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  1. Scottish sailing

    Brilliant Vid Dylan. I am amazed how many places I recognized. Have been to Scotland 6 times over the past 10 years, but only boats I have been on in Scotland are the Cal Macs.and a quick powerboat ride out to St Kilda. That's for the views from the water. Best Dougie song ever. er.
  2. won't be a folding wheel afterwards. What came first? the wheel or the Monitor?
  3. Pumping out- Remainder in tank?

    it's the Irish "turdy tree and a turd's" Law (33&1/3). The meanest, hardest, nasty poopy will inevitably hide in the farthest corner from the pumpout hose fitting!
  4. going under

    Hey Mate you got the snorkel this time... you go down and open the bailers!
  5. Arseholes/Assholes

    Yer bum’s oot the windae.
  6. Flex-O-Fold Prop - Help Please

    have you checked your engine mounts??

    checking the calendar..... yep!
  8. Le Mans starts done safely

    Handicaps for electric windlasses???
  9. CS, Canadian Sailcraft, thoughts experience?

    Crossing between St. Vincent and Bequia
  10. CS, Canadian Sailcraft, thoughts experience?

    I owned a '81 Wall designed CS-36. Can't think of a better choice in a mid 30's cruiser. We cruised our CS around the Caribbean and South America with a couple of 1000+mile ocean passages. Lived aboard full time for over 3 years, both in the Tropics and Mid-Atlantic. It's a very well built, fast, and handles well shorthanded, in light air, or a blow. Accommodations are perfect for a couple and since you are using primarily for coastal work, a friendly couple as guests is feasible.
  11. Island Packet Closing?

    Sad to hear. The US sailboat industry has been on a downhill slide for quite some time. IMHO, IP was a well run company, although the product was not my cup of tea. This reflects more on the current state of the sailing biz and economy, than any specific firm. Back in the 90's there was the ill fated federal "10% Luxury tax" that brought the entire industry to its knees. Many good boat-builders went down for good at that time or simply closed their doors for lack of orders, or a plethora of canceled orders. Then of course, were the economic crises such as the 24%+ boat loans of the Carter admin and recessions such as the one we are still experiencing today, struggling to recover from now 7 years later. I have gone through more than my share of bankrupt boat builders as both dealer and employee. Some were shady characters, some just caught up in unfortunate circumstances. I would think IP belongs in the latter group.
  12. Here's on ready go http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1980/Nordic-44-Performance-Cruiser-2752050/Seattle/WA/United-States#.VqekliorJgY
  13. best small cruiser

    I picked up this wee 25 foot cruiser back in the 90's. Price was right, standing headroom for my 5'8" stature, enclosed head too! Kept it a couple years... raced it PHRF in the river beer can series and won a few races to everyone's astonishment. Perfectly balanced helm was light and precise. I really liked the boat and sailed all over the Chesapeake.. It was built in Canada, I was told and designed by some fella named Bob. Excellent wee boat for solo or couple. Happy New Year to all you Anarchists!
  14. Ranger 30 1977

    FWIW, We had one in our local fleet many moons ago. I think it was hull #1 that was originally owned by Walter Fink of Bangor Punta. It was well sailed and was formidable competition. If memory is not failing me it was a PHRF 162. The O'Day 30 was developed from the R-30. The R-30 had a deeper keel and taller rig. Construction differencewas in a far better overlapped hull/deck joint with slotted alum toerail instead of the usual O'Day version with the rubber-rub strip and "coffee can" screwed and glued joint. Interior I recall was a fair bit "upscale" from the lower priced O'Day. The boat sailed well. get a survey!