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  1. Artemis?

    Well 100's of years of review committees experience suggest that typically people deeply embedded in 'how it is' are not very good at being critical or suggesting 'how it should be'. But perhaps these folks are the rare extraordinarily open minded who can do otherwise. Spot on Stingray. Self appointment is hardly independent. IM definitely needs to be involved, but perhaps not chairing it.
  2. Artemis?

    This press conference raised more questions than answers... Message here is the show will go on regardless. They have just bought themselves a couple of weeks hoping memories fade. Unlikely. Must have been a gag order before these journos walked in... Why no one made reference to some of the facts we do know? The boat has been dogged with structural problems since day one. It was sailing, then it was broken. It didn't break after the capsize like Oracle because there would be footage of the boat slowly breaking up if it did. The little AC 101 lecture was very useful and the distance joke a nice touch. This is what happens when you give your mates a job instead of the most qualified person. IM seemed deeply distressed though. I know Bart and him were good mates from the Star days. Hopefully that keeps his eye on the objective here which is to find the cause of this disaster first, then secondly, decide if a regatta can go ahead. In reference to his comment that a lot of successful AC72 sailing has happened safely around the world prior to last Thursday... Not sure 2 complete right offs out of 6 boats (4 teams) is a good strike rate. Almost a fail I would say.
  3. Artemis?

    There would be a lot less speculation if it wasn't a well known, reported fact that the boat in question had problems from day one... I am not suggesting these faults were the cause of the accident, but they do raise questions. The investigation will no doubt give us some answers. The argument that these professional sailors know the risks and are doing what they love doing is not entirely accurate in my opinion. They love sailing and competing, that is true. However, many of the guys sailing these boats would be more than happy sailing V5s still and probably wish they still were. They did not create this rule and more than one of them have been critical of the AC72 and safety issues from the moment the rule was announced. As pros though, they do their careers no good at all by declining an opportunity to sail in the AC. Who here would decline an opportunity to further their career or quit because your boss changed the machine you operate every day? Very few... You adapt to the new environment which is what these guys have had to do to keep their jobs. I have no doubt IM and SF police dept will conduct a thorough investigation.