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  1. Buy the Young 11 Outside Edge for sale in Qld. Pete has looked after it really well. Might be an old design, but downwind in pressure you will embarrass plenty of bigger budget programs. Sorry, don't know how to paste the link on an iPad, but it comes up in a google search "Young 11 for sale".
  2. Asso's don't "help" most displacement boats reach, other than being easier to set and trim. they have a hull speed, and unless you can pop out and plane or surf you don't exceed it, you just go sideways. you can surf an etchells down waves but you need at least 15 knots and a decent swell, at which point you would have long since gotten rid of the masthead asso, intentionally or otherwise.
  3. I can understand the reasoning, i.e. picking up a cheap beater etchells and throwing some more rag on it. But unless you do it right, you will just end up with a lot of broken gear and a boat that you can't sell. And doing it right would be costly enough to make the exercise uneconomical. Would you be better off just getting a beater Melges 24?
  4. Thanks, I guess. Little creepy that you keep a photo of me close to hand but hey NTTATWT in these gender fluid times. Not sure I've got the numbers To support a run for the glittering prize of high rank. Possibly because I hang out with ratbags like you. And Lydia. And that Wickham guy. He's really weird.
  5. I am not on the koolaid. I don't like the structure or politics of the club or the governing body any more than you. that doesn't change the fact that hundreds of thousands of people pay their subs, membership, subscription or whatever you want to call it to play club sports every season. Why are your guests so special that they don't need to join the club where they play? Hell if you don't like the club and don't do their events, why do you stay? Use your market power to go to the clubs offering better product.
  6. Mate, it's $40/month for crew membership. Sounds like your guys could afford that. Seriously, if I want to play club footy, I can't just roll up and get a full time spot in the golden oldies on the basis that l'm a friend of another player and I'm a member of another club. Sure, maybe a game or two, but more than that and you are bludging off the other members. If you want to play for the club, you join. What's so special about sailing that this shouldn't apply? There are a lot of problems with AS and our club, but this isn't one of them.
  7. IIRC Ryugin and Wasabi are the same, or very similar, designs. Both built by Jon Sayer, R first, W second. The Wasabi delivery crew ran her aground farken hard coming into Coffs on the way to Melbourne. Damaged the rudder and got a replacement, but interestingly some years later the keel fell off during a Pittwater-Coffs race. During the actual Osaka race, the rudder bearings started leaking quite badly and they pulled out. After Osaka, Ryugin came back to the Gold Coast. Sailed infrequently and never close to her potential. Depending on condition, I would go the Sayer boat given that it's purpose built for the job. Use the change to get Jon to do an inspection and refit.
  8. If only they had breeze to go with it. Mail it to Alive already.
  9. Just don't get him started on his mother.
  10. Heard from below decks The first night..."Holy fuck we're on fire!" Owner (driving) "yeah we're doing ok here". From below "No, we're ON FIRE!!" Followed by large plume of CO2 powder out of the companionway.....
  11. And then those P and S guys turn up, and the whole thing turns into a demolition fucking derby. And don't start me on W and L..... up,up, down, down, fuck you. Too many fucking lawyers in this game.
  12. To be clear, my complaint isn't that WOXI isn't a seriously good boat. It is the ethos that makes it the big fish in a small pond. WOXI is basically raced once a year and highly tuned for one purpose. For even another supermaxi, going mano et mano with WOXI is not a great game, as all the other supermaxis are either lower budgeted teams or boats that do more things than the one race year, so are not as highly optimised for it. This has the result of making other local maxi's a bunch of also rans, and makes the prospect of making the effort of brining an overseas maxi here less attractive. You come over, and there is this one trick pony in the race that is almost always going to beat you. Then we get the ridiculous press coverage. No interest in the real race, just inane coverage of the big 7 on the sail. You could be forgiven for thinking that the entire purpose of the S2H is to see how fast WOXI can make it out of the heads. I mean it when I say that if WOXI was to vanish the S2H would open up. Currently we have a race where all we can do is wonder about the marginal weather scenarios that would allow another boat to squeak past WOXI, where the odds against any other competitor winning are about one in five. It just makes for poor racing, and ultimately a situation where WOXI's presence is detrimental to the entire S2H. Removing the supermaxis entirely might even be a better answer. A race where there is real competition and range of seriously credible and level competitors. That is what we want. Not a floating wine billboard. So does this mean that WOXI is the new Saltash 2?
  13. Reef early and often.
  14. And I mean that in the nicest possible way of course.
  15. Yes. I appreciate your point. My view is limited by the boat I sail. In particular, I have no experience of moorings. I am not sure you can get what you want. But I think you should go balls out on your idea of a bunch of folks agreeing to race in their own gig with whatever insurance you agree on. That is the kind of grass roots movement that should be supported and encouraged. We have all been conditioned these days to accept insurance is necessary. Maybe we should take the red pill and see what happens if we don't. Having said that, don't come the fuck anywhere near me with your uninsured boat you goddamned hippy.