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  1. Yep, thought that too. He'd fit like a glove. This is its usual reaction, feeling "followed". Bit thin-skinned, our arrogant Majesty.
  2. Rennmaus

    Team NZ

    Not sure whether it will help, but this webcam will become a streaming webcam soon: According to Facebook: "Auckland Webcam 9 years ago this month we installed a webcam on Stanley Point and made it available to the public for free. Over those 9 years we have received lots of great feedback from people all around the world who enjoy logging in occasionally to look at the view. Some have used it to check what the weather is doing, others to keep an eye on cruise ships that enter the harbour. Some viewers have even told us it’s their way to reminisce about a previous life in Auckland or share a beautiful day with relatives abroad. We’ve been through 4 SLR cameras and taken over 310,000 photos that have updated approximately every 15 minutes - 24 hours a day over that time - apart from the occasional time when the camera or connection went on the fritz! We have seen The Cloud appear on Queens wharf, Americas Cup boats training, The 2011 Rugby World Cup Opening fireworks display, The Volvo Ocean Race, Rainbows, Sunrises, Sunsets, Cruise ships, Tall ships and now a new Skyscraper or three on their way to completion. It’s been a privilege and a pleasure to bring some of these images to you but it is now time to move on. We are currently testing a live streaming camera that will go online on the 1st of December this year. At that time the current link will divert to our new home at The clip above was shot tonight as the Ruby Princess left Auckland. It was made by speeding up the live images that this new camera will broadcast. Once we take the new camera live it will broadcast realtime HD video 24 hours a day from the same location as our current camera. Thanks for being part of Auckland Webcam over the years. It’s been fun! Steve & Hasith."
  3. Rennmaus

    Team NYYC

    Oh the humanity!
  4. Rennmaus

    Team NYYC

    A wrongly colored arrow.
  5. Rennmaus

    Team NZ

    Match racing practice already?
  6. Rennmaus

    Team NZ

    Bold: Hmmm, hopefully fast enough. Benny had his issues with adapting last time. I don't wanna go doom and gloom, just mention that I get super nervous when I see the foil so far away from the hull. And rules will be broken when the boats are sailed in anger as we saw in Bermuda with Benny and the boundary infringements.
  7. Rennmaus

    Team NZ

    Enforced or not, once the zone is violated, the situation may become very dangerous.
  8. Rennmaus


    Posted already? Good goodness, she really is fugly, it's so hilarious.
  9. Rennmaus


  10. Rennmaus


    Live now:
  11. Rennmaus

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    Ah, o.k., thanks. LR8. Good for tradition
  12. Rennmaus

    Luna Rossa Challenge. AC 36

    What's her name?
  13. Rennmaus

    Team NZ

    She does. This is (one of the) predecessor(s) 2009 / 2010. Is she still around?
  14. Rennmaus

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    There is another difference: The EXSS and its origanization was always inclusive, friendly, approachable by fans and media. They were not control freaks, they allowed free, critical and independent coverage - even encouraged it by supporting each and every kind of media. The SGP... not so much.
  15. Rennmaus

    2019 52 SUPER SERIES

    Lots of B-roll videos and interviews added to playlist: See you next season