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  1. 50 years ago the Ozzies take the Admirals Cup.

    Does anyone know what happened to Balandra? I remember her as child sailing in Hobart.
  2. Best vocal range and expression

    Mike Patton from Faith No More has been found out to have a massive 6 octave voice nearly reaching the 7th octave.
  3. RIP Roger Hickman

    Fair Winds Mate. I'm very fortunate to have known and sailed with you.
  4. Hobart Scene

    That's what frightens me!!!
  5. Hobart Scene

    Your currently blind?? That might explain some of your starts Are you going to be off the water completely till mid Feb????
  6. Hobart Scene

    My understanding is boat has new owner..
  7. Hobart Scene

    That's exactly right Sparky, lots of work to be done and visitors are only a hassle.. Be patient you'll get to see it when it hits the water..
  8. Hobart Scene

    The aim is to be ready for Sail South in January. Any earlier would be a bonus.
  9. Hobart Scene

    As soon as it's finished!!
  10. Hobart Scene

    Not at this stage, haven't been able to get Josh that drunk again, yet. You should still see us at Geelong, just spread over a couple of boats, something about trying to dilute our influence. But you never know sometime in the future...
  11. Hobart Scene

    Geelong week was a huge favorite of ours... It's very thirsty work that sailing stuff No, she wasn't all that slippery in the light, that could be another reason we drank??
  12. Hobart Scene

    An awesome boat offshore.. Can't be too ugly Trim on, she's featured in more sailing magazines than any other Tassie boat!!
  13. Hobart Scene

    For you i'll waiver my normal exorbedent copyright fee... but i will take you up on the rum and coke..