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  1. Bugsy

    Nautical Decor

    I try not to be. (Well done, by the way.)
  2. Bugsy

    Who have you been mistaken for?

    My aunt Mildred.
  3. Bugsy

    Moovie Review Threade

    Last night I watched the documentary "Hail Satan?" on Netflix. No, they are not all satanists but they are a group (a very large group) of individuals who are challenging the fundamentalist Christian orthodoxy. Informative, thought provoking and at times very funny. These guys and girls know how to use the media to make a point. 4 Snaggs.
  4. Bugsy

    Floriduh Man

    Opera Ghost. (For those that missed reference, read 'Phantom of the Opera'.)
  5. So far as I know, no one gets to choose with whom they are sent to war. Soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines are posted to units. Units get moved about like chess pieces on a board. Once you sign up, sometimes you get asked for your preference or choice, but pretty much you go where you are told and when to be there.
  6. Bugsy

    Trans-Siberian RR anarchy

    Three years ago I donated my right kidney to a friend whose kidneys were failing due to polycystic kidney disease. Does that count?
  7. Bugsy

    Towing Operation Flow Chart

    The only thing to add is the need for clear and explicit communication. Designate ONE individual on the tow boat to communicate with the skipper of the boat being towed. And only respond to what that skipper says. Everybody yelling all at once won't help. I would encourage you and the towing crew to adopt a common set of terms for all the gear and all the maneuvers. And for the boat getting the tow, ensure they clearly understand their role and what they have to do (for both the expected and un-expected). And of course you can reasonably expect to be doing all this in the dark and in a storm when even the most basic communication will be a challenge.
  8. Bugsy

    Hold it Together

    I once did some work in a facility that was manufacturing implantable medical devices (mechanical hearts). A substantial number of the components were glued together.
  9. Bugsy

    3,000 mile rowing race

    Bump. While everyone else was having Christmas, New Year's and getting back to work, these guys and girls are *still* out rowing. The first boat is expected to finish today. My hat is off to all competitors in this race.
  10. Bugsy

    Trump 1 Iran 0

    Punslinger, Please explain your score keeping to the 176 innocent people killed on the Ukrainian Airlines flight.
  11. Bugsy

    Random PicThread

    I am somewhere in that picture.
  12. Bugsy

    Moovie Review Threade

    Last night I went to a preview showing of "The Song of Names". An intelligent and thoughtful film. A marvelous and tightly-woven story of music, brotherhood, family and what it means to be 'religious'. An important movie for our times. It held my interest the whole way through and has given me lots to think about.
  13. Bugsy

    conversation starter

    The suit worn by Rasper's mannequin needs ironing.
  14. Bugsy

    Show your boat not sailing

    It is important to keep your kayaks cool while in storage. You can't have your kayak and heat it too. (groan) PS: That is a fine collection of boats and an admirably tidy storage area.
  15. Bugsy

    conversation starter

    Sorry for the drift but when someone mentioned ironing boards..... when there is some ceremonial occasion on a Navy ship (an all-too-frequent event when some admiral decides he needs to get out from his office), everyone is expected to show up with shiny boots and ironed clothes. So the idea of allocating resources to ironing onboard a big boat isn't unusual. On a Navy ship, no, not unusual. Probably not needed on a cruising boat where the 'dress of the day' is a t-shirt and shorts.