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  1. what is it?

    Head Hunter - a modified HB31RS Check the HTCC FB page for pictures from David Branigan... https://www.facebook.com/Halfton-Class-Europe-212229002121613/
  2. what is it?

    something that will show her transom to the world in Kinsale next 14-18 AUG...
  3. Halfton Classics

    This quite summarizes the event... You're more than welcome next August in Kinsale!
  4. Older well known IOR Boats

    A Hustler SJ32 will suit all your requirements! Next Half Ton Classics Cup in Kinsale (IRL) (there you go...) from 14-18 AUG 2017. www.halftonclass.com
  5. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Check upthread (or on the VG site). His boat basically broke in half after hitting something, he's been limping back to NZ with practically no steering, and now has 2 kiwis onboard to help get her in (~8nm to go). I was under the impression that he was motoring to port, but if he's been sailing then his epic achievement is even more epic. I get what Ruyant is going thru..... Just trying to understand what port he is going to and now he's off the tracker. Guess Vedee will post an update once in port. Also, AT hardened up so he is ok. Bluff Harbour
  6. Jules Verne Trophy 2016

    When watching Marine Traffic site it seems they've crossed the starting line. IDEC flashed off Ouessant at 25,5 knots, 235°.
  7. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Think Safran needs a new rudder...
  8. Rock and Roll in Ostend

    A purple boat? That must be M'Half'Raz - with female skipper Manon Vatlet.
  9. Return of the One Ton Cup.

    Last week the One Tonner Revival Regatta 2016 in Breskens (NED) attracted 12 former IOR warhorses, from the vintage 1967 French Tina Perséphone to the 1992 JV-designed Pinta 92 sailing for Belgium. All participants enjoyed the tropical sailing conditions on the first three days of racing. On the last day the fresh westerly breeze rapidly built upto 33 knots, forcing the RO to seek shelter in the river Scheldt estuary, where the final two races were sailed. In the final ranking the 1976 Berend Botje 3 (a High Tension designed by Dutchman J. de Ridder) beat the Belgian 1980 Prince de Pétarcq (Oyster SJ41 by Stephen Jones) for 2nd position by a narrow margin. Pinta 92 was 3rd and the third Belgian boat, an X-one tonner Shamrock (the former Euro) finished the series in 4th place. At the final prizegiving all the crews gave a standing ovation to organizer Vincent de Vries (sailing on the lovely Tina L'Esprit de Morbihan), and kindly asked him to repeat this event in 2017. Vincent admitted he will have to talk to his wife first... All results and pics in the event websiite www.breskenssailing.org...
  10. Older well known IOR Boats

    Come and witness the IOR fleet in Europe this summer: Henri-Lloyd Half Ton Classics Cup in Falmouth (GBR) from 15-19 AUG & One Tonner Revival Regatta in Breskens (NED) from 25-28 AUG... The sailing may have been expensive... but at least now the memories are for free...
  11. Long/Short lived sailboat models?

    Surprised that up until now nobody mentioned the 25ft Surprise from Archambault... over 1550 units built since 1977.
  12. Return of the One Ton Cup.

    Then call it the Fast40+ Cup The event has nothing to do with genuine onetonners.
  13. Hydroptere abandoned - Available for $20,000

    I posted the pictures after I got home from vacation. The french magazine just asked me for permission to use the photos a couple hours ago. I suspect they are a bit behind in the story. I also suspect I was used by the Harbor Master just to gain publicity and get things moving. I wonder how much of his story was true? Maybe he was in contact with owners all along and spun the story to get things moving. I don't know. There is some big fishing tournament based out of the harbor coming up in a short time, like weeks. The boat is parked at the weigh in station and really doesn't have another location to go to. That is the deadline to get it out of there. I informed them (=Course au Large) yesterday afternoon about this forum topic Hope to see this boat flying again soon...
  14. One Ton Cup Revival 2016

    What a success, we have 17 One Tonners on the entry list http://www.breskenssailing.nl/wedstrijden/current-entries/ and 5 months to go!
  15. One Ton Cup Revival 2016

    That is the list of potential entries, owners 'that have shown some form of interest' No doubt it will be a historical event...