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  1. $10K for 4 sails: Main. jib, reacher, A/P? Where do you shop? As many M243 Boats listed as we know - any updates? 1 Black Shadow, ex now back east, ex S.F. Z Kirueshkin, J.Dike, also J. Scur, Whitby YC 2 ?? 49215, Broos locked in BC PHRF site, 2006 TCYC race, English Bay, Vancouver 3 4 All Martin crew -Medford,Oregon Race, Don, Heather, Eric, Paul 5 Pigs with no Purpose - was Ghost- Marble Head Guildford -former Teesa?? skipper Ian Fraser,in the Medford race, and S. Farthing as P.O., 6 Free Woody-2nd St Pete 2011 sale Bosun's Y Sales 7 8 Cakewalk, St. Petersburg, Fl. 9 Nice Rack SF, ex Jazz, Vancouver with pink spin 10 11 Tic Tack 2013 St Pete M. Siedlecki SPYC SPCA 12 This Side Up-New Orleans former Red Wing, 13 14 Sail no 14 2007 LISTING-1999 boat reg TX2879KW 15 16 17 18 Banshee, Marblehead Yellow Reacher on Sprit ?? Sail no.18
  2. zks7

    Wireless speedometer?

    Looking for some options (non GPS) for a Martin 243. Not a lot of accessible floor space or easy symmetrical locations. We have seen through hulls with a wireless connection to a display. Is there one without a through hull? Has anyone tried the stern paddlewheel on a sailboat? Or is there too much disturbance due to the rudder and keel? Do all of the stern paddle wheel solutions have a wired interface to the display?
  3. zks7

    Melges 24 Worlds 2018

    I have some leads for west coast boats for sale, and some that will avail be for charter through the Nationals
  4. zks7

    Martin 243 Delrins: Need some?

    Thanks Laker. These lasted 20 years. I asked the first/only owner if he ever replaced them: “No, why?”. I got the upper deck set in small pieces. The prior set was beat up, abused, and allowed to work while deployed improperly. So sun was the least of the issues. The next set will likely be around after I am dead.
  5. zks7

    Martin 243 Delrins: Need some?

    Received the price for a set of Delrins = $250 (plus shipping). Let me know if you need them? They were produced on a digital machine so the reproduction is true. There was some hand work on the edges, and they come without holes for installation. They fit my boat without a lot of adjustment. They are very tight and do not wobble. The bottom Delrin was in two pieces allowing installation without taking the keel out off the boat. The boat feels solid and everything seems secure - no keel movement. We were humming along into the mid teens for our first sail under kite and close reaching white sail reaching.
  6. zks7

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    U389, That is a great idea about multiple positions for tuning purposes. Did you have single or double turnbuckle barrels?
  7. zks7

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    The Florida M243 guy (Dr. Mike) said he would take his jib halyard, attach the trailer winch to it, and apply pressure until the forestay went slack. Then he would pull the pin on the forestay, and attach a slack tensioned loop to the front of the stem fitting. He said he would avoid all that turning on shrouds, and keep his rig loose/un-tensioned. Sounds like an idea we will try this weekend... This will be our first time out to see what does not function. All Delrins replaced, blades laser sited, replaced all running lines, cleats serviced, installed secondary suspenders on the racks, mildew power washed from all the surfaces, and motor serviced.
  8. zks7

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    OK. Viewed them. Just like on Solings/Stars, etc. of days past. What is the advantage? Only being able to release the shroud tension downwind(while changing the "chainplate" angle) ? Or engage greater tension upwind? With the huge sweep of the spreaders, no backstay, and large kite, downwind is a liability to support the mast. The risk/reward may favor maintaining the sweep and not releasing the tension and the angle of support. I assume that is why they designed the tension rods hard mounted on the deck?
  9. zks7

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    I have not seen them. I will take a look now, thanks for the suggestion .
  10. zks7

    Martin 243 Delrins: Need some?

    Yup, just what the Melges guys call the stuff. Old habit. The white stuff... Delrin is trademarked by Dupont? They said it costs more. The other stuff works just fine.
  11. zks7

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    Hi M32. Yes, you are correct. Tack Tick is owned by Dr. M. (also an original M243 owner), a nice guy. I purchased another boat called Jazz out of Vancouver, B.C.. I have been trying (without success) to contact the owner of Tack Tick as he has a wealth of information, sources for M243 parts and adjustments. If you have his contact info, please PM me? I did not realize he spent a serious amount fo time on his side? I thought St. Pete/Tamp had light air?
  12. My Delrins are shot. I pulled them off my Martin 243 #9. There are 3 pieces: keel, top hull, and bottom hull. The top hull set was in many pieces. It seems like the prior owner sailed many times with the top keel piece out of the slot. It worked in motion, wearing away against the top hull Delrin. It was not secure. The lower hull/bottom Delrin piece was partially pushed out away from the bottom and deformed (at the bottom pin). After spending a lot of time pulling them out and cleaning their mounting locations, they have been sent to an acrylic craftsman. I could have several sets made if anyone is interested? PM me if you are interested or think you will be. They are still under construction. They are to be completed by Thursday 4/19/18. I will be taking the boat over Wednesday, the 18th, for more final fitting. We may make some templates for anyone in the future, or we may make another set as a spare. Just thinking about it. We do not know what the cost is yet. I have no fiduciary relationship with the craftsman. If you are interested in contacting him directly I will be happy to pass the connection along. He is located in San Jose CA (the cost of living here is higher in San Jose than other places, cost aka labor rates, might be higher than your location).
  13. zks7

    Martin 243 Used Sails

    Gaaaad. I just bought that boat from the original owner. The owner did not like to tell the entire story about his boat. He was very proud of his boat and denied many discussions about condition of it. I wonder if many of the owners were like that. My guess is that he was pretty casual about the rules of physics, maintenance and repair. The hull, blades, spars are in terrific shape. The supporting stuff is all consumable(s) and now there is along list of upgrades performed: Delrins, running/.standing rigging.
  14. zks7

    looking for a melges 24!

    PM me for a few on the left coast if you are out west. There are 4-5 available at the mid $20's.