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  1. When Will Trump Visit Troops in Combat Zones?

    Ok, I asked you to explain. That is not an explanation. Here is my view: Announcement that Big Cheese (BC) is coming to visit ship in one week. Everyone on the ship starts painting the ship. Announcement that BC is coming to visit in 3 days. Everyone is scrubbing and cleaning the ship. Announcement that BC is coming to visit in 1 day. Air department is tied up as "teeny weenie airways" moving around people and stuff. Air department can't deliver mail. BC arrives. Crew eats sandwiches 3 meals per day because cooks are preparing gourmet meal for BC. BC hides in captain's cabin. BC goes to bridge and ops room. Generally gets in the way. Crew told to stay away from bridge and ops room. BC chats with deck crew. BC ignores the people who do things like keep the lights on, keep the propeller turning and keep the a/c working. BC gets ready to leave. BC gives the captain a present and poses for pictures with captain and senior officers. BC leaves and ties up air department. No mail for another day. So please explain how the average sailor views the above? I will tell you. The whole thing was a huge PIA for no benefit.
  2. When Will Trump Visit Troops in Combat Zones?

    Really? That is not so in my experience. Please explain.
  3. When Will Trump Visit Troops in Combat Zones?

    I am a bit conflicted by this. I served on big grey boats in a war. On the one hand, yes, the CinC must absolutely and demonstrably show his support. A visit is one way to do this. But the level of resources required for these visits, and the amount of disruption they bring are staggering. Sometimes you wish they would just stay home for all the good the photo op does.
  4. President Oprah

    What if the reality is that all future presidents will be former TV personalities? (Note I didn't use the word "stars".)
  5. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Social media? How about psychology? We must all be crazy to be hanging around here....
  6. Top Marine General: 'There's A War Coming'

    Possibly a lot of lives. Some guy (or girl) who grew up poor in some podunk town and thought joining the army was their ticket to something better.
  7. Top Marine General: 'There's A War Coming'

    "The commandant pointed to Russia and the Pacific theater as the next major areas of conflict..." Was he pointing at North Korea?
  8. Train crashes onto I5 Seattle

    Of course we will wait for the report, but that might be part of the investigation. Condolences.
  9. Open letter to Microsoft/Windows

    My newest home computer W 10. I have sworn that is my last Windows computer. I am done with that. W10 is absolutely horrible. My 10 year old XP machine is just fine.... for what I want it to do. When it dies, I will be heading to the Apple store.
  10. the grand tour premieres this week

    Thanks - just saw S2E2 last night. Who is that girl? She looks like she might be a hottie (are we allowed to say that?). When do we get to meet her? "The American" was just annoying, so good riddance to him.
  11. the grand tour premieres this week

    What happened to the ebola-drome? Old lady complained? Someone hit the box of electricity? No one ponied up for "your name here"? I thought those names were hilarious. The new track doesn't have the same charisma.
  12. Only in California...

    I'm still struggling to understand a society that spends $2B per day on the war department and lets big companies and banks get away with robbery but thinks making sure some poor kid has a box of cornflakes in the cupboard is a problem.
  13. Fun in Florida in January or Februay?

    Can you be more specific as to where in Florida you will be?
  14. Will the GOP throw Trump under the bus?

    I don't think the rot is just affecting (or is it effecting? I never know) more than just the GOP. From an international perspective, the reputation of the USA is being damaged. What will happen when people outside the US decide to trade commodities in some currency other than USD, decide to not utilize US banks for international transactions, decide to not buy anything that comes from the USA, decide to stop seeing US movies, decide to stop listening to American music and decide to spend their vacation dollars somewhere else? Hitting Americans in their wallets is usually the best way to get their attention. Stand by for the world to move away from all things American....
  15. Dotard Goes Off on the British Prime Minister

    Is nobody embarrassed that this is the behavior of the President of the United States and Commander in Chief? I am.