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  1. Bugsy

    Work Bench for the Man Cave....

    Thanks. For transport, the front panel locks in with pins. When the lid shuts, it pushes down some pins to hold the panel in place. When not required, the front panel slides into the gap underneath the bottom drawer. Yes, red oak. I thought this would be a fun a project. It took me about three years. It required a precision measurements (often 1/64") that sometimes exceeded my capabilities. I had to adapt. The plan is here. https://www.leevalley.com/en-ca/shop/tools/plans/32761-tool-chest-plan Thanks everyone for the excellent workbench plans. I will be building a new bench soon and appreciate the photos.
  2. Bugsy

    Work Bench for the Man Cave....

    Not quite a work bench but I did recently complete this traditional style carpenter's tool box. Plans purchased at Lee Valley.
  3. Bugsy

    Why can't we all just get along?

    If you watched "60 Minutes" the other night, you would have heard how having Americans tear each other apart is being aided and abetted by the Russians.
  4. I apologize for the confusion (my excuse is that I guess I have a lot on my mind now). Whitecap is an excellent name and it is a fine boat.
  5. I think the discussion comes down to how much like camping you want to live. The initial brief calls for "extended" cruising (but is not defined). I think we would all agree that an extended cruise of a boat like Mr Bottle's very handsome Drumroll would be pleasant. An extended cruise on boat with a cabin the size of a small tent is doable... for most... for a short while. From my perspective, I would want a boat that I could be stuck on for a few days (e.g. while bad weather passes) that wouldn't drive me crazy.
  6. If this is for extended cruising, is there a requirement for a dinghy? If so, I would suggest adding right up front some means to quickly launch, retrieve and store a dinghy securely. That requirement (if it is a requirement) should be added from the start, not with some ugly davits added on later that mess up the balance, transom access, etc. My interest in this is having looked at 'Great Loop' boats that would fall into the scope of this design.
  7. Bugsy

    What happened to Willin's Thread of crazy?

    Thread drift alert. My brother-in-law bought one of those doorbell camera systems. On his phone, he can see who is at the door and link that to his contacts. He thinks its fun. I think it is giving away facial recognition data. I find those things creepy. Every time I went in the house, I used the side door.
  8. The ad copy and accompanying photos are very well done. This is a fine boat with an excellent pedigree. I wish you much success. Please do not take this as criticism but simply borne of my wish to help. Two observations (and pardon my pedantry): 1. In the specifications section it states: "One Stainless steel holding tanks with deck pump outs and valves for overboard discharge" That should be "One stainless steel holding tank with deck pump outs..." 2. Onboard parts inventory My guess is that you have a small fortune in boat-specific tools and parts (fuel filters, oil filters, seals, gaskets, etc.). I don't see that mentioned in your ad. I also don't see listed dock lines, fenders, safety equipment, etc. Given that the boat is in sail-away condition, is it worth mentioning that it includes what might be needed to start? A new owner wouldn't want to think the first thing they have to do is drop a load of money to stock up on these necessities. These small items can really add up for a new buyer. If you have omitted this for some valid reason not apparent to me, that is entirely understandable. If I had the means, I would be your buyer. Best wishes and thanks for sharing so much here.
  9. Bugsy

    Show your boat not sailing

    Bravo to all of you posting these pictures. Such a refreshing change to see so many boats 'shipshape and Bristol-fashion', especially after spending some time wandering around the zombie boat thread.
  10. Bugsy

    My Month in Trumpland

    I got outed as a Canadian a while ago. Okay, so yes I am Canadian. I work for a large, international engineering and construction company. For about five weeks I was assigned to a project in the south-eastern United States. All project team staff (about 10) were American, drawn from all over the US. They were very skilled at their jobs, did very high quality work and had an excellent work ethic. The project was completed ahead of schedule and was very successful. The project staff were intelligent and thoughtful on the job site. They were predominantly male, middle-aged with some post-high-school education (typically one or two years of college). They all had extensive work experience in their field. Many were ex-military. They always treated me with kindness and respect. They welcomed me into their group. Every one of these guys I worked with was a Trump fan. In my month with them, here are some of my observations: 1. Trump is a TV star and makes a new 'episode' every day. Every day I heard the commentary on the latest Trump developments. It was much discussed, debated, re-played and analyzed. I was shocked at the pervasiveness of these discussions. By contrast, I am used to a work environment where politics are rarely or never discussed. 2. The Trump fans believe every word from Trump and Fox News and similar outlets. Everything else is a lie, a hoax or to be discredited. There is no room for doubt or debate or consideration of other ideas. 3. The animosity between the Trump fans and those who have some other political beliefs was astonishing. It went beyond rivalry. It was visceral hatred. I heard things like "if those Democrats get elected, the country will turn into Cuba or Venezuela. We have to do everything we can to stop them." I had never seen or experienced such a wide gulf between differing views. The chasm is likely unbridgeable. 4. There was little understanding of how unique the US is in the world with regards to many of its policies and programs (such as health care, social assistance, etc.). Most of these guys had never traveled outside the US. Most had never left the South. Some were afraid to travel to California because of all the socialists that live there. Their narrowness of view was shocking. 5. There was a universal view that the US is the most powerful country in the world, the best country in the world and that US citizens somehow deserve to be treated as special. Arrogance is probably a correct term for this. I spent a month with a small group of people - I understand statistics. But I can certainly now see how it may be possible for Trump to be re-elected. These are his people and they will stand by him no matter what. So those are my observations from my month in Trumpland. I share this simply because I found it interesting and enlightening. Flame on.
  11. Bugsy

    Nautical Decor

    There are some excellent ideas here for re-purposing nautical left-overs. I have converted a total of three old cedar strip canoes into shelves (clean up, cut in half, stand up, insert shelves, put in lights). The trick is finding nautical stuff that is in bad enough condition that it can be had for cheap but not so bad it looks awful. It's a fine line.
  12. Bugsy

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    I think I can predict the future on this one.... six months from now the owner will WISH they could get 42k for it.
  13. Bugsy

    Coolboats to admire

    Mr Perry (or, if I may, Bob), Can I ask about the design brief for that fine looking yacht above? It certainly looks like it could be a world-cruising boat for a large family, maybe heading towards the higher latitudes. Some idea of the impetus for this particular design would be welcome.
  14. Bugsy

    Movies that messed you up as a kid

    I think the first 'adult' film I recall is 'Little Big Man'. There were some pretty complex themes in that movie for a young person. The relationship between natives (Indians? Aboriginals?) and early white settlers was a lot to take in.
  15. Bugsy

    Cheap Electric Car Anarchy

    In your calculations, assign zero cost to the Bolt for exhaust maintenance, oil changes and coolant changes. Assume the brakes last the life of the car (braking is predominantly running the drive motors 'backwards'). The guy I know that owns one is 'tech geek' guy and he swears by his in terms of performance and value (he carefully tracks ALL the costs). I have never driven one. Let us know how your test drive goes.