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  1. zero the hero

    I had exactly the same experience as rgeek. I have twice emailed World Sailing to ask what the procedure is for querying the status of sailors who are registered as Group 1 but are clearly Group 3's. The silence of their response on each occasion was deafening! I had experience of someone registered as a Group 1 sailor who had agreed to sail with us for a year. After the first regatta I received an email saying it (not commenting on whether he or she) wouldn't be able to sail with us again as they were considerably out of pocket after the regatta. When I replied to point out that I had paid all the expenses it had requested for the weekend; including flights, accommodation, meals, drinks, even parking at the airport, I received no reply. The same individual regularly appears at regattas around the US on different boats, still as a Group 1 sailor and even posted thanks on its blog to a foundation for allowing its donations to be routed through the foundation!!! Owners who support this are ruining our sport and have no-one but themselves to blame for declining entries. The problem is far greater in the US than in the UK where more self policing seems to go on. Perhaps the British are just more honest.
  2. What's happened to the C&C 30?

    Awesome boats.
  3. What's happened to the C&C 30?

    I think most of the Farr 280's are in the UK
  4. HP30 CLASS

    Wonder how the C&C 30 would get on in the HP30 fleet....?
  5. HP30 CLASS

    It certainly is, 11 C&C 30's racing in the recent Annapolis NOOD Regatta
  6. Cuts you up

    The boat was to be shipped to NZ
  7. Cuts you up

    The boat was purchased with the intention of IRC'ing her for the One Ton Revival event which was being organised in Auckland during Feb 2015. Whilst sailable when we purchased her, she was very tired and required a full refit in order to avoid risking a breakdown ruining a trip half way round the world. Having successfully optimised 2 previous half tonners for IRC racing, we were aware of the work that was going to be required when we purchased the boat and had a realistic budget set aside for the project. Mark Mills and North UK worked with us again developing a new non-overlapping sailplan, together with other modifications aimed at optimising the boat for IRC. Having removed all the deck gear and engine (which was to be replaced with a saildrive unit rather than the existing 30 year old hydraulic drive) we attended to various areas of deck delamination and were ready to have the boat re-sprayed. Whilst the above work was being undertaken, we made repeated requests to the event organisers for confirmation of entries, to which we received increasingly vague responses. This made us begin to question the nature of the fleet that was likely to attend, indeed it appeared we could well be the only "modern" one tonner competing. Having previously been accused of taking a gun to a knife fight with one of our previous half tonners "Harmony", we took the decision to put the project on hold to see if further "modern" entries developed. When it became obvious that this wasn't going to happen, we decided it would be wrong and very much against the spirit of the event to compete against 1960's vintage boats in one which would have been so heavily optimised for IRC. At this point, whilst we still had all the equipment, rig, sails etc (excluding engine) we felt the cost of putting the boat back into her original configuration would have been about the same as the figure we would receive if we then sold the boat. It was therefore decided not to take the risk and instead we offered the boat for sale, for £1. Having had a couple of tyre kickers show initial interest, no-one came forward to take the boat off our hands. Faced with the prospect of paying further bills, for an indefinite period, for yard storage, we took the difficult decision to cut our losses and scrap the boat, sometimes you just have to recognise when you have made a mistake and stop throwing good money after bad.
  8. One Ton Cup Revival 2014

    Has anyone heard anymore about this event? We have entered and are preparing our boat ready for shipping but will anyone else be there?
  9. One Ton Cup Revival 2014

    Does anyone know if this event is still happening....?