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  1. According to Paul - it is NOT a Gori. Bam
  2. A friend came to me looking for parts for his folding prop from his saildrive that has a Yanmar engine. Can anyone identify this proper and the maker so I can get a new pivot pin and retainer screw? Bam Miller
  3. How do you lower the traveler when you need to?
  4. Beware of the strip only - they electrically remove the old ano with an acid and cathodic process that will leave an aluminum casting with a very rough and porous surface. A lot charge does not include the grinding and polishing steps and will fail sooner. Also - be aware of stainless steel helicoil inserts and ring gears will also badly damage the aluminum - it actually disintegrates the surrounding aluminum. Just an FYI. Bam Miller
  5. $225.00 per winch drum to have it stripped, surfaced, polished and re-anodized or chrome plated. NEVER knurl you winch! They aren't perfectly round so you don't get an even pattern, and knurling is brutal on the line - chews the shit out of it. Some people like sand blasting; we prefer to use a dimpling technique similar to what's on a golf ball. We have been doing it for YEARS and it works really well. Only process approved by the Farr40 class for re-conditioning their primaries. Bam Miller
  6. Is it me, or do both of those bronze parts look like they have been getting bad "dezincification" - I thought "pink" was the telltale sign. Bam Miller
  7. You said a MK1 - which is a post 1987 furler - it is make from stainless steel. Feeders are still available. I actually have one on the shelf and I show that Harken has over 100 pieces - part number 812. However, I think you are referring to the Roll Pin system. The feeder was made from black cast aluminum - they stopped making those in 1987. Good luck on finding a replacement - You might find a whole furler laying around at a boatyard but not very likely. I get calls for roll pin parts a couple of times a year and supply has really dried up. If you only hoist the sail once a season, you can actually do without it. You will, however, have to trim your luff tape so it stops above where the feeder used to be located and be VERY careful when hoisting the sail. No wind and an extra set of hands to feed the luff tape in to the bottom edge of the foil will get the job done. Bam Miller . HAR.MKI.Unit1.Rollpin.Parts.PDF
  8. Having serviced MANY of Navtec's integrals, It seems like you have an improper seat (not seal) at: Release valve Over pressure release valve one of the 2 check bobs with weak spring pressure Main piston seal. Otherwise you would have oil on the outside of the cylinder. There is a special tool to split the cylinder in half - only the Navtec guys have it, and honestly taking the cylinder to someone who has never serviced one before is a 50/50 chance of not getting it right because they didn't know what to look for. Service work should run you 300.00 which is a lot less than buying it new. It takes around 3 hours to tear it down, clean, polish, and re-assemble - is an industrial guy (at 100.00/hour) going to be able to do it faster? Bam Miller
  9. This was a custom 5 line version we made for a project - could be enlarged to 7 holes. Bam Miller
  10. Did you forget to take your meds today? Just out of curiosity what do you think this would accomplish??? Just wanted you to take a moment to consider what "might" happen if you don't replace your rigging because you relied on someone else's opinion or "looks good enough to me" mindset. Bam Miller
  11. Why don't you call your insurance broker and ask him to play the "Ooops, my mast fell down" game. Find out how much it would cost to replace the spar, the furler, the rigging, etc and if your insurance policy will cover that without totaling the boat. Then be sure to ask him if you were to make a claim, could he guarantee that he would issue another insurance policy, and, how much would that policy cost? Last and final question for him, while he is still playing the game - what is considered usual and customary maintenance and related intervals for the mast and associated rigging. Bam Miller
  12. Actually, no. The delrin spacers that space the seal on the grove of the piston also act to protect the cylinder tube bore. Seals riding on scratches is a bad thing. Pretty sure the parker seals have a .005" tolerance, so polishing the piston, piston rod, pump piston and bronze gland is a regular part of service on an integral in my shop. Bam Miller
  13. Lots of scratches on that piston, exactly where the main polypak sits - hope you polished them out..... Also, how did you manage to split the 2 halves of the cylinder body? Bam Miller
  14. Actually, they have a student, enthusiast, hobbyist, and starups offer but you have to register it after a 30 day trial. I know a couple of people who have been playing with it for free for over a year now! Just google "fusion 360 for free" Bam Miller
  15. Are you using Fusion 360 for all your CAM? How's it working out? It was a little touch and go in the beginning as the tool library features were pretty limited, but now they have really worked it out, Im VERY happy with it. The simulation feature works great especially when you turn the model on and off - lets you see where you something wasn't working out. Also allows you to model the vice and jaws for custom soft jaws for weird work holding - something really nice if complicated parts are hard to hold. We don't do 5 axis machining - not enough demand and really expensive machines, vices, etc. Couldn't tell you if Fusion is the solution for that or not. We use it on our CNC mill, router and lathes - actually had a custom post written to streamline the "Design to Gcode to chips" process. Bam Miller