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  1. Sidestay tension, why does it matter?

    ...the fuck is a sidestay anyway?
  2. Olive harvest

    Cougars in Greece? Bit it like those plane loads of blokes that go to Thailand. same same but different.
  3. Olive harvest

    http://www.instructables.com/id/Cure-your-own-olives/ fuck me. Took 2 seconds on Google...
  4. How does the Navy AntiFoul Submarines?

    Is meli -that- famous??? :-)
  5. Missing She's Apples 11 Crew John Drolls

    I knew a sailmaker named Weasel that worked for Hughie at Sobstad back in the 80's... That the guy?
  6. You need a current visa even as a transit passenger. Aussies can go on a Visa Waiver program for visits up to 90 days, which is an online e-visa type thing. If you've got any priors and you say so - no visa for you! They wont even let you on the plane... http://www.ustraveldocs.com/au/au-niv-visawaiverinfo.asp
  7. Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Correct. brain fart...
  8. Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    IIRC mike fletcher built Great News at McConaghy, she was a Farr 50. (Won the fastnet race chartered by the USA , Blackaller driving.) Then he did Great Expectation off the same plug, but a much cruiser version of Great News.
  9. 3 masted schooner for charter????

    Why does it HAVE to be a 3-masted schooner? Of that size, they're pretty rare. There are many schooners around though.
  10. How high clew is too high clew?

    I've got a cutter rigged 43' sloop, I used to sail with my wife and I around the Pacific. I had a sail made the clew very high so that the sheet car didn't need to be adjusted when I partly furled (reefed) the head sail. The sheet always bisected the sail at the same angle no matter how much furl I was using. It worked really well in the cutter configuration. I agree with Bob it's always best if the clew can be reached from the deck. However, I got mine made this way so I'd not have to leave the cockpit to adjust the sheet car as weather deteriorated - it was just safer for me sailing short handed & I thought and it worked really well. YMMV
  11. Origami Boat Thread

    Oh. My. God. +1 on the speechless... I wonder if the bumps are the same on either side? It would be hard to replicate such a fuck up.
  12. Turbo Etchells

    I was talking to Hugh some years ago about his Soling, he was playing with a canting keel on the boat. He must have done something to the RM to handle that main.
  13. epoxy 5200 and or a bolt?

    Delta - forget the haters. Pricks the lot of them. If you want some sound advice, there's a really good boat building guru named Brent Swain over in CF that would have the correct and sensible answers for you. He mostly works in steel however, but his input for your modification would be invaluable.
  14. Sarah Hanson Young

    Playing the single mum card... The POS. http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/rendezview/playing-the-single-mum-card-is-an-insult-to-single-mums/news-story/3fade687e865a2124278d82f5ad95b2f If your child is too ill to go to school today, do you take her on a business trip at the taxpayer’s expense? A moral bind surely, even if it is within the so-called company rules. But if you’re a warrior for Single Motherhood, that excuses everything. You can attend, with a sick child in tow, an overnight jaunt to see a few whales and shuck oysters because you are simply doing your job. In other words, tick, another problem solved in the tyranny of life known as Single Motherhood. That is, of course, if you’re blindly entitled like the Greens’ Sarah Hanson-Young. The Senator has this week been condemned nationwide for using a reported $3874.24 of taxpayers’ money to go whale watching with her daughter Kora last September in the Great Australian Bight. Hanson-Young says she didn’t have an option and therefore had to take her unwell 11-year-old along on the trip to discuss BP’s plans to drill for oil in the marine reserve. There was no alternative childcare available, it was not her fault so be quiet, haters. No regrets either at a decision that has subsequently been lambasted as a poor one. But her world is not the world inhabited by the typical single mother raising a child bereft of a financial or care-contributing parent in the home. In that alternate universe, there is usually a plan B such as a carer’s day or the decision to work from home while a sick child is cosy and recovering in bed. Single parents, masters of the juggle even more so than the rest of us who work, often subtly move mountains behind the scenes to keep things ticking along. No fanfare or pats on the back required. Senator, the gender card no longer comes up trumps and it’s time for any woman who plays it to stop. Being a single mum does not equal special treatment. Her fellow South Australian MP Cory Bernardi immediately seized upon her trip as “being out of touch” with voters and something that simply didn’t “pass the common sense or credibility test”. Hanson-Young decided to fight fire with fire, telling Sky News: “Well the truth is... that I didn’t have a choice at the time. “And you always weight up these things in terms of balance between the commitments of your job as a senator or indeed the demands on myself as a parent and a mum. “So of course I don’t regret it. “What I regret is the idea that there’s some grumpy old white men who have been deciding what is best for my family in the last 24 hours and I tell you what — I’m not going to be lectured to by some grumpy old men about how to be a mother or indeed what is best for my family.” “There can’t be a family-friendly parliament and no provision for family travel. You can’t have it both ways,” Hanson-Young sniffed. She also told one radio interviewer: “I think parents across the state can’t just take the day off work because their kid’s sick. Lots of parents know that.” Then there’s the sanctimonious tweet she posted: “Shock horror! Woman can be mum & politician at same time.” Thus the Single Motherhood card was comprehensively played.Facebook images of Senator Sarah Hanson-Young during the now infamous whale watching trip. (Pic: Facebook) The senator at least conceded she is in a privileged position and does have help and that, yes, every parent struggles to get the balance right between work and family. But there’s been no remorse, just an echo chamber repeating an excuse which insults all working parents: “As you know I am a single mum and I take my job really seriously”. “I kept up my job as a mum and I kept up my job as a senator,” she also said, to shove her point down our throats. Let’s not forget she also wheeled out the plight of single mothers in January when One Nation’s candidate David Archibald said taxpayers should not support those who are “too lazy” to attract and hold a mate. She tweeted: “As a single mum myself, I am disgusted at One Nation’s attack on single mothers. Bunch of nasty fools.” When she was ejected from the Senate in 2009 with her then two-year-old daughter screaming and crying, Hanson-Young said it was a “massive learning experience”. “People will criticise the decisions you make as a mum in the public eye. You can’t stop that but what you can do is manage your own response,” she told an interviewer. “I’ve learned to be very comfortable with my decisions on things, whether that’s policy, or the decisions I make about Kora’s life.” Lesson learned? About what exactly? Part of the Greens’ charter is to “break down inequalities of wealth and power which inhibit participatory democracy”. It also references the need to “encourage and facilitate more flexible work arrangements.” So that’s on target then. But appointing yourself as an ambassador for single mums does not mean using your situation as an excuse. After watching the Sky interview, one infuriated sole parent I know rang to tell me this: “It makes me mad that she should have the gall to try to drag me into her corner by nature of the fact that we are both single mums. “I would also like to add my disgust that the senator managed to spend that money in two days — equivalent to my rent, phone bill and utilities for a month. “There isn’t money left over for luxuries like whale watching cruises but that’s life. My kids have never even been close to an oyster. “While I’m no killjoy, there’s something discomforting about the fact that an elected official — man woman, single married or partnered, can boldly make the decision to spend my taxes in this way and then trot out the old chestnut ‘I’m a single mother with no support’ to try to weasel her way out of the scandal.” Yes. The Senator should pay back the cost of that trip and, possibly by the time you read this, she has come to her senses and got out her chequebook Bronwyn Bishop-style. But this is a moot point compared her pathetic attempts to drum up sympathy by attacking our Achilles heel as working parents.