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  1. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Will be some great racing for the 50 footers again, 10 x TP52's currently on the list. Plus other around the mark, Cookson 50's, Rogers 46, Farr 55 etc.
  2. Sydney to Hobart 2017

    Hadn't looked at the entries for a little while but noticed that the new MAxi72, Cannonball has entered. Would be awesome if a few more of those guys Maxi72's came along. Their recent world champs were super close.
  3. Hopefully it's like nothing we've ever seen before. At this same point before AC35 who would have guessed what the ETNZ boat would look like ? Just be patient and enjoy the ride. It'll be fun.
  4. The front fell off

    I disagree with you. I actually believe that it was in fact the back that fell off..................
  5. Is this the Figaro III?

    Could be interesting in a big fleet on a short line racking up for a start. Bye Bye foil.
  6. Black Jack

  7. AC36 Auckland NZ

    I reckon they should just take the grey areas right out of it and just write it directly into the protocol........J.Spithill cannot be part of AC36 unless he's selling ice creams or hot dogs in the grand stands.
  8. Black Jack

    25 days til the gun goes. I would have thought so.
  9. Oracle Team USA

    So how long until OR-Xerox try and wheel out the lawyers or lodge a bullshit protest, it would be their only hope but a complete waste of time.
  10. Team NZ

    Just watched the races again that I taped this morning and in Race 8 on the 2nd upwind leg (5/7), not that long after OTUSA had gone around the bottom mark stuck to the water doing 10 knots heading out towards the boundary. Slingsby gives an almighty roar of "FUCK" and then goes ballistic on the grinders. Not a happy camper. Sorry imbedding YouTube footage at that point is a bit beyond me. It's a fucking ripper though, a lot of venom in it. He almost flicked the other bloke off the grinders. Anyone else pick it up ??
  11. Team NZ

    Go eat a bag of dicks fuckwit !!
  12. Team NZ

    As a sports loving Aussie who loves nothing better than handing the kiwi's their arses on a plate in any sport (I'm more talking netball than rugby currently) I can honestly say I have never felt so patriotic for another country other than my own before. It's quite bizarre. I've had goose bumps watching this thing the while way through so far. My 8 yo. son & I have been so excited getting up to watch it each morning. He has told mum she needs to sleep upstairs tonight with my daughter in the guest room cause he's sleeping downstairs with Dad tonight. He told the girls, we're getting up early to see the kiwi's kick arse in Bermuda tomorrow and we don't want to wake you guys up. He's says though after the kiwi's win both races tomorrow, we're all sleeping in front of the TV tomorrow night watch them win the cup. He's been googling the kiwi national anthem and he also wants to know if he can have the day off school to celebrate. Watching this whole thing from a far over the past few years, the only decent outcome is for the kiwi's to take the cup back to the land of the long white cloud. They will make a movie about this shit and the adversity that they have overcome. It would be a fairy tale, Cinderella story. It would be a win for the good guys. No one can ever say a bad word about their whole campaign, except they're just too fucking good in a whole heap of different way. If/When it happens, I'll be booking my tickets over to Auckland and taking the whole family for a month long holiday to hopefully see a fully fledged Aussie team busting their balls as you fucking kiwis have to take the auld mug back off you, under the old traditional rules, they way it used to be. But until then................. "GO YOU FUCKING KIWIS BRING THIS FUCKING THING BACK HOME TO THE LONG WHITE CLOUD, IT JUST SEEMS LIKE THE RIGHT THING TO DO"
  13. Black Jack

    Any updates at on the mods and what they're doing ? When she's due to hit the water again ? Supposed to be doing the Southport race aren't they ?
  14. Team NZ

    You are a fucking oxygen thief and a complete waste of skin. Go fuck yourself.
  15. Team NZ

    Update; OTUSA - shorten LRBAR - drift ETNZ - shorten ART - shorten Odds as at 06/05/2017 2017 America's Cup ORACLE TEAM USA 2.00 Land Rover BAR 3.60 Emirates Team New Zealand 4.33 Artemis Racing 6.50 SoftBank Team Japan 31.00 Groupama Team France 51.00 Odds as at 23/04/2017 2017 America's Cup ORACLE TEAM USA 2.20 Land Rover BAR 3.50 Emirates Team New Zealand 4.50 Artemis Racing 7.00 SoftBank Team Japan 26.00 Groupama Team France 51.00