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  1. Eds SC-33 Anarchy 3

    I'd say the Ed is winning. Awesome retro boat that looks killer, perfect slip at SDYC, and amazing babe. Everyone else can go sail their lightweight flyer with a bunch of smelly neckbeard semi-pro's aboard busting their guts on a wire, if that is what you are into. Me....I'm looking forward to going retro with the Ed.
  2. And you wonder why you don't get laid. Grow up.
  3. VOR 2017-18

    AkzoNobel must be seriously regretting doing this event. They look like shit, and it's about to get worse. I sure hope Rome Kirby had a guaranteed contract.
  4. VOR 2017-18

    Well, those voices in his head come from somewhere...;)
  5. Teams?

    I love the part about you saying I am the patron saint of lost causes. Seems that helping Farrah Hall was hardly a lost cause, because eventually she prevailed against US Sailing at USOC, and US Sailing was forced to reform as a result. And what utter pleasure I took yesterday when I saw Clean's post about Charlie Cook, US Sailing lawyer who was paid $250k to defend - and lose the case against Farrah, but who lost others too for US Sailing. Cook was the PRO for the 2008 Olympics, a Senior Judge, and involved with lots of ISAF committees, and was really a serious force inside ISAF for a long time. Imagine my delight when I saw Cook was indicted for money launder for a sex trafficking ring. He was such a scummy lawyer, who tried to rig the US Sailing system against Farrah, with the help of ISAF, especially via Jerome Pels, it was a serious vindication to see Cook indicted for such a heinous crime.
  6. Teams?

    You seem to iive in some fantasy land of knowing what people want to do, or not want to do. You really don't seem to know much about Dirk, because you don't seem to know the boats for which he trims main. I can't be bothered to educate you either because you are just a troll hiding behind a screen name, meaning you have no balls. How does it feel to go through life trashing people from behind a screen name? Feel like a big man, do you?
  7. Teams?

    So what's your point?
  8. Teams?

    You know what's really funny, Dirk and I have been going back and forth today about the bullshit in here. You are conflating the issues with the Volvo, the mention was made of him running a team. That's a big difference than being a watch captain, and yes, he might have considered that, if the schedules and money all worked out. The guy who said he was in Auckland putting together a Dutch AC team...as if...I mentioned that to Dirk and here is his reply: haha I haven't been in Auckland since the Volvo and have zero contact with Heineken or any abition to deal with anything to do with AC So Mr Internet Toughguy, all knowing, while not having the guts to come out from behind a screen name....that the best you got?
  9. Teams?

    If Dirk is so toxic, then why did he trim main on both the World Champion Maxi 72 and TP 52 this year, and is also on a contending team in the RC 44, is the main trimming on Comanche when schedule allows, and trims main and had a lot to do with the upgrades on the J Class Hanuman, and would sail on the Fast 40 Girls on Film if there were more days in the month. As for him trying to put together a Volvo team - you are on crack. He has no time for that, and it's not something to which he aspires anyway - besides, you might be eating your words if you see him on a team for a leg or two. He did not do one campaign with Oracle - he did two. He trimmed the biggest wing ever built for the DoG match. Otherwise, while you hide behind a screen name and trash a man you clearly do not know, you can go fuck yourself.
  10. Teams?

    One of these days the evidence will come out about how the whole deal went down between Coutts and the Jury. Just like OJ was found not guilty in criminal court of killing his wife and Ron Goldman, a sailing tribunal with a bunch of interlocking relationships most certainly can hang the wrong people and let others who did the dirty work go free.
  11. Teams?

    You are so full of shit. Dirk was in Menorca sailing on Platoon up until Saturday, and you posted this on Sunday. You are also delusional if you think that Dirk would have anything to do with Simeon.
  12. J70, cheating and pros

    Agree. Victor was tactics, Jud strategy and no doubt rig tune/boat speed upwind. This fleet had some unreal talent, one of the most talented, deep ever in any class. In thinking back to legendary regattas, I can only think of DC's Star Worlds in '77 where he won almost every race as more definitive performance. Hard for to me to see who is going to have a more impressive performance so that Peter Duncan doesn't win the US Rolex Yachtsman of the Year.
  13. Uh...no. Not a "guideline". It's a regulation. 23.1.3 (e) and (f) (e) New Equipment shall only be selected following Equipment trials or other evaluation against the specified criteria, and shall be selected no later than 31 December of the year five years before the Olympic Games. (f) World Sailing may at any time require evolution of selected Equipment and shall liaise with the Class organisation and manufacturers before so deciding. Any such evolution shall be decided no later than 31 December of the year five years before the Olympic Sailing Competition. From here http://www.sailing.org/tools/documents/2017RegulationsClean-[22923].pdf So given that the foiling Nacra is just now finishing its first regatta, seems to be it doesn't fit within either of the 5 year time frame. And I've got no economic agenda in any of this, I'd just like to see WS adhere to their own regs, because once they start ignoring their own regs for one issue, it's too easy to ignore then for any other.
  14. Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

  15. what is it?

    That might be the best crew shirt ever!