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  1. charisma94

    World Sailing and China's Leadership

    We're also all adult enough to distinguish between the Chinese people and the CCP. I don't think too many posters are against the Chinese people or have a problem with them on the street or in the lesser towns. The CCP are thin skinned bullies. Not leaders. Shang is doing a good job bringing sailing to Chinese people. Happy for that. To pretend that all is well with the worlds relationship with the CCP is naive. The WS president is only there at the behest of the CCP, let's see where that takes us? I'm not optimistic. In Australia, we're copping their (CCP) wrath and vindictiveness on an increasing scale of shitfuckery. Prompting a big move to boycott Chinese products etc., which won't hurt China very much, if at all. I'd prefer to change the rhetoric and mindset to a "buy Australian" rather than boycott anyone, that's what will make the difference to Australia.
  2. charisma94


    More tall than high.
  3. charisma94

    World Sailing and China's Leadership

    Fuck your down votes. Your "reasonable response" is straight out of the CCP handbook. Well done with the obfuscation but zero points for originality, I've heard it all before, daily from the Global Times. You need to get out more mate. Fucking Stockholm Syndromed lackey... Yeah the USA doesn't need any inquiry as to their handling of COVID. It's their laughing stock president that caused those deaths. But 116 other countries would like some answers as to where this virus came from, and no one even mentioned China. As I said when I got YOUR down vote in the first place, for having the temerity to have the opinion that if they've got nothing to hide, why not make it 117 countries? I hope Chinese kids and adults get into sailing, that'd be great for them. I mean that. Educate yourself about the world and how the CCP is behaving on a global basis about any inquiry. They're not making any friends... and behaving like our enemies. Think about it!! Fucking cheerleader.
  4. charisma94

    World Sailing and China's Leadership

    If the pricks are so sure the virus didn't come from them, why the resistance to an inquiry?
  5. charisma94

    FOUND - Girl on a keel #shanghaisailor

    The wings look totally different to me.
  6. charisma94

    FOUND - Girl on a keel #shanghaisailor

    Welp... both of you need to get out more then...
  7. charisma94

    FOUND - Girl on a keel #shanghaisailor

    Not a particularly inspiring photo either... Why all the talk about it?
  8. charisma94

    Glidecoat propeller coating

    We tried Glidecoat in our yard... Promptly switched back to Propspeed. But if your Propspeed "didn't hold up well", as long as you left it alone & didn't try to clean it, or churn up sand in shallow water, it's applicator error.
  9. charisma94

    Vertical windlass - Anchor chain markings

    I've had good success using short lengths of bungee folded over and cable tied. The bungee tails about 2" long.
  10. charisma94

    So me and my dad went and bought our first boat

    Well done boys! If the sailing bug bights you and you persevere, you'll be addicted like the rest of us! Carry on.
  11. charisma94

    Older well known IOR Boats

    It must be ignorant babbling idiots day today... It seems so. OK. The taxpayer paid for them then then... same difference. They all lived at the navy spot in Porto Pi where Hispania lived. I crewed on Bribon (IOR 50') in 3 (I think) Copa del Rey regattas, with, wait for it, Spanish Navy crew and King JC at the helm. The captain on Fortuna was a serving naval officer, chief engineer too... GFY.
  12. charisma94

    Older well known IOR Boats

    What about all the "Bribon" boats? El Ray, Juan Carlos' jet boat weapon "Fortuna"... Also paid for by the navy...
  13. charisma94

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    Wow. You sound like the fuckwit she just left.
  14. charisma94

    axial crack in rod head

    I can't believe we're even discussing this. Don't go sailing with a defect like this - it's fooked - end of.
  15. charisma94

    inexperienced couple buy a p.o.s. catamaran

    As I write you've got 67 up votes, on just 49 posts... You've got to be the first person on SA with more likes than posts! It goes to show the esteem in which you're held. Looking forward to your next adventure...