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  1. It's all Sailing Anarchy's fault!... They jinxed him: They claimed that Acciona was dismasted, but in reality the keel fell off... Oh well, either way Conrad made it a few miles closer than Bubi, but not by much... If he can set a jury rig he still has a chance to finish, something Bubi didn't have! I wish him luck, and looking at the forecast he's going to need a fair bit of it!
  2. His accomplishment is impressive, but it wasn't a circumnavigation.
  3. Chichester is the first person to complete a solo circumnavigation via the great capes (defined as the Cape of Good Hope, Cape Leeuwin, and Cape Horn). Dumas didn't sail a circumnavigation, so it doesn't count! Brian is correct.
  4. How do you get down below?... through the forehatch only?... Or is it through that flush hatch in the cockpit sole?
  5. Not sure that one is a centerboard boat? See how to lose your ride above..... He didn't ask what boat the centerboard came from, he asked what was the boat in the photo... the boat in the photo is Indio and the boatyard is STP Palma.
  6. Boat: Indio, Wally 100 Location: STP boatyard in Palma de Mallorca, Spain
  7. You're not searching in the right place... just go here:
  8. I don't have direct experience using Iridium Go, but I've done some weather routing for boats that use Iridium Go and it doesn't appear to be very dependable... It's a bit hit or miss from what I've seen. I certainly wouldn't depend on it as a boat's primary communication device.
  9. Hey jack_sparrow, I have a question for you: Were you born an asshole?... or is it something that you've just picked up recently? Either way, you're quite good at being an asshole... you must be proud!
  10. With a rating like that he must be taking the piss!
  11. What did I say that was stupid? The guy comes on and starts shouting that all Swan 57s have structural problems, which is untrue... His particular Swan 57 had a structural problem because it hit the bricks... and then it wasn't repaired properly. Swan 57s themselves do not have any inherent structural problems... in fact they (most Swans of that era) are some of the best built yachts around. Buying a secondhand boat without getting a survey done, especially a 30-40 year old boat, isn't a very good idea (for very obvious reasons). Every thing I said is true. You, ProaSailor, need to sit down and shut the fuck up.
  12. You need to rephrase what you are saying. It should say "structural issues about one particular Swan 57 that was damaged after running aground", not all Swan 57s. And buying a boat without having a survey done is pretty stupid.
  13. Pete M: I assume you are from California - but your AI - "Arrogance and Ignorance" is a hindrance here. Why didn't you reply to him in Swedish then?
  14. Just unlucky I guess...
  15. Poor old Lucky hit the Shingles... Looks like it could be there a while.