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  1. 1985 C&C 37 CB

    Bravo! Soft spots are common and not particularly difficult to repair if you are a bit handy. If you haven't already found it, the guys and girls at C&C photo album know just about everything there is to know about C&C boats. They are very friendly, helpful and knowledgeable: http://www.cncphotoalbum.com/
  2. I owned a C&C 25 for about 6 years (cousin of the Mirage 24). A very fine boat for racing and cruising. Small enough to be affordable and not a maintenance burden. If the owner is even a little bit handy, any and all maintenance and repairs are likely within his / her capabilities (very simple systems). Very forgiving for new sailors but can be sailed aggressively if so inclined. Two thumbs up!
  3. I don't understand why $2 TRILLION has been spent on wars in the Middle East but there is so much violence in Chicago. And so much poverty there (and elsewhere). I don't understand why Kinder Eggs are banned but even modest suggestions of gun control are rejected. Not all the victims of the Las Vegas shooting were American: four Canadians were murdered as well.
  4. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I admire that someone thought lots of windows / ports was a good idea. No one wants the interior of their boat to look like a cave. I also admire the trailer tires that appear to be properly inflated. Really having to look hard for *something* to admire in that mess.
  5. The risk of Nuclear war with North Korea

    North Korea declares war on US. President Trump argues with professional athletes on Twitter. I weep.
  6. Easy sailboat ownership

    That is excellent! But I think you just put all those guys that build half-hull models out of business.
  7. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I admire the designer who, with no knowledge or experience of sailing boats (and has likely never even gone sailing), has the temerity to design a sailboat. Or what he/she thinks a sailboat is.
  8. Hooning in the Nimitz.

    [thread drift and anecdote] I spent some time on the big grey boats. One of the drills routinely conducted was 'steering gear breakdown'. Go back to tiller flats (the steering gear compartment) and open the breaker providing power to the steering motors. Part of the game was to see how long until the helms-person noticed the helm was not responding and they weren't actually steering any more. I think 40* off course was the record. Steering gear trials (like shown in the excellent video above) are usually conducted during daylight in generally calm weather. A mere distraction for most of the crew. I'm surprised the video doesn't show lots of hangers-on just looking around and gawking. For most, that could be the most interesting thing that happened that day. Being at sea on a big grey boat is a bit like being in jail - with the added risk of drowning. [OK that's an old joke]
  9. Uglyboat Admiration Society Hang Out

    I admire that it comes with its own permanent Craig's List number permanently attached. A boat that ugly will be bought and sold a lot. That is what that number starting with CL is for, isn't it?
  10. Random PicThread

    From the outside, yes. From the inside it was just a bunch of poorly interconnected hot, noisy steel boxes. And many, many thanks for the terrific collection of photos.
  11. New York State Anarchy

    Hike up Watkins Glen https://parks.ny.gov/parks/142/ There are trails that go farther upstream if you are ambitious.
  12. Yup. So let's solve this once and for all. Google says 1 kg of fuel has 45 MJ. That is about 12.5 kWh or about 16 hp. So to find out how much gas your lights / indicators / phone charger uses: 1. Calculate how much energy your device uses in watts. Assume you run it constantly at that rate for one hour. 2. Divide that number by 12,500. 3. That is about how many kg of fuel you use. 4. Multiply by 1000. That is mass of fuel in g. Assume 100% efficiency. Use some other number here if you want. 50% might be reasonable, so double the fuel amount. 5. That is also (about) the volume in ml (the specific gravity of fuel isn't unity, but close enough for what we are doing. Sample calculation: Lights use 55 W of power. 55 W / 12500 kW = 0.0044 kg = 4.4 g Assume 50% efficiency, so 8.8g = about 8.8 ml QED Of course this is approximate. But close enough for what we are doing. Is (about) 10 ml (about 0.3 US oz) significant in one hour of driving? Probably not.
  13. Yes, you did. And you did it correctly, Apologies.
  14. Some people have almost no sense of smell. Some are color blind or just don't see well. Some can't tell the taste of a really nice whisky from cough medicine. So why would it be so odd to think that some people *hear* differently than others? I have tried to learn to play the recorder, the trumpet and the piano. At some point, I am told to just quit. I took private singing lessons and the teacher thought there was something wrong with my hearing. I hear fine - I just don't hear notes the way others do. Those lessons soon ended. Play two notes near each other on any instrument. I have no idea which was higher. Play a common scale (do-ray-me...) and play one note off by a half-tone. I have no idea which note was off. I never sing the national anthem. I never sing 'happy birthday'. The sounds I make aren't anywhere near what others make - I just embarrass myself. I love to hear others play. I love to go to concerts. But I am sure that what I hear is different than others, Since there is a musical anarchists thread, to keep things balanced let's hear from the others that are completely un-musical. I can't be the only one, can I?