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  1. Nice video
  2. What's the cost to bring from Spain or EU (ballpark)? yeah on Lake Erie we could use more light air boats. Seem perfect here as well. Bring your camping gear for the Mac - wet and wild for sure.
  3. Just curious...thought they were cool from the hype on SA. But then vanished...?
  4. That would be awesome. LE corporate America approach took most of the American passion for Sailing, with little areas, out of this. We need some homegrown blood sweat and tears challenges like Melges did. And the good news is I had powerboaters asking me "how do they do that(foiling)?"… They seem to have a product now that inspires interest. My kids are into it as well, only because I forced him to sit next to me and watch but anyway there are exposed and think it's cool.
  5. Don't get me wrong but it's amazing that they seemingly didn't plan to sail in 8-10knots ...very fast. Seems like 'group think' often found in big companies too big to fail. Dont get me wrong I'm American - I'd like USA to win but why does it have to be Rambo style come from behind... The NZL foils are so long and seem like they would have more drag but smarter people have figured out it works. Innovation always wins ps - love the drama I guess
  6. Where to watch replays?
  7. When and where are replays?!!!!
  8. Looks good. Let?
  9. They look good. Not had the pleasure sail one yet but they are high on the bucket list.
  10. I thought I remember reading a disclosure about the mast was sleeved to mend it. If it's not correct I apologize for bring it up. It belongs back on the Great Lakes... ;-)
  11. Yes this is looking like it. Now make it 60 ft. Maybe a Rapido w foils?
  12. Based on some great comments it does seem that maybe the "side foils" is the possible next step for a cruiser over true stand up foiling. But they supposedly take up a lot of interior space when not deployed so that might be a deal killer...
  13. I'm not a cruiser or a foiler...But I am curious if foiling will ever make its way to a lazy (peaceful/pleasant) sail experience. If so, how do you envision it?
  14. righty-tighty...lefty...whoops