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  1. Imsission

    Bottom Finishing

    Thanks, I wasn't too sure about the osmosis since there is zero liquid coming out of any of the holes. I read that osmosis almost always has some liquid in the blisters. I measured the hull with the moisture meter and it was mostly dry aside from a few areas. I'm going to measure it again this week and see if there is any change in the readings. Other than that I'm going to see how it fairs with the TB stuff and take it from there. Thanks again.
  2. Imsission

    Bottom Finishing

    Thank you for the info, I will check with the meter tomorrow. The blisters are dry and don't smell funky.
  3. Imsission

    Bottom Finishing

    Not to great at this apparently...
  4. Imsission

    Bottom Finishing

    Recently had the bottom soda-blasted to save hours and hours of sanding. I somehow thought it would result in a smoother finish then it did and i'm still left with hours and hours of sanding. The soda-blasting revealed some what I assume is blisters. Question is how much do I have to sand down before I can fill and fair the bottom? First picture is left un-sanded and right sanded with 80 grit. Second picture is a closer view of the sanded area. Can I just get the loose stuff off and start to fill and fair? Thanks in advance.
  5. Imsission

    J/29 Cascading Backstay

    Thanks for the info. We talked about Hustler in the purchase discussion but decided it was more boat than they needed for the sailing plans they have. We are going to have 6 MHOB 29's for our beer can races now. Not sure how the program will evolve beyond that.
  6. Imsission

    J/29 Cascading Backstay

    @Squalamax Did you use 57mm for the gross and 40mm for the fine tune? If not what size are your blocks? I wasn't sure if 40mm and 29mm would be strong enough. I'm in the process of getting the old Big Taz ready for racing.
  7. Imsission

    Waterline Systems

    US Watercraft and Waterline Systems are different. Waterline Systems is supposedly still operating as the parts dealer and to build and support the Alerion Yacht brand. They moved to North Kingstown, RI last year. I have had bad luck trying to get someone to return phone calls and emails. I emailed Randy Borges: a few months ago about a new J24 mast but crickets. I sourced it elsewhere in the meantime. I called about two weeks ago to get some parts and the nice girl that answered said I needed to talk to Randy and that he was on the shop floor. She forwarded me to his voicemail and after leaving message I haven't heard back. I have since ordered from another reputable company that stocks some of these parts and calls or emails back. Good luck hopefully you can find the parts elsewhere or get better service than I did.