between the shrouds and the forward AMA. That sit still not enough but about as much as I can handle.
  3. zks7

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    We sail several times per month - year round. Hence, we are always hunting more crew. We have had a lot of fun with newbies (to the boat). We pull in many folks from shore, who claim (correctly) they have sailing experience. Their claim interest in the uniqueness of the racks; the speed possibility brings them (bravely) aboard. The boat is very comfortable to sit in, but takes a few steps to get across from side to side. Jibing in winds really tightens you up. Surprisingly, many report they were more sedentary than they realized. The lack of lifelines has caused many more members than expected joining the Martin 243 Swim Team. Most afterwards, report they are humbled specifically by the physical and technical requirements of the Martin. They tell us that is what makes them (members of the lunatic fringe) interested in taking a ride (once). Being an adrenalin junkie keeps some coming back. This is especially true when the SF Bay summer winds visit us. Under 11 knots, reports are recalled that we were all rock stars.
  4. zks7

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    The Martin 243 is a hoot. Great fun to sail and can be blazing fast - given the correct conditions. We are still sorting out how to get the best out of it in varied conditions. You feel like a rock star when the winds are above 8 and under 11. Going downwind is fun when you can power up (around 6), gets a plane, while others are not yet at full power. It will get hairy when we don't have enough skilled hands aboard. It is a very technical boat requiring at least one very skilled (A level) hand (aside from the helm), the closer it gets to 12 knots true. I owned your boat (it was called Black Shadow when I bought it) about 2 years ago in San Francisco Bay. If you would like more information about it, please PM me and we can talk about our experiences in depth. It is really a lot of fun and, as you said, it picks up speed below 10 knots true very rapidly. The boat you have is the Prototype, #1 boat. you can tell it is #, I was told, since it is the only one that had a metal mast. There are a few other things that are unique to #1, like the struts on the rudder pintles. I now own the ninth boat (CAN 9). To answer some of your questions: You can sail the boat without skilled (recreational/average/C level) sailors if the winds are below 8 and you are nimble. 16 feet of width gives a lot of leverage to your weight. It is a lot more fun when you have 4 pairs of hands, however. We had no issues trimming the main with 2 or 3. It took longer. Jibing is an issue with the main. Spaghetti mainsheet on an aft traveller seems to want to catch on everything. The same is true of the long tiller extensions. They catch on the skis and netting. The boat will put its mast into the water. There remedy, at worst, is standing on the keel, (In less than 25-30 knots true), with a kite up the boat self rights. It is not difficult or scary. Especially if you sail dinghies - or skiffs in particular. Our less experienced (C level) crew managed to do it with a kite when it was gusting 25-30. No big deal getting it upright. Just dramatic to others watching. Make sure you put a lock on the hatch so that it will stay in position, not float away ,or dislodge. Make sure the hatch floats (add flotation). We did not find buoyancy on the racks interesting/necessary. We do not have runners on the #9 boat. The solution is to keep a lot of tension on the shrouds. We found that staying under 700 pounds on the racks an absolute rule. Additionally, do not put all the weight on a single Ama. Spread the weight out in big waves - move everyone back, of course, in waves and downwind. The rudder action on #1 is different than #9. #9 has added (more) rudder surface for rudder authority at low speeds (and stability at higher speeds). If you need the specs for shroud tension snd rake, as mentioned, PM me? The Martin 243 is a hoot.
  5. Thanks for the lead. I will try and see if he has any he would part with - and I can afford!
  6. Anyone have a source for a broken mast (or even a new) 15 foot carbon section to use for a 15 foot boom? This is a low budget university operation just doing testing for a mechanical engineering study. We are looking to quantify the performance differences (operationally) of carbon vs. aluminum, mid boom vs. end boom in a higher performance light sailboat. This is going to be done in the SF bay area so transportation cost is a consideration.
  7. zks7

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    Looks like about 8-9 inches of prebend? is that about right?
  8. zks7

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    1) Do you have any numbers (wind range) on your rig tensions (via a Loos gauge or pounds of tension)? 2) Do you have a base setting (for 7-8 knots)? 3) Do you have a rake measurement? 4) Did the top 1-2 feet of the luff rope (head) of your sail come out of the track at the top? 5) Did your mast struts have any bend in them under a load? Or were they perfectly straight under load? Even at rest, unloaded off the mast, mine have a slight bend to them that I endeavor to “straighten".
  9. You are correct. Used sails - of course. It is not easy finding used sails. If you know of any, please forward me the numbers in a PM?
  10. $10K for 4 sails: Main. jib, reacher, A/P? Where do you shop? As many M243 Boats listed as we know - any updates? 1 Black Shadow, ex now back east, ex S.F. Z Kirueshkin, J.Dike, also J. Scur, Whitby YC 2 ?? 49215, Broos locked in BC PHRF site, 2006 TCYC race, English Bay, Vancouver 3 4 All Martin crew -Medford,Oregon Race, Don, Heather, Eric, Paul 5 Pigs with no Purpose - was Ghost- Marble Head Guildford -former Teesa?? skipper Ian Fraser,in the Medford race, and S. Farthing as P.O., 6 Free Woody-2nd St Pete 2011 sale Bosun's Y Sales 7 8 Cakewalk, St. Petersburg, Fl. 9 Nice Rack SF, ex Jazz, Vancouver with pink spin 10 11 Tic Tack 2013 St Pete M. Siedlecki SPYC SPCA 12 This Side Up-New Orleans former Red Wing, 13 14 Sail no 14 2007 LISTING-1999 boat reg TX2879KW 15 16 17 18 Banshee, Marblehead Yellow Reacher on Sprit ?? Sail no.18
  11. zks7

    Wireless speedometer?

    Looking for some options (non GPS) for a Martin 243. Not a lot of accessible floor space or easy symmetrical locations. We have seen through hulls with a wireless connection to a display. Is there one without a through hull? Has anyone tried the stern paddlewheel on a sailboat? Or is there too much disturbance due to the rudder and keel? Do all of the stern paddle wheel solutions have a wired interface to the display?
  12. zks7

    Melges 24 Worlds 2018

    I have some leads for west coast boats for sale, and some that will avail be for charter through the Nationals
  13. zks7

    Martin 243 Delrins: Need some?

    Thanks Laker. These lasted 20 years. I asked the first/only owner if he ever replaced them: “No, why?”. I got the upper deck set in small pieces. The prior set was beat up, abused, and allowed to work while deployed improperly. So sun was the least of the issues. The next set will likely be around after I am dead.
  14. zks7

    Martin 243 Delrins: Need some?

    Received the price for a set of Delrins = $250 (plus shipping). Let me know if you need them? They were produced on a digital machine so the reproduction is true. There was some hand work on the edges, and they come without holes for installation. They fit my boat without a lot of adjustment. They are very tight and do not wobble. The bottom Delrin was in two pieces allowing installation without taking the keel out off the boat. The boat feels solid and everything seems secure - no keel movement. We were humming along into the mid teens for our first sail under kite and close reaching white sail reaching.