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  1. Rennmaus

    Team NYYC

    The biggest snowflake was Cry-Baby in Chief himself. It would be hard to stand another four years of permanent self-victimization, especially since his dementia will be even worse until then. He is not a well man, and life would be so much easier for him if he had a more positive attitude towards life and would not permanently feel attacked.
  2. Rennmaus

    The Choke continues...

    This is no "discussion" like it was requested, it's a troll fest. Maybe just let it die, and don't carry on feeding the troll.
  3. Rennmaus

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    The approvals in the EU and Germany are regular, not emergency. That's why it took a bit longer for the vaccine to be distributed (and now there's by far not enough of it available) than in GB for example.
  4. Rennmaus

    INEOS Team GB

    The one in MH Anarchy is gone. I didn't know that a user can delete or at least hide a whole thread. Maybe the Ed or a moderator killed it? Or I just did not look correctly.
  5. Rennmaus

    AC TV Coverage

    I'm glad that I still have a job.
  6. Rennmaus

    INEOS Team GB

    There is a monologue thread in Multihull Anarchy, and a thread here in AC Anarchy that some posters loathe, because it's not AC enough.
  7. Rennmaus

    ROLLCALL - MIA Anarchists

    Sure. I loved it anyway.
  8. Rennmaus

    ROLLCALL - MIA Anarchists

    I once had a blue car that tended to break down in the most inconvenient situations. I nicknamed it "Blue Bucket" in reference to ETNZ's bilge bucket.
  9. Rennmaus

    AC TV Coverage

    I don't like them because they refused to accept my accreditation request. And not only mine. Even Oracle has accepted it in SF, and all other sailing series I visited too. Hence I don't like them because they think they are "better". It's simply unfriendly. The actual sailing is o.k. tho.
  10. Rennmaus

    AC TV Coverage

    Isn't there a Kiwi team with Burling and Tuke?
  11. Rennmaus

    The Choke continues...

    Apparently you made your mind up, so what's there to discuss?
  12. Rennmaus

    Emirates Team New Zealand.

    I always wonder what "socialism" is for some that apparently never have experienced socialism first hand.
  13. Rennmaus

    Dean Barker's Future

    None of the options.
  14. Rennmaus

    head like a hole

    Haha, I have noone on ignore, but I ignore some posters.
  15. Rennmaus

    head like a hole

    It's mostly by some noobs that crawled out from under their stones just to be obnoxious trolls. Best is to just scroll on. As for our resident Deano critics, they usually contribute more or less reasonable posts about other subjects, and most of them are not really mean anyway (or at least we are used to them).