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  1. nimbus

    Random PicThread

    Search image says 'aerial photography'. Anybody want to enlighten us?
  2. nimbus

    Random PicThread

    Newport Beach in Sydney. The bus is heading along Barrenjoey Rd heading for Palm Beach (the 190). Late 60s or early 70s.
  3. nimbus

    Random PicThread

    Princess Theatre, Melbourne. Exactly the same today. Nice to discover lovely buildings that haven't been knocked down.
  4. nimbus

    Random PicThread

    If you search on Google Maps for 66 Darlinghurst Rd Potts Point, New South Wales and look at street view you will see that most of the buildings on the left are still there. I'm going early to mid 70s for the photo.
  5. nimbus

    J Class and Superyacht drone footage

    From the J Class website: During the final minutes leading into the start of Race 1 for the J Class at the Superyacht Challenge Antigua regatta a collision occurred between Svea and Topaz. Both boats sustained damage and immediately retired from racing. Two crew members have received medical attention. Neither Svea nor Topaz are able to take any further part in the Antigua Superyacht Challenge regatta.
  6. nimbus

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    Will probably get hammered for trying to provide an objective report of the spectator experience for yesterday but here goes. First time seeing these boats live. Bought the premium tickets for my son and me: $210 each which included all drinks, a food hamper and the choice of views on Shark island. First of all Sydney delivered with lovely weather and the usual Nor' Easter, 10-15 knots. Bit of cloud towards the end of the racing which made the breeze a bit more variable. The Shark Island experience was great. Never a queue at the open bar (they even had staff walking around with trays of drinks) with good beers to choose from (James Squire 150 Lashes, Heineken, etc). Don't think I need to say any more. Jesse Tuke and Mark Covell (crikey is he looking 'prosperous') were doing live commentary. Up market crowd but very relaxed and looking to enjoy themselves. (Did I mention the open bar?) If there is a quibble getting on and off the island was a bit of a hassle. They used multiple small ferries which didn't seem the most efficient way. All over, well worth the cost. Seeing the boats on the water water was amazing. Those speeds and seeing them bunched together at the start down to the first mark is a sight to behold. As others have said, the actual racing was a bit so so. If you make an error (Nathan OCS in the first race, Slingers in the starting area too early in the match race) you're stuffed. There is no chance of making up ground. The battles in the middle of the fleet were interesting. But the sheer speeds do make it exciting. Last anecdote. While waiting to take the ferry off the island (a bit of a line up) the British team arrived for the presentation and while walking up the hill the mainly Aussie crowd broke into spontaneous applause. (Goobs copped a bit of a friendly heckle.) At the end of the day sailors are a classy bunch although when you read this forum it makes me wonder.
  7. nimbus

    Random PicThread

    Not a bridge as such but equally impressive: the Falkirk Wheel. It uses the water as the counter balance (kind of).
  8. nimbus

    Random PicThread

    The Sunday afternoon disco at the Mosman Rowers. Happy days.
  9. nimbus

    Random PicThread

    The Manly Ferry sure is lost. It is sailing under (through) the Spit Bridge. Anybody know why? Sightseeing cruise?
  10. nimbus

    That's a Sport Boat?

    Top one. NZ design. Oldish, mid-1990s (?). Hasn't been in production for many years. The 2nd photo is of the also named Elliot 7 (confusing) which came much later but is a training/match racing keel boat.
  11. nimbus

    That's a Sport Boat?

    Tell these blokes they're not sailing a sports boat .(Elliot 7 btw.)
  12. There is even a podcast
  13. nimbus

    Random PicThread

    Assistance required in aisle 5. Any ideas aside from lots of carbon fibre. Search Google for image turns up zilch.
  14. nimbus

    Random PicThread

    Sylvia Sorrente. And it could be that Snags spelled her surname
  15. nimbus

    AC Rugby