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  1. Sorry, no bun fight. Just pretty boats and an occasional Blue Angel. All shot on an iPhone while volunteering for mark duty.
  2. Too many Toxic Catfish, indeed.
  3. Mr Nunnemacher skippered the first and last A-scow to do the Mac. He wasn't interested in doing it a second time and said, "Sailing the Mackinac in a scow is like going over Niagara Falls in a barrel; succeeding once doesn't mean you'll succeed twice. Somebody else can try it next time."
  4. I've done many seasons on M24s in breeze, cold water, and occasional waves, including the 2007 Worlds in Santa Cruz when five rigs were lost on the last day. Spent more than enough time broached and pinned - not uncommon in this class. Saw one boat retire from the 2003 Worlds in San Francisco because they thought they'ed cracked the hull, but no, it just filled with water from normal pearling through the chop. The rig concerns me wrt offshore, overnight - the mast/rig is pretty whippy and losing them is a tad too common, the main can't be reefed, and at least on ours taking the jib down (as opposed to furling) required taking the forestay off. I'm less concerned with MOB retrieval 'cause it's proven many times to be easy on the M24. These aren't dangerous if conditions are favorable and aren't so bad when the crew is fresh. But they don't sail well upwind without everyone on the rail, and as the story of the guys who did the ChiMac said, when the breeze pipes up downwind it's "everyone, behind the traveller - NOW." Hard on crew rotation. I did the ChiMac in the 70s (yes, before GPS, NWS doppler radar on the iPhone, GoPros with HD slo-mo, EPIRBS, PLBs, GU Gel, Red Bull, or decent West Coast overly hopped ale - we sailed with NOTHING in our gear bags except maybe an Instamatic and film) when a squall line similar to what WingNuts saw came through - not the place for an M24 even if it was stuffed with foam floatation. Offshore isn't about when the conditions are good, it's about coping with no crash boats when the poop traverses the ventilator. I wouldn't want to be somewhere between Alpena and Cheboygan with a snapped rig at 3am (it's always 0-dark-thirty when it happens, just ask Vestas) trying to keep the prop in the water while pounding through chop wondering if I brought the passport since the gale is pushing us to Canuckland. There's no doubt that a fleet of M24s can complete either Mac and be hailed as heroes with cajones of spun brass. There are old pilots and bold pilots, but no old, bold pilots.
  5. I wonder if that would extend to blimps like the one decorated with a Minion we saw two weeks ago, and those used as occasional camera platforms for sports events.
  6. Well, that was an entertaining press conference - not as good as sailboats sailing, but drama nonetheless. For those planning to watch boats racing, Max Sirena said Luna Rosa will not take part in Sunday's races against ETNZ. But if the jury rules before that (changing the current schedule of a Monday hearing) they might change their mind. Iain Percy says that if the jury rules in favor of LR or ETNZ, the blue boat won't measure in and they won't be able to race at all. Jimmy Spithill says, "It's only a little screw and an Allen key, what's the big deal?"
  7. It isn't like any stadium, it's an open bay. I want to know how it is possible to rent a section of the water to some boat owners while excluding others. a saftey zone is understandable, excluding the riff raff in their cheezy little row boats is not.If Larry was not allowed to use Alcatraz for the exclusive viewing pleasure the idle rich why are the Bay waters any different? ??? Haven't you looked at any of the maps? I don't mind conspiracy theories, but make them plausible or they lose entertainment value.
  8. If ETNZ and Artemis go home, maybe it's not too late for you to enter - after all, you already have the right number of hulls, a 2 boat program and you're not afraid to sail the when the breeze picks up. You already spend more time in the course area than all of the challengers put together.
  9. The October event was an attempt to capitalize on Fleet Week which had a set of unintended consequences: - Since Marina Green was occupied, the Village moved to a smaller and less convenient space nearer to Chrissy Field - The grandstand moved to The Spit which was at one end of the course where you couldn't see the finish - The course used the safety box set by the USCG for the airshow which was further offshore and didn't extend as far towards the GG Bridge as the August event - this also allowed spectator boats to obscure the view from shore - The start was set by the whims of the airshow finishing, which on the day a Blue Angel had a mechanical meant a 40 minute delay. One race finished almost in the dark. I'm not sure how ACxx felt about September - it certainly brought the AC to a new group of live viewers, but it's unclear how many and if it was a sticky demographic. OTOH the staging costs seemed pretty low and the racing was great. Dixie nailed it - watching on shore with a view but near a TV while having decent net connectivity is the trifecta. Any living room in much of the world can hit two out of three.
  10. The Wave Organ area is open park land, though I wouldn't be surprised if the GGYC blocks it off. Was there for last summer's Blue Angels practice day.
  11. The end of the spit passed the GGYC will be a fine place to watch from, and for photos (if not on the water) a long lens the path on the hill between Ft Mason and Aquatic Park has been good for the Blue Angels.
  12. As I said in post #1015, if the BoS denied the appeal to FEIR certification the environmental groups would file a court action. The appeal was denied, the groups filed in court on the last day possilbe, as expected. The only interesting part is the vast majority of those complaining about the EIR (Dolphin Club, Audubon Society, Save the Turtles, etc) were appeased - this is just Aaron Peskin and his Telegraph Hill cronies. They are a barrier to positive change in SF and always have been. It's possible that a judge can decree that construction be halted until the suit is ruled upon - this will stop both the AC effort and might delay or scuttle the cruise ship terminal, too.
  13. It will be interesting to see how this plays against the standard weekend City Front racing - the 2012 area includes YRA marks 16, A, X, and 6 (Blackaller, StFYC, GGYC, Ft Mason), and the sometimes-restricted Anita Rock while 2013 adds 18 and 2 (Blossom, Alcatraz). OYRA races starting from the GGYC and StFYC before noon are ok, though finishing might be "interesting." The Wednesday Woodies twilight series from StFYC shouldn't be affected since they start after 5pm.
  14. ^^^^ Am I the only one confused by the speculative attendee number reduction? Who heard what? How did they manage to lose 80% of the expected spectators over a year before the event even takes place ? On another note is the projected financial " boon " to the Frisco area also reduced by a similar amount ? I think the data was misquoted by the appeal attorney, Mr. Lippe. I think that he tried to set the record straight later, that he was talking about spectator boats and not spectators. He kept saying things like "There was an 80% reduction in projected spectator numbers between the draft EIR and the actual EIR." I think Mr. Lippe was smoking something. I don't feel like watching the archive to straighten it out. I wonder if it was sneaky lawyer speak? Yes,. the FEIR refined the DEIR spectator boat wild guess with an empirical count from the 2011 Fleet Week Saturday Blue Angels show. Mr. Lippe and others misquoted this change and the reduced estimate of cruise ship visits to raise the spectre of false economic activity estimates. It was later corrected in the Planning Commission rebuttal, but corrections rarely have the same impact as baseless accusations.
  15. Agree with this from KL: "One of my takeaways from a heap of 2011 trips to San Francisco City Hall was a higher opinion of city government than I had when I started."