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  1. In Over Our Head

    Sent a message to your facebook page with the North sails tuning guide and a few extra notes
  2. I'm not yelling

    you are doing it wrong. How to Turn a Good Crew into a Great Team.docx MSCS Crew Teamwork 2010[1].pdf
  3. Hobart Scene

    Comments on the new sailing season format? worth organising a meeting to discuss?
  4. Live Racing Thread

    Good Job NZ. I was impressed from the start with their Managment and Process off and on the boat.
  5. Hello Does anyone know if the Garmin GNX™ 120 7-inch can be used as mast Jumbos in a B&G Hercules System? Thanks in advance.
  6. Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania

    A reminder to all RYCT members that there will be a Huon Aquaculture information evening tonight at 6.00pm in the Clubhouse. The evening has been scheduled for RYCT members focusing on Huon Aquaculture farms (Hideaway Bay and Macquarie Harbour), current practices and future plans and development. All RYCT Members are welcome to attend
  7. Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania

    I'll bite. Whats your point?
  8. too much?

    I agree, a mix of races to make up a series. The Australian IRC nationals are very good at this, 1 long race, 4 W/L 4 Mid-distance races
  9. Launceston to Hobart 2016

    is not going to make it to the start line unfortunately. Handicaps. http://dssinc-results.org/results/2016L2H/2016L2H/series.htm Almost enough boats for divisions with in handicaps. Big fleet for a Tassie race. It appears they have split divisions looking at the categories in the Race Tracker - http://yb.tl/l2h2016 PHS, AMS and IRC each have an overall division, division 1 and division 2. Good on the clubs for giving the sailors what they want. Good stuff!
  10. Launceston to Hobart 2016

    is not going to make it to the start line unfortunately. Handicaps. http://dssinc-results.org/results/2016L2H/2016L2H/series.htm Almost enough boats for divisions with in handicaps.
  11. Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania

    Yeah it was epic, he ate salmon I had some cheese. There were some crackers involved.
  12. Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania

    Tasmanian Aquaculture Industry Information Night October 19, 2016 http://www.sailing.org.au/tasmanian-aquaculture-industry-information-night/ On Monday November 7, representatives from the Tasmanian Salmon Farming Industry will be meeting with a number of officials from Tasmanian yacht clubs to discuss proposed developments within Storm Bay. As the gateway to the Derwent and the D’Entrecasteaux Channel, Storm Bay regularly sees large numbers of sailors passing through, whether they be racing, cruising or delivering yachts to and from Hobart and the Huon and Channel regions. With this in mind, Australian Sailing in conjunction with the Tasmanian Salmonid Growers Association have called a stakeholders meeting as part of the community consultation process for proposed salmon farm developments within Storm Bay. At this meeting officials and staff from southern Tasmanian yacht clubs will discuss the impact that the proposed developments may have on sailing activities in the area. It is hoped that the meeting between clubs and the salmon farming industry may lead to a better understanding of each others activities and enhance the on-water relationship between sailors and fish farm staff. Possible outcomes for sailors may include increased rescue capacity of fish-farm staff to help sailors in distress and improved navigation aids, including AIS transponders associated with the farms to mark their locations and easier to understand lighting systems to identify farms
  13. Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania

    Huon Ronda is 78 m is not pilot exempt masters yet. This is ironic that the comments on this page are that yachties from "town" should keep their noses out of what happens in rural areas. But when a ship from the rural area comes up to town and blasts around the river on an exercise that could be done any time of the week at any time of the year on any part of the river we are all " dickhead recreational sailors interfering with commercial vessels". That skipper lined up that fleet 3/4 of a mile if not more up the river and went straight through the fleet. There was no need for it. There has never been an issue like this before on the river. Lydia your logic and arguments are suspect based on bitter\bial emotion and not common sense making your position weak reducing you to a ranting fool.