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  1. PeterHuston

    SORC - The Glory Years?

    I sailed on her when she was Abino Robin, owned by Al Bernel. Al was an awesome guy, gave a lot of us who were teenagers our first taste of a serious racing yacht, and all that meant. I can't remember the exact year, maybe '75 or '76, after the Lake Ontario Race, he had four of us bring the boat back from Rochester, through the Welland Canal, to Buffalo Yacht Club Point Abino station. I was the oldest guy on the boat, either 18 or 19. Perfect east breeze from Rochester to Port Weller, we flew the main, kite and blooper for about 30 miles. You'll like this blast from the past.
  2. PeterHuston

    Post Office Anarchy

    Lefty paranoia? Are you serious? It's your boy trump that is screaming about mail in ballot fraud.
  3. PeterHuston

    Post Office Anarchy

    This isn't Political Anarchy, it's Democracy Anarchy, as in a bit of Anarchy to save democracy. If you don't like it here, I'm sure Scot won't mind at all if you go downscale to scuttlebutthole or Ehman's facebook page. He loves him some trump supporters.
  4. PeterHuston

    Post Office Anarchy

    I obviously do not expect any response. I thought that adding one more email to their inbox would be an easy way to help the cause. Whether they have 1,000 or 100,000 emails to deal with, it's a massive pain in the ass for them and should help then to feel some pain. Though I'm not sure they care either. They seem to like the pain of being a bitch. I wonder which of them gets it first from the gimp.
  5. PeterHuston

    Post Office Anarchy

    For those of you who are American citizens, here are the email addresses of the six Governors for the US Post Office. Below is a copy of the email I just sent to them. These are the email addresses listed on the USPS site, so it's public information. Cut and paste, and/or edit, but take one minute and send an email to these people.,,,,, Gentlemen, The US Post Office is a constitutionally mandated public service. It is not a private corporation, yet you are treating it like one. While cost efficiencies should always be sought, they should be done in a logical manner. Where there needs to be radical change, that change should be explained in scrupulous detail to the American public. The only possible reason you would be making these radical changes to Post Office operations in secret and with such blunt force is because you want to cheat in the election. Not all of you are Republicans, but the two of you who are Democrats are complicit in your current silence. Unless and until there is a crystal clear explanation for the changes you are making with the expected delivery and cost performance benefit, you deserve no benefit of the doubt. As an American citizen, I demand an immediate explanation as to what you are doing to the US Post Office and why.
  6. PeterHuston

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    The thing I think is some combination of funny/sad is that Ehman is screaming from the mountain about how S&S is tarnishing LBYC's reputation. Oh please. Other than the couple of hundred people who read this page and watch his show, no one in the sailing community at large knows anything about, or cares in the least about S&S and the perception they are hurting LBYC by continuing to be Dalton's bitch. Coutts actively ignored the US market, the change to Bermuda didn't help, and now the event being in NZL and in freak boats, the attention paid to the AC by American's is probably at an all time low. To say S&S has had a bad PR team would be to say they have had any at all. There's probably literally a couple of thousand people on the planet who even know they exist now. I'll bet if you polled the members of LBYC most would not have a clue about S&S, and don't see any damage to the club. So why is Ehman all in a blather about this? The Cup got whored out by DC in '87, and the number of pimps has increased ever since. If the leadership of LBYC is ok with what's going on, why should Ehman care? If the members aren't revolting, again, why should he care?
  7. PeterHuston

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    Ehman and I used to be very close friends. Have not spoken to him in about six months. He is not the journalistic voice of sailing the US. He's just a guy trying to make a living by stirring shit out in the open, when he used to do it all behind the scenes. I actually feel sorry for him. He used to be a leader, now, not so much. I suspect you are correct about why Buckley hasn't given up yet. As always, follow the money. Could be Dalton's, could be something else, but clearly there's something going on.
  8. PeterHuston

    Great 35-footers

    Excellent report. Imagine that, a boat on which people can actually be comfortable. But where was the report on the important stuff, like the stereo? Must be more old IOR warhorses around there, Choate 40's perhaps. Islander 40 was also a great boat, and a Peterson design.
  9. PeterHuston

    Covid-19 Mask Anarchy

    More helpful info for the NYC area specifically, but applies to all of NY State Cuomo & NY state is coordinating. Email address in that link given to a garment maker volunteering to make masks:
  10. PeterHuston

    Covid-19 Mask Anarchy

    From Hayden Goodrick: My company is mass manufacturing masks! We have masks available ready to ship. If anyone wants to DM me for The information on our masks and orders we can start taking orders now. Ready to ship ASAP
  11. PeterHuston

    Covid-19 Mask Anarchy

    Mark Washeim of One Sails on Long Island has engaged, started this FB thread. Click on the blue FB icon in the upper right of his post to get to his thread.
  12. PeterHuston

    Covid-19 Mask Anarchy

    I’m seeing twitter posts and WSJ front page stories with increasing frequency about the fact the country is running out of surgical masks, and some hospitals are resorting to having people sew them in the hospital. That made me think the sailing industry and community could mobilize to help reduce this problem. Many cities have a loft floor, a few sewing machines, and people who know how to sew. Here is what is needed to be identified: Hospital with need Buyer of surgical supplies for hospital Specs of masks Desired materials, and second best option Loft location Floor size and number of machines Seemstresses Keep the machines running 24/7, retired sailmaker, anyone who can sew Payment of materials and time. Massive manufacturing is best, but does not seem available. Manufacturing masks locally for each hospital has multiple advantages such as time to ship, minimal steps between manufacture and delivery. This is not a long term solution, it is triage, necessary right now. Forget about what should have been done, what would be the best/cheapest way to manufacture masks. The need is immediate. Like today. Get masks made now, work towards larger automated manufacturing with appropriate haste. Right now what is needed is Mask Anarchy. Just like a popular boat was designed on SA, so to can we help solve an immediate medical supply problem. If you know anyone in any of the relevant positions, try to connect them with another part of the equation. Do not wait for anyone to give permission, just do it. If you can help, or know someone who can, just post it here. If this grows and a database would be desirable, I’m sure there’s someone here who can run that. The first step is to identify the need and specifications via the appropriate hospital purchasing agent, as they will know the specific need and have all the required specs and via their supply chain, the necessary materials. On a related issue, this company is helping with 3D printing for face shields. Anyone with printer time ought to read this and see if the same need for shields applies to their local hospital. This is critical. We have to reduce the contagion so the economy can get going again as fast as possible. Everyone is just sitting around with nothing to do - so here’s something productive to do, communicate and lead. This place has more than it’s share of wicked smart, very connected people. Go.
  13. PeterHuston

    North Helix Sails vs regular Code zero

    One does have a loft in the US. Mark Washeim moved from Doyle to One a few months ago. I'm sure you are going to see Dragon with One Sails pretty soon.
  14. PeterHuston

    sailor chick of the decade

    Here's your answer, Christophe Launay.
  15. PeterHuston

    sailor chick of the decade

    Lia has a FB post where she says she named the guy in the article, but Scot didn't want to post the name.