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  1. Teams?

    If the nation (the people) feel that a team represents them, it's the national team. That's definitely the case in NZL, while not so much in the US with Oracle. At least not while I was in SF.
  2. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Motorsports, especially the Dakar and the Cross Country/Baja series, is dealing with similar problems, spectators' and bysanders' death caused by participants. It's the inherent risk of a sport that takes place on not closed-off courses. How does the Dakar deal with it? Be shocked, have a minute's silence and carry on. How do the Cross Country events deal with it? Well, it's even hard to get any information about an accident or a casualty at all. Apparently nobody has The idea for how to make these events safer. Maybe more information for the affected region upfront would make sense, so that the public is aware of the risk and could pay more attention/behave more appropriately (thinking of rallye spectators here, uh-oh!) . This could go hand in hand with the promotion of the events...
  3. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Last but not least TtToP/Dee and SHK/Scallywag. Good night...
  4. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Dongfeng and Brunel:
  5. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    The next one:
  6. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Apologies that these interviews are just cut together without editing. It would take too much effort/time to polish them. Assuming, you'd rather like it fast than pretty anyway... The first one, more to follow...
  7. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Here are the B-roll videos. In addition, VOR uploaded many interviews. I cannot go through them, but will upload most of them anyway. They could include double posts with other sources. EDIT: Just saw that there are no interviews in here at all. Just the finish line crossings etc.
  8. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Still dumfounded by the accident, tragic. Anyone interested in some B-roll stuff of the arrivals? Then I would upload it and embed it here, but if not, I can understand. I do not feel like celebrating the leg finish anyway
  9. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    A VNR, hope it adds something useful... See you in 268 posts...
  10. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    What has happened last week?
  11. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    Akzos not happy...
  12. AC36 Auckland NZ

    I love that thinking, à la "all you need are a couple of buoys and a committee boat".
  13. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

  14. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    You'll get one from me...
  15. VOR Leg 4 Melbourne to Honkers

    VNR/B-roll of the incident