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  1. Wanted Missing VOR Skipper

    Well, actually, I agree with you. MNA's mostly don't give a shit about any of this, obviously, but that is, in theory, the way this is supposed to work. And so it will have to take legal action to get WS out of the regulation and morality police business.
  2. Wanted Missing VOR Skipper

    Let's be specific about who "those WS people" are. Just go back in history and look at the creation of the Disciplinary Commission and who was on the working party, and then then on the Commission itself, and then various levels of Disciplinary functions. You'll see names like Brian Willis, David Tillett and oh yeah....John Doerr. Then look at those who were part of the Review Board. You'll see names like Jan Stange. Chris Atkins, who was a WS VP up until he lost in the last election, was part and parcel with the creation of the Disciplinary Commission initially, and now is on this Jury. ISAF/WS legal beagle Jon Napier has a lot to do with all this too. And imagine my surprise when I see that John Doerr is now the Event Disciplinary officer. As a result of the de Ridder CAS hearing, ISAF was forced to disband the Disciplinary Commission (which had been authorized but not yet created, then they very hastily cobbled it together during the AC 34 king post case) and had come up with some other mechanism, hence, what we have today. In the process, they also redrafted 69 to end up where he are. There were multiple working parties, commissions, committees and whatever else you want to give a name of a new group, comprised mostly of the same members of the IJ cabal from time to time, who created the system that leads to this absurd rule. To be sure, it has been basically the same couple of guys driving this bus for years. Further, there was a case in the US several years ago - the Salk case - where the Chair of a jury read a police blotter report three days after a youth event. The kids were caught on a state beach drinking beer on like the Saturday night of the regatta. Cops found them because they had a bonfire, which is illegal. Cop said something like "you sent me smoke signals". So the cop made them pour the beer into the fire to put it out, and send them on their way. But it ended up in the little local newspaper police blotter. So the uptight US Sailing judge, Wes Durant, called a hearing on like Wednesday night (the regatta has been over since Sunday), tossed the kids out of the regatta, which was a qualifier for the Sears Cup (junior national champ). Kids got a New York based sports law expert - Ed Williams - to represent them, and they won. This crap of anyone being able to file a report at any time will never stand up under the Stevens Act, where that applies to an event in the US. I've been hoping something like this would happen in the US, because the first thing I'd do is connect the protestee with Ed. Oh yeah, an IJ, and one time Olympic Games PRO, Charlie Cook, was the lawyer for US Sailing on that case. He is now under indictment for money laundering in a sex ring, and other charges. The thing is, I tried to get people to understand what had, and would happen. Fell on deaf ears. Lots of you want to crucify me for supporting Dirk, but maybe now a few of you will start to understand that while Oracle cheated with the lead in the king post (which could have easily been allowed in some form if Slater had just asked for approval of the change, like had been done, and granted in some prior instances) Dirk and Matt Mitchell had nothing to do with it. They were set up as the fall guys in the trade that Coutts and Simmer made with the Jury to reduce the fine and the penalty. Tienpont admits to doing the work, and yet he walks away, and is now running a Volvo team in this race. I spoke with the US Failing ExDir at one point about this rule, the process and his eyes glazed over, he had no clue, and no interest. So we got to this point in having a bizarre, draconian rule like this all because people want to diminish me, and the likes of Paul Henderson, when we see the problem occurring, and getting worse, because it's better to have blind opposition than to really look at the totality of the circumstances, and think maybe, just maybe, ISAF/WS has a couple of guys who just love the idea of being mortality police. Given the way the process inside WS works, the only way to demand change is to get your MNA's to demand it of WS.
  3. Wanted Missing VOR Skipper

    I think most are missing a key point here - the fundamental issue is that WS has changed 69 from "gross misconduct" to just "misconduct" and allowed virtually anyone to complain. I said when this change was in process that we'd end up with the mortality police, and that is exactly what we have here. There is also a lot going in behind the scenes, stuff that would not be evident to most. The IOC is trying to mandate "gender equity" and that means mostly participation levels at the Olympics, but tangentially it ends up effecting the whole sport. I'm all for more women sailing, it's just that WS can fuck up a two car funeral. Then there is the Coady v World Sailing suit. So, what's WS going to do, waive this one off, and give Coady a lot of ammo in the various courts? Or go tough, and bear the consequences of having to now set precedent for "misconduct". The entire 69 rule and procedural is what everyone should really find offensive. Yes, this sort of thing could happen to you, even at your 4 knot shit box level.
  4. Wanted Missing VOR Skipper

    Actually, the writing of policies has been taking place for a couple of years inside ISAF/WS. All the new disciplinary rules made something like this inevitable - we now have the morality police inside WS. Changing it from "gross misconduct" to just "misconduct" and shoving a couple of pages of new rules in place about this made certain that a rule 69 for some relatively minor social infraction would happen. Personally, I'm not all that offended by the use of the words - but as SimonN says, it seems pretty damn clear that Witt set up a female to be the basis of a sexually oriented joke. And that's just flat out wrong. It was also a lame ass video - not even remotely funny. It was not the actions of a professional in the least. Maybe Witt is sailing on an owners dime, and the sponsors they have are just in-kind, or whatever. But Volvo wants to sell cars globally, and they don't need to have a poor attempt at sexual humor tarnishing their brand - or that of other teams and their sponsors in the event. This is a business decision as much as anything. For all the recreational sailors who are saying grow a pair - you must not have any idea how hard it is get a huge sponsor, and then keep them happy. I hope Witt gets hung by his scrotum. Would teach him a good lesson.
  5. YRALIS PHRF Committee Purge

    So-ck8895 might be sleeping with the fishes.
  6. Wanted Missing VOR Skipper

    Interesting to read that there is a rule 69 against Witt, Hayles, the OBR and a Volvo employee.
  7. YRALIS PHRF Committee Purge

    The fact you have to hide behind a screen name to apologize speaks volumes about your ethics and integrity. So the owner and crew is supposed to feel good because an anonymous sock comes on and congratulates them? I might be able to guess who you are, but I'm sure others have ways to prove it.
  8. Peterson 38 Dust 'Em

    Chuck Hope owned Dust 'em initially, He was SDYC Comm in '80. I sailed with Eichenlaub all that year on Cadenza, and DC frequently drove Dust 'em.
  9. Peterson 38 Dust 'Em

    That's the sister to Forte, Carl had that hull in build for a Mexican just after Forte was finished, who then defaulted, so the hull hung around for a while, and Barney walked in and bought the hull and Carl finished it off.
  10. Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    I'd say the Ed is winning. Awesome retro boat that looks killer, perfect slip at SDYC, and amazing babe. Everyone else can go sail their lightweight flyer with a bunch of smelly neckbeard semi-pro's aboard busting their guts on a wire, if that is what you are into. Me....I'm looking forward to going retro with the Ed.
  11. And you wonder why you don't get laid. Grow up.
  12. VOR 2017-18

    AkzoNobel must be seriously regretting doing this event. They look like shit, and it's about to get worse. I sure hope Rome Kirby had a guaranteed contract.
  13. VOR 2017-18

    Well, those voices in his head come from somewhere...;)
  14. Teams?

    I love the part about you saying I am the patron saint of lost causes. Seems that helping Farrah Hall was hardly a lost cause, because eventually she prevailed against US Sailing at USOC, and US Sailing was forced to reform as a result. And what utter pleasure I took yesterday when I saw Clean's post about Charlie Cook, US Sailing lawyer who was paid $250k to defend - and lose the case against Farrah, but who lost others too for US Sailing. Cook was the PRO for the 2008 Olympics, a Senior Judge, and involved with lots of ISAF committees, and was really a serious force inside ISAF for a long time. Imagine my delight when I saw Cook was indicted for money launder for a sex trafficking ring. He was such a scummy lawyer, who tried to rig the US Sailing system against Farrah, with the help of ISAF, especially via Jerome Pels, it was a serious vindication to see Cook indicted for such a heinous crime.
  15. Teams?

    You seem to iive in some fantasy land of knowing what people want to do, or not want to do. You really don't seem to know much about Dirk, because you don't seem to know the boats for which he trims main. I can't be bothered to educate you either because you are just a troll hiding behind a screen name, meaning you have no balls. How does it feel to go through life trashing people from behind a screen name? Feel like a big man, do you?