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  1. 2017 Australian Multihull Championships

    Good on you Peter and Bushsailor I agree completely, I would like to point out I had a fantastic week and given the spread of boats in the fleet I think there was something for everyone. I have won over 8+ OMR div 1 national titles on three different boats with a whole bunch of very good sailors, I think the OMR rule is fantastic and I am currently building a boat with a bunch of mates with the main intent being to compete in OMR events. If we can design and build our own boat and have success under the rule we will have achieved our aim. Are we then to be called assholes because we took the development rule and came up with the best solution to get results in our eyes? Will the rule be changed if certain aspects of our boat give us advantages, quite likely but if it is proven and is applied fairly across the fleet with significant notice then all good. We will have a distinct possible advantage given we are drawing on all designs of the past, and trying to get the best out of the rule, is that unfair? Maybe an age allowance could work but the massive changes boats make to improve over the years really makes this hard. It could be a complete shitter and never quite perform under the rule, that will be our fault not the OMR rule. We have enjoyed racing other boats of all shapes and sizes under OMR so much over the years we are putting our money into a project to sail under this rule. I suggest anyone having a big whinge about the OMR rule must make sure they have first got out there and competed properly under it! When I first raced against Mad Max aboard Trilogy it struggled to beat us over the line and was knowhere on OMR, ten years later and with the exact same hull shape she is a F@#king weapon due to 10yrs of development and always being on the race course and being sailed extremely well. You get VPLP to design a 30ft Tri with the same set of numbers Lukim yu had in 2000 and identical rating and the thing would be years ahead, that is just how it is and there is nothing wrong with that in my eyes. Lukim yu is a fantastic boat that is light in weight and has enough horespower and still competes to this day but design moves on and this is a development rule... Most boats with some optimizing, enough sailing hours and effort can significantly improve their OMR results, but it takes time and effort and you cannot simply sail one or two events, blame the rule and run away and bitch about it for years to come! Thanks to all who competed in this years Nationals, thanks to the volunteers and thanks to the OMR rule, we had a blast and we didn't win because we didn't sail well enough!
  2. DIY Wing Mast Questions

    You can see the pin hole when zoomed in.
  3. DIY Wing Mast Questions

    These are not t-balls. They are about twice the size and have across pin for soft attach only.
  4. DIY Wing Mast Questions

    The fitting has an internal removable pin for the soft attachment to turn around. The reinforced section is the position of the Factor 2t halyard lock for the jib yet to be cut and fitted. There is three locks in the front of the rig. Mast is for a 29ft Tri. Mast is 14.3m long, wing chord is about 290mm.
  5. DIY Wing Mast Questions

    We recently bought a wing rig from C-Tec, for a still in build project, all rigging attachments are using the same fitting that can accept Dyneema loops to internal pin. So Forestay, Cap Shrouds and diamond wires all attach in the same manner, does not matter if the stay is soft or wire. We will have soft stays and wires diamonds. Not sure of the brand but contact C-tec and they can supply them. Tim was great to deal with- Tim.Willetts@c-tech.co.nz
  6. Grainger Raider 302

    Hi Guys, The Raider is a fantastic boat, I have sailed plenty on the various boats in Oz with the different rig heights and they all have their advantages. I did Gladstone races on the AYS Raider with the original rig (plenty of fun weekends blasting short handed around the bay also), the One Design Raider(which was the best) and also did many regattas and Gladstone races on Board Wilparina the modified F31 with the straight lifting foils. The Raider's would have been faster than Wilparina in most conditions with the exception of really lumpy offshore hard running. I am sure Dragon/Timberolf would be a good step up in speed and somewhere between the Raider and Dragon would likely be Trilogy also for sale, an absolute glamour Grainger Trimaran that can fold. All fantastic boats.
  7. Team UK

    The Instagram photo is straight off Ben Lamb's Instagram, who is a crew member of the Softbank team, he could be playing but looks like the 50 to me?
  8. Team UK

    They might have gone for a quick blast...
  9. A-cat faster than the rest!

    There is Texel rating results and Elapsed times also. I have to guess the flying Phantom rating is a cock up, plus maybe just a Phantom F18?, to come 7th over the line and wind up 2nd on a better rating than all F18's. The old Tornado is still the third fastest boat on elapsed time, behind the A and Nara 20FCS which surprised me. Bora was the next A on elapsed with 12th over the line. So we can confirm Mischa is a freak. F16's also well back.
  10. 40ft Trimaran "Kwela"

    I found some images of the new 40ft Trimaran "Kwela" in South Africa. Designed and built by Abrie Erasmus I believe. Has anybody sailed/seen the boat or know more, just an interesting boat that is all. https://www.facebook.com/events/1002551446484189/ http://johnniesailor.com/2015/11/10/kwela-in-false-bay/ Very low and flat aft end of floats is quite different, but has the rig well back, no lifting foils, nice beams. Results?
  11. NEW ASTUS 16.5

    Can anyone tell me what brand is the lockable white hatch? Thanks.
  12. Corsair Pulse 600

  13. Multihulls in Sydney to Hobart

    Will Zebb be doing Wangi? Geelong? Zebb and Turning Point will be at Wangi, not Geelong.
  14. Multihulls in Sydney to Hobart

    I will also add that the yacht fleet had plenty of large offshore yachts all capable of doing the Hobart race, the Multi fleet was mainly trailerable in nature with the exception of the two big cruise/race cats so not really any kind of indicator to the feasabilty of Multis in offhsore races as the thread discusses but more just what happens when the wind is more extreme at these lightweight inshore multi events, the same carnage would have happened to a sportsboat fleet if it had any numbers, the small fleet of them had a few majors also.