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  1. The Four Carbon Cutters project

    I always learn something here. Thanks for sharing. Some days my job is mind-numbingly boring. A little peak in here from time to time can really make my day. Thanks for giving me that. What you call boring is interesting enough to me......
  2. VOR Man Overboard

    <a silent toast>
  3. Quarter century

    Growing old together is a privilege not all couples get to enjoy. Congratulations and best wishes.
  4. Adrift Movie

    "Spirit of St Louis" is a classic film about a guy sitting in an airplane by himself for 30 hours. It is an extremely good film - an example of one guy carrying the whole plot. So, yeah, it can be done and it can be done well.
  5. Have no Mercy

    Mercy (or was it Comfort? I can't remember) was deployed to Gulf War I. My big grey boat was tied up beside them in harbor (maybe Abu Dhabi?) once. We invited a bunch of their crew (nurses) to our wardroom for drinks. That was fun and a little out of control. I think everyone felt good knowing that boat was there and available.
  6. I spent some time west of Vancouver Island in the big grey boats. The water was really rough. Even in a big grey boat, lots of people were seasick. Lots. That area is notorious for being very rough.
  7. More for 1000 Days fans

    Last news I heard (5 years ago?) he was starting a chartering business after converting 'Anne' to look like a pirate ship. How is that going?
  8. Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    To paraphrase a famous saying: "From 200 feet away, it looked like a great boat. From 20 feet away, it is a boat best admired from 200 feet away."
  9. Guns on Boats

    Thread drift.... My favorite tug story from the Navy..... A tug was required to escort all ships entering and leaving harbor. We were just returning from an extended deployment. It was late on a Friday night and everyone just wanted to go home. We were just about to enter harbor when we were told there would be no tug available. Apparently the tug drivers are unionized and were going to get triple time for the work (last minute call-out late at night). Someone thought that an exorbitant cost so the entry to harbor was postponed to the next morning when the tug drivers would be on 'regular' pay. So we spent the night driving in circles at the harbor entrance. There was nearly a mutiny....
  10. England car rental

    I rented a small Ford in Edinburgh. Somewhere in the highlands, some of the plastic trim body work started falling off (the trim piece below the door; might be called rocker panel?). It was held on by a couple of plastic clips that broke. I dutifully reported the "damage" and was charged the full damage amount (it was covered by insurance). I documented this "damage" (with lots of photos) and sent a letter to the insurers. The money was refunded. So, yeah, be extra careful renting cars in the UK.
  11. England car rental

    Just to be clear - you get off the boat in Southampton then fly to Edinburgh then rent the car? You should be aware that Edinburgh is not in England - it's in Scotland. I rented a car in Edinburgh from a (I think) Discount car rental just on the edge of the city. If you plan a few days for touring Edinburgh (which you should) you won't need a car while there. You can walk everywhere in Edinburgh. Pick up the car at the off-airport location to save some money on your way out of town. I believe that insurance is necessary. There are secondary sellers that can give you a better price than the car rental agency. If you are then planning on touring Scotland starting from Edinburgh, you are in for a treat. A fabulous place to visit. Given the small roads and high cost of fuel, you will want the smallest car you fit (squeeze) into.
  12. NTSB like agency for mass shootings?

    I think that could be a useful model. I am no expert, but I am pretty sure that on airplanes, every part has a part number and a serial number. Each part is traceable to where it was made, sold, serviced, etc. The complete history of each part is available. An accident investigation would likely assemble all information on all parts in a crashed airplane. To investigate a shooting, every gun, rifle, shotgun and similar type weapon will need to be identified, traced and have a complete history. The same for every bullet and shell. I think you are on to something........
  13. England car rental

    Renting vehicles in the UK is just plain expensive. As is the fuel. As is the insurance for renting that vehicle. Sorry - but I can't be more helpful than that. Expect to pay a lot.
  14. Random PicThread

    I see what you did there. But yeah, I would drive that.
  15. Random PicThread

    And gorgeous. That looks terrific. I can almost see those pushrods moving... Thanks, Hobot. You always make my day