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  1. I love that! Actually, all we need is a YC that has a boat challenging another, foreign YC that has a boat too. Plus a couple of buoys, a committee boat with commitee and a strip of water... Voilà, an AC match! Hmmmmmmm, apparently that's not what any Def and Chall want.
  2. Cute, "equal" is the word. I also agree with your 2nd paragraph, a bit of choice between two AC boats (both within CiC and measurement of course) per team would add suspense. Re. protocol: Wasn't the AC32 proto the benchmark for a long time? IIRC, it was good, and almost everybody hereabouts and the teams liked it.
  3. I remember oh so well. Together with the choice of Bermuda a main reason of disappointment with OR's conduct of the last AC. ??? Prolly or in fact? BTW, SR was talking about AC33, and the conversation as such was about the Def sailing with the Challs.
  4. ^ Looks like you never read Ernie's initial protocol for AC33. Alinghi wanted to sail with the Challs until deep into the CSS/LVC. It was at least as bad ar OR's.
  5. But it so painfully served certain world views... Maybe I can see the hidden smiley the next time and just reply with an "Outch!" (Thanks for the explanation anyway)
  6. You apparently still have no idea how women tick. We're in the 21st century, it's time to get some ecucation. Then you may be able to refrain from prejudice/stereotyping/misogyny posts. Thanks. Apparently some chaps still regard women as inferior to men, so that "accusing" someone for being a woman can be used as a term of abuse.
  7. Although I agree with Hoggie that it's not too bad, if Def and Challs face each others during the "Acts" (as long as the LVC stays clean), I hate the idea that they use their AC boats for it. This should be reserved for the AC proper. Unfortunately, there are no old, "last season" boats available yet, and a forced ACWS participation in OD boats can't be the solution as well.
  8. Wow! Awesome logbook/diary, love it. Happy B-day from me too
  9. Funny. What else can you ask for, it's continuous entertainment
  10. 160 odd years, oldest still competed for trophy, and you say there's no continuity?
  11. Good, simply good!
  12. Bingo, well spotted Cute, and oh so true
  13. Where have you been the last 160 years? For at least half that time Def & Chall came with the boats they had already built, boats that have won regattas before, boats that did not need to be "chosen", or with a mutually agreed class of boat. That the Defender chooses the boat/class is, well, new since Oracle became Defender. (If I remember incorrectly, I'm happy to be corrected, but please provide an example, so that I can learn.)
  14. What? Please quote the passage of the DoG where it says that it is verboten to agree the boat before a challenge. Initially, the boats were already existing before a challenge was lodged. Building boats specifically for the AC is a rather "new" phenomenon. In fact, in the days of yore, when Lipton and the Caladians challenged, Defender and future Challenger negotiated all MCable items, and once agreement was reached, the challenge was delivered - and accepted. Move along, nothing to see here.
  15. Probably the loads of billionaires that struggled for a place in the Bermuda AC, yeah right Agree, and I hope so too