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  1. tt1963

    Flying Tiger 7.5???

    I believe they are still in Ontario. One of the FT 7.5's from there is at our club just north of Toronto. Faster than a Rocket 22
  2. tt1963

    Flying Tiger 7.5???

  3. tt1963


    I will say that the unit has performed flawlessly for us over the last two years. It's the lack of updates and communication from the company that will spell the death of this great product. Is it finally time we started posting on their social media, reviews of this unit? (ie no ability to download tracks, no back light, no analytics etc)
  4. tt1963


    Anybody heard from these guys recently?
  5. tt1963


    Anyone hear from these characters regarding a REAL firmware update? An update that provides the functionality described on their website WAY back in 2018?
  6. tt1963


    They mentioned via Instagram DM, that V0.5 is scheduled for the end of this week. Would be nice to be able to download our tracks
  7. tt1963


    We are loving using the Atlas on our boat. Communications with Vakaros, not so much. Any update on the availability of the App?