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  1. charisma94

    Nautical names for dogs

  2. charisma94

    Shabby Funeral arrangements

    Sorry for your loss, for your kids and you. Be the bigger person. The guy sounds like a twat.
  3. charisma94

    Leggings Mother of boys pleads with women to stop wearing leggings so men don't 'ogle' them... Fuck off mum!
  4. charisma94

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Thanks Sporto!! Geez that era S&S boats were gorgeous.
  5. charisma94

    Syd-Hobart Yachts, Where are they Now?

    Anyone know what happened to Bill Psaltis' "MELTEMI"? S&S design I think, kind of mustard coloured topsides...
  6. charisma94

    an electrical question

    Nailed it Mel. It can be done yourself, but we're nanny state deluxe. But I'm a bit glad there's oversight in these instances. Ya can't just let any muppet have a go. I think Rushman answered the question for you back in post #12. Seems like that's your plan, get a sparky and let him find the solution. Simples.
  7. charisma94

    an electrical question

    Yep. They do if you don't use a licensed electrician.
  8. charisma94

    an electrical question

    But I bet you've got more power breakers than lighting breakers...
  9. charisma94

    an electrical question

    I'm not an electrician, I did 2/3 of an apprenticeship early 80's, couldn't handle the maths in the Tech courses... Chucked it and became a BN... So that's my experience on the subject. Anyway from memory, pretty sure commercial is different to domestic in terms of regs. I remember stringing up flouro"s hanging from long chains in a factory that were all plugged in too... But the roof was 30' high open metal beams etc. Forget the vacuum, it's good & handy place to plug-in Mel's broomstick in using the 12v socket. But Rushman's getting close, it's the point of transition from 240v to 12v is the hurdle. Could be done as he suggests, but the transition (socket/plug) from the 240 to transformer would need to be in the ceiling cavity. (Or look seriously fucken ugly...) From the way Mel describes her house, it means chopping a hole in the ceiling in to the cavity, do the wiring, re-gyprocking the large-ish hole. It'd be a punish. Cal20's idea can be done too. It would void insurance though....
  10. charisma94

    an electrical question

    ^Correct. As long as they can't be get got at... The way I see things anyway...
  11. charisma94

    an electrical question

    IIRC... You home will have lighting circuits and power circuits. In Aust anyway, lighting circuits use smaller cable diameter of 1.5mm as opposed to a power circuit that use larger 2.5mm cable... Lighting circuits can't have 3-pin sockets, for the reason that someone, sometime, could plug in a larger item (up to 10A) than the smaller lighting circuit (and breaker) can safely handle and overload everything..., If you wanted to do what you're thinking, the code would make you run a larger 2.5mm cable all the way back to the board, switch wire etc., as it'd now be considered a power circuit...
  12. charisma94

    I still call Australia home

    Woohoo! Finally justice for the many victims. Gotta love the Advocate. Breaking News See Ya Later Cunt BREAKING NEWS The entire planet is now free to tell Cardinal George Pell to get fucked today, after finally being able to talk openly about the stuff that we were all talking about months ago. This comes after Cardinal Pell was found guilty of 5 counts of child sexual abuse in a landmark case for the country and the world. The guilty verdict relates to charges that occurred over 22 years ago, and were followed by decades of denials and assurances by powerful conservatives across the country, and the globe, that nothing untoward was occurring in the Catholic Church. Pell is set to be sentenced tomorrow after he months on bail recovering from a knee injury, with the suppression order on the verdict handed down on December 11 finally lifted today. The news has sent shockwaves around the world, with the once 3rd most senior offical in the Catholic Church likely to die in prison, where he will join the thousands of incarcerated felons whose lives fell apart after having their childhood stolen from them at the hands of powerful religious leaders like Pell. The Catholic Church is yet to give a statement, but it’s probably in their best interests to fuck up about gay marriage and abortion for the time being.
  13. charisma94

    sailor chick of the decade

    ^ Yep classic Random... No comment on your POV. The way you put your points across is the give away. Anyway, welcome back.
  14. charisma94

    sailor chick of the decade

    Who else here thinks Larry Knight is Randumb? Gotta be...
  15. charisma94

    Caribbean 600 2019

    I thought Scallywag was trying to get there in time to do the race? Does anyone know?