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    what is it?

    If you’re an engineer it’s perfect. Doesn’t make it right however.
  2. we have a 1st generation J70 Triad trailer designed to carry the boat 'low' for on-road trailering. lots of trailer rash as a result - seems to be common. Looking to carry the boat in the 'high' position for trailering to regattas. We also have the bunk extensions for the dry sail area 'high' storing but believe these are not adequate for the riggors of onroad trailering. Anyone made a retro kit to carry the boat in the high postion on the road safely? thx
  3. dogedog

    J70 Trailer retro kit for 'up' trailering?

    I also reached out to Triad. Thx
  4. dogedog

    J/70 IRC Rating and Performance

    how about polars? any developed/shared?
  5. dogedog

    J70 keel mod - legal?

    Was told today the J70 I’m looking at buying “...needs the keel mod...” - proported to be changing ,“... the delrins mating up w the chocks on top of the keel where it rests when down. This will Lower the keel...” better RM? Love it, and doesn't seem legal. But is everyone doing it? searched for topic but didn’t find anything... and its snowing outside so I need some boat talk...
  6. dogedog

    "Send it" for Jim Hahn

    Good luck man! Never met you but here’s to hoping life gets easier!
  7. Bringing 4 people together for small boat campaign. Would like to have rules upfront to call out scenarios like who pays for damage to boat/sails during regattas when not all owners are on board. I can write something but know there are people already who have this. Thx ps - I know all the potential issues w partnerships so those wanting to share how bad it can be can move along...
  8. dogedog

    J70 keel mod - legal?

    Thanks. Appreciate the class rule reference. The guy Is familiar w the class. Apparently he’s familiar with the dark web side of the class too!
  9. Btw - the last cycle was the first to get the stink pot owners at the club excited and saying “man, they are really going that fast?!” You could tell their twin cat 600 hp motors were feeling a little envious ;-)
  10. I’m sure that’s why they are trying to appease both sides (mono / foilers) but the lizard legs are whacky... why not ‘boards’ that are pulled up and and down vertically w L foils through the hull? Swinging legs is crazy. (I know if you told me 10 years ago I would have no problem getting in a strangers car and prearranged payment called Uber I wouldn’t have believed it...) just saying I hope the swinging lizard legs innovates a more ellagant approach in the future.
  11. Tell me again how this is “relatable” to us sailors? Sorry. Just kicking my high chair. Foiling is cool, mono is good. But will J and Bene be able to use any trickle down? At least the last several cycles have inspired small cat foilers. Docking my future mono-with-lizard-legs will be a hoot.
  12. dogedog

    Ridiculously Overpriced Boats

    ...honey I DO have the boat for sale...I don’t know why it’s not selling...
  13. Time to tackle the scale build up from hard lake water that’s around the A/C through hulls and gelcoat. Tried CLR and similar products w no change. Heard about vinegar -anything else?
  14. dogedog

    In Over Our Head

    A mumm36 should be pointing higher than Everyone upwind and slight faster. Downwind the lighter boats will sneak up on you and likely pass you (mumm-farr30, melges 32,etc) in phrf. Dont fall into the trap of crew saying (while up wind)"wow we are higher and faster" and then downwind being depressed because lighter boats are faster. The point is, make your gains upwind. Looks like you sail against an IMX38 - another upwind machine that likes to go dead down wind on a run. Be to windward of them at the starts or slightly ahead if lower at the start and pinch them off. You likely can't out foot them if you start low and slow I think the mumm36 also likes to go dead down as it's fastest. But not certain kite likes to be rotated by windward heal crew position is key -
  15. dogedog

    Nacra 5.0 Action

    Nice video
  16. Just curious...thought they were cool from the hype on SA. But then vanished...?
  17. dogedog

    Soto 40 - still sailing somewhere

    What's the cost to bring from Spain or EU (ballpark)? yeah on Lake Erie we could use more light air boats. Seem perfect here as well. Bring your camping gear for the Mac - wet and wild for sure.
  18. dogedog

    Next USA Team

    That would be awesome. LE corporate America approach took most of the American passion for Sailing, with little areas, out of this. We need some homegrown blood sweat and tears challenges like Melges did. And the good news is I had powerboaters asking me "how do they do that(foiling)?"… They seem to have a product now that inspires interest. My kids are into it as well, only because I forced him to sit next to me and watch but anyway there are exposed and think it's cool.
  19. dogedog

    Oracle Team USA

    Don't get me wrong but it's amazing that they seemingly didn't plan to sail in 8-10knots ...very fast. Seems like 'group think' often found in big companies too big to fail. Dont get me wrong I'm American - I'd like USA to win but why does it have to be Rambo style come from behind... The NZL foils are so long and seem like they would have more drag but smarter people have figured out it works. Innovation always wins ps - love the drama I guess
  20. dogedog

    How to watch live races?

    Where to watch replays?
  21. dogedog

    Live Racing Thread

    When and where are replays?!!!!
  22. dogedog

    "Easy to Fly" Catamaran Foiler

    Looks good. Let?
  23. dogedog

    Schionning cats are fast

    They look good. Not had the pleasure sail one yet but they are high on the bucket list.
  24. I thought I remember reading a disclosure about the mast was sleeved to mend it. If it's not correct I apologize for bring it up. It belongs back on the Great Lakes... ;-)