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  1. nimbus

    Random PicThread

    Not a bridge as such but equally impressive: the Falkirk Wheel. It uses the water as the counter balance (kind of).
  2. nimbus

    Random PicThread

    The Sunday afternoon disco at the Mosman Rowers. Happy days.
  3. nimbus

    Random PicThread

    The Manly Ferry sure is lost. It is sailing under (through) the Spit Bridge. Anybody know why? Sightseeing cruise?
  4. nimbus

    That's a Sport Boat?

    Top one. NZ design. Oldish, mid-1990s (?). Hasn't been in production for many years. The 2nd photo is of the also named Elliot 7 (confusing) which came much later but is a training/match racing keel boat.
  5. nimbus

    That's a Sport Boat?

    Tell these blokes they're not sailing a sports boat .(Elliot 7 btw.)
  6. There is even a podcast
  7. nimbus

    Random PicThread

    Assistance required in aisle 5. Any ideas aside from lots of carbon fibre. Search Google for image turns up zilch.
  8. nimbus

    Random PicThread

    Sylvia Sorrente. And it could be that Snags spelled her surname
  9. nimbus

    AC Rugby

  10. nimbus

    Random PicThread

    Hobot, please don't start talking Snaggs, my life is complicated enough as it is.
  11. nimbus

    Random PicThread

    Construction of the Gladesville Bridge in Sydney. Early '60s. The marina in the background is still there.
  12. nimbus

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Well I joined SA in 2007 so that makes me about 12.
  13. nimbus

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Are all New Zealand AC fans as 'friendly' as the ones on this thread? They are doing Auckland a disservice. Supporters of other teams might worry that they will have the crap beaten out of them if they go to Auckland in 2021.
  14. nimbus

    New 2020 Corvette

    Jay Leno in his video says it is going to have a double clutch whatever the hell that is.
  15. nimbus

    2019 52 SUPER SERIES

    Seven different winners in a nine race series. Downwind speeds of up to 25 knots. Check the boats together at 0:46. I often think about why these boots are not been used for the America's Cup. The daily video reports though short are worth watching as well.