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  1. Rumors / Vida Zee is a weapon of a boat. There are plenty of people who have raced on it over the years and more than a few that would be happy to share their knowledge. The mods you are talking about were done to correct a lee helm issue that Woody felt was bad enough to move the rig back around two feet among other things. Once he was done with it, he had corrected all of the issues but then only used the boat a handful of times before the end. Unfortunately, once it went to marblehead it never had the level of talent or sail inventory to stay at the level that it was before.
  2. Another How Could it Happen

    This sucks on a lot of different levels. I have conned container and RORO's through the Singapore straits and there is an ebb and flow to the traffic. Like other busy places the toughest situations are when ships are crossing, and it looks like in this case the McCain was doing just that. I have no idea why they were doing what they were doing, but it seems to me they were crossing at as close to 90 degrees as possible which is how you are supposed to do it. Where they were the traffic is not particularly terrible, and with a couple of gas turbines on tap they should be able to make problems go away in a hurry. I think that once again there was a definite loss of situational awareness and or experience. In my opinion the bridge team failed to realize how hazardous what they were doing was and once they were committed to their course of action, did not know how to get themselves out of it. From having to deal with navy ships quite a bit over the past couple of decades I have found that there is a definite lack of understanding of prudent seamanship as well as a cavalier view of COLREGS. It will be interesting to see what the Navy does, and I am hoping that they actually have their SWO's gain some meaningful bridge time.... Maybe they also need to review what it takes to be competent on the bridge of a ship.
  3. Having been in the shoes of the containership mate on watch on more than one occasion, my mantra when dealing with the US Navy has been "stay away from the gray." This being said the container ship mate should have been tracking the fitz the whole time and hailing the target that he was seeing on the radar on the radio. My guess is that the collision occurred at position 2. He had recognized what was going on, called his captain and went hard right as per COLREGS. If my gut is right, he hit the navy ship somewhere in the arc of his turn which would explain the damage being isolated to his port bow. The speed drop you are seeing is due to the turn. Any large slow speed diesel is run by a computer and loading the plant up or down takes awhile, usually 20-30min. If you bypass the limits on the computer there is a good chance you will lose the plant and compound your problems. Also AIS is not supposed to be used for collision avoidance. Don't get me wrong, it is a useful tool, but RADAR and ARPA in conjunction with AIS interfacing is used. If AIS drops out it is no big deal, you are still plotting the target with the radar. We may never hear the navy's recording but I have a feeling the VDR from the containership will go a long way towards vindicating the mate on watch. If I had to guess they will try and get the containership mate on failure to maintain a proper lookout. The navy crew will go down hard with the cause of the collision being attributed to loss of situational awareness, lack of training and incompetence.
  4. Since the needed sea time can occur anytime during the five years of license validity, you could ask how much time he has already accrued. This would give you a good idea of how much time he has before he would need to go back out and get the necessary days. RJ Unlimited Master - Oceans