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  1. dogedog

    Marina 36 Sport

    I like the look and appreciate the narrow bow chine. Too bad those pictures don’t do it much help from a performance standpoint.
  2. dogedog

    38' Brenta donated available for lease/purchase

    that website has some seriously nice boats...'well discounted' is probably still way beyond my price... oh well.
  3. dogedog

    what is it?

    If you’re an engineer it’s perfect. Doesn’t make it right however.
  4. dogedog

    J70 Trailer retro kit for 'up' trailering?

    I also reached out to Triad. Thx
  5. we have a 1st generation J70 Triad trailer designed to carry the boat 'low' for on-road trailering. lots of trailer rash as a result - seems to be common. Looking to carry the boat in the 'high' position for trailering to regattas. We also have the bunk extensions for the dry sail area 'high' storing but believe these are not adequate for the riggors of onroad trailering. Anyone made a retro kit to carry the boat in the high postion on the road safely? thx
  6. dogedog

    J/70 IRC Rating and Performance

    how about polars? any developed/shared?
  7. dogedog

    Ridiculously Overpriced Boats

    ...honey I DO have the boat for sale...I don’t know why it’s not selling...
  8. dogedog

    Oracle Team USA

    Don't get me wrong but it's amazing that they seemingly didn't plan to sail in 8-10knots ...very fast. Seems like 'group think' often found in big companies too big to fail. Dont get me wrong I'm American - I'd like USA to win but why does it have to be Rambo style come from behind... The NZL foils are so long and seem like they would have more drag but smarter people have figured out it works. Innovation always wins ps - love the drama I guess
  9. dogedog

    How to watch live races?

    Where to watch replays?
  10. Schock is still for sale

  11. Did you sell your Schock 40???

  12. moving to Newport RI/South Dartmouth MA area

  13. dogedog


    thank you
  14. dogedog


    i want my friday epic back!
  15. Hi There,

    Considering shipping a Schock 40 to Australia. Anything about the design you don't like? Any reason why I wouldn't buy one. I just love the hull shape (still looks modern) and dig the canting keel. Just a nice change from the usual lead mines out there. And for $70k surely has to represent good value. Nothing like it on the market. Wonder what it would costs to ship...