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  1. The LV (not the AC) WS

    What's the wind range, and how many attractive venues provide it? I'm asking, because the EXSS' GC32s can sail non-foiling in very little wind, and foiling in a good breeze, and even then approx. 1/4 to 1/3 (my guess, I haven't counted) of sailing days are canceled during the season. If the LE50s are more sensitive (ohhh, I think they are), the venue choice becomes rather difficult, or the events become boring.
  2. AC 36 Protocol

    re. 1: Never been naïve, I assume, many of us just did not care. The most pressing problem was getting rid of SNG/EB/Alinghi and their made-up CoR. Then, we could bitch about the next problems, which were GGYC/LE/Oracle. This way we ensured permanent fun. re. 2: As long as the DoG is honored, all is good. No need for the Defender to "offer" anything to the Challenger(s). re. 3: I was educated by several posters here (thanks for that!) that I read the phrase in a wrong way, respectively drew the wrong conclusions. All is good as it is, as the Challengers have to deal with the CoR, and the CoR can set up requirements for the CSS participation at its own discretion. In fact, as the CoR does not even need to set up a CSS, the YCs/teams that will take part in the CSS are lucky that this opportunity is there. It would have been better to separate the Defender/CoR = AC section in the Protocol from the CoR/Challengers = CSS sections more clearly, but maybe it was just me not reading carefully enough. re. 4: Most of us do not know what has been negotiated between RNZYS and CVS, but since you speculate, I do too: I think, GD is very happy with the outcome of the negotiations (Protocol and boat). re. 5: The CSS is not the Defender's responsibility, not at all. This is what went so totally wrong during AC34 and 35. The Defender should keep its hands away from the CSS, as it is solely the CoR's playground - and has been since it was established and until EB (first AC33 protocol) and later LE came along. As a consequence, it's up to the other Clallengers to keep the CoR honest.
  3. Team NZ

    Even weirder, totally mentally deranged scum: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reichsbürgerbewegung
  4. The LV (not the AC) WS

    As an AC fan I will watch the more significant event. And the LE50 sideshow as an addon.
  5. Oracle Team USA

    We fans can only win. Another series with exciting (depending on your interest) boats and certainly good sailors. If it works, it will be around for a longer time. The AC is there anyway, and challenges will be made no matter how many other regatta series are around.
  6. Exactly, that's what I wanted to say. It would be even better if this AC36 protocol distinguishes even more between CSS (CoR responsibility) and The Match (Defender responsibility). This means, all entry requirements for the CSS are set by the CoR, and the Defender would only need to check the eligibility of the last challenger, once the CoR does not survive the CSS. But this protocol is already pretty close to this separation. The CSS is CoR business. The way GGYC supported Oracle's control freakery was the anomaly. It's unfortunate that RNZYS is mentioned in regards to the CSS at all.
  7. Have the other Calls lodged a Deed compliant challenge? Have there been MC negotiations between the Def and each of them? If not, will there be some, once one of them becomes CoR?
  8. Team NYYC

  9. VOR 2017-18

    The VNR/footage offers don't look to bad either. Maybe there will be a bit of unedited on-board stuff again...?
  10. AC 36 Protocol

    Definitely. The whole situation sounds like the old Lipton days (?), when "all conditions of the match" had been agreed between Defender and Challenger, and only after this agreement the challenge was made. With a lot of respect between the two parties. Feels good... (for how long?)
  11. AC36 Auckland NZ

    Haha, the same thought crossed my mind this afternoon. Yep, it's noted. I've been to Cagliari for the TP52 when ETNZ took the title the second time. Nice place for vacation, and not so elitist like Costa Smeralda. Stingray, join us!!!
  12. Bye bye Artemis Racing

    These CliffsNotes are simply great, much easier to read (and copy/pasteable) 170929_AC36_Protocol_Media_Summary.pdf
  13. Bye bye Artemis Racing

    ^ bold: The protocol says under 10.3 at least 20% or 3 sailors of the total crew (which ever is higher).