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  1. webbwash

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Help me I am falling and I don't think my bumpers will stop me - or is it a centre of gravity problem solved?
  2. webbwash


    Nice abs -----
  3. webbwash

    Random PicThread

    You all are talking of getting the shots in 60's, My sister and I were part of the initial testing when we lived in Levittown, LI, NY. That was circa '54. We both got the initial Salk vaccine and subsequently the Sabin. We were the lucky ones because we got the actual vaccine and others in our area got placebos, supposedly completely random. My uncle had polio when he was in his teens and had to adaptive hardware on his cars from then til he passed -
  4. webbwash

    Random PicThread

    I think that I have Tunnel Vision, or is it a Vision in a Tunnel ---
  5. webbwash


    Afraid to get hammered?
  6. webbwash

    Random PicThread

    Actually the bollards/winches are on a rotating foundation which are rotated then fixed in place while under tow or at anchor. the winches are definitely powered, because you wouldn't be able to tie up if you didn't have the mooring capability of a winch.
  7. webbwash

    "National Cleavage Day"

    I have a squeezy ball that looks like this, does wonders for stress relief when you caress it.
  8. webbwash

    "National Cleavage Day"

    Looks more like dynamic friction causing static electricity in a very moving body of revolution
  9. webbwash


    it was really a-gnawing ----
  10. webbwash

    Random PicThread