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  1. Anyone have a dead unit and want to donate the display/head unit knob?. Bought a new display to replace dead on and the knob keeps getting knocked off.
  2. Selden 72mm bow sprit

    Are the sprit measurements of 72mm the outside diameter or inside? Cant find it on their site
  3. Doing intial research on a daysailing catamaran that is made in USA that could hold up to 50 passengers for sunset sails and private charters that is also bluewater capable for delviery down south potentiall in winter. The Seawind 1160 Resort http://www.seawindcats.com/models/seawind-day-charter-catamaran/ fits the bill as far a s size and specs (21'6:" s max for local travel lifts for haulouts) The issue is it made in vietnam and would only be able to get USCG certification for 12 passengers (or so I was told). Would like the same layout or close to it, but made in the USA. Any manufacturers who could build one to similar specs or other ones that fit the bill already. Googleing, but not finding what I am looking for.
  4. J24 class saiks

    Looking at a j24 for phrf racing and maybe some odr eventually. Am going to be updating headsails likley first. Do most use 2 or three headsails? What Sizes are common for 1,2 and 3 if three headsails are used. 150, 130 and 100 the norm? Thanks in advance
  5. J34c for sale-Add in Classified

    No. Took it off market, but would consider a sale for right price
  6. New Group 27 Batteries

    Got nearly 6 years out of the Duracell 27DC batteries for my sailboat. ROtate Start and house on odd/even days on my sailboat and diesel. Going to replace all4 as two are shot and may as well get 4 new. Are Exide marine/RV dual purpose batteries ok to use? If not what else in that price range (under $100) would your recommend.
  7. So there was a small dime sized chip taken out of my keel which went through the 4 coats of interprotect barrier coat to the lead. As opposed to buying the way overpriced interlux interpotect, could i feather out thechip to get to bare lead and fill and fair with the west system epoxy and some filler and sand? If so what about bottom paint? Light rough up right before teh they go to paint?
  8. J boat advice

    My J34c is for sale. It is in the classifieds. Reducing price to $62,900. No spinnaker, but can easily add an asym setup. Exterior masthead spinnaker halyard block at mast head in place. Great solid performance cruiser built to ABYC specs. Draws 4' 10" and powers at 7 knots and sails very well in all airs. Full galley with Force 10 stove, 2 burners and 40 gallon water tanks. Provate v-berth and open quarterberth that sleeps 2. Hatches and portholes all open so boat gets plenty of air on those hot days. Helmsperson can trim main and jib at helm easily. Sails are mint and in 2nd season. Zsails.-Pentex 135% jib and deliery 110% dacron for backup or super heavy wind. Can emial more detailed pics. PM me if interested. Boat is still in water and will be until end of October.
  9. J34c For Sale

    Posted it in Classifieds as well as J-Boat anarchy. For some reason the pics are sideways. Not sure how to fix. Anyhow, feel free to reach out to me. I have more pics and details on whats included in sale. . Boat is great performance cruiser and we have done very well racing it here on eastern Long Island. Also does super great cruisig. this exact boat had been sailed to eh bahamas and back in it's early days and is in immaculate shape. Also has 2015 racing main and jib and spare 110% jib Would like to sell before boat gets hauled in late October/early November. Nothing needed. Will even deliver locally if desired and price is right.
  10. J34c for sale-Add in Classified

    Posted the ad for my boat. For some reason the pics are sideways. Not sure how to fix. Anyhow, feel free to reach out to me. I have more pics and full inventory. Boat is great performance cruiser and We have done very well racing it here on eastern Long Island. Would like to sell before boat gets hauled in October Great boat with new sails and nothing needed. Will even deliver locally if desired.
  11. No commemetary on nacra class?

    another fucking AP. Rio sucks my dick
  12. No commemetary on nacra class?

    general recall now jeez
  13. No commemetary on nacra class?

    front passed
  14. No commemetary on nacra class?

    ok under 6 mins til start
  15. No commemetary on nacra class?

    delayed til 14:32. That Est?