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  1. I wouldn't worry about some A hole with a flat brimmed hat telling you what's cool and what isn't.
  2. o69u812

    Fuck Scot Bell

    The first truth that must never be told is that Wooden Boat Magazine doesn't own the forum, and hasn't since the George Roberts law suit regarding the hanging of a neighbor's dog.... The other truth that must not be told is that there are other moderators (or administrators) who have editing power, and can alter, or delete posts anonymously. That Scot Bell refuses to interact with "his" forum in any way other than the draconian banning of friendly posters who only contribute positive, if sometimes controversial banter is sad. He used to be such a nice boy..... He used to cut the grass.... It sounds like he mowed your lawn. Not mine. Other people. Scot mowed my lawn years ago after I spent years helping him build his empire. He's very helpful as long as you are useful to him. As soon as you stand up to his bullying, he disposes of you.... Simple.... No use... Goodbye.... Dawg----- is that you?
  3. o69u812

    "Dis is Sayula"

    Did you leave your wallet in the SDYC shower by mistake?
  4. o69u812

    My newest project

    Bob, The one problem with the bow in the traveller going down is the mainsheet is getting tighter as the car is pulled to weather, making the leach tighter and the control line harder to pull as well... Two things you don't want.
  5. o69u812

    My newest project

    Have Bob go into the shop and tell Jim Betts all 4 hulls are to be gloss black LP, stand back while the long boards go flying!
  6. o69u812

    New Rambler

    Brad Butterworth has been mentioned. BB driving around in RI again ;-) ... wonder who's going to be riding shotgun
  7. o69u812


    Anybody else guessing that thing could have beat Alinghi for a lot less money than the Oracle spent...
  8. o69u812

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    On the Comanche (Columbia) we never saw anything over 16 either. But it was solid breeze the whole way and a nice early finish. For us the race began at the Doubletree hotel on Cabrillo where we returned the rental car- one day rental from SD kept another day and returned several hundred miles north in SB. Nice girl at Hertz took a liking to us- total cost? 40 bucks. Check. Then convinced the chick at the doubletree restaurant to give us some bloodies to go in venti starbucks cups. Check. Turning out great so far. Bought a case of beer at the mart. Check. Comanche was tied up next to MAG 80 because Dodd and the Mag 80 crew are such solid bros that they dragged the boat up from the LBC, launched it and rigged it for us cause we were late getting out of town on Thurs. Look on Baker's face as we strolled onto the Magnitude- priceless. That guy is cool. So we got a good start on the line where we wanted. I didn't think there would be much of a lift at Anacapa this year so we were favoring a higher course. Set the zero right after the start and started motoring. We liked where we were. As we approached the rock we were getting lifted and and we could see the boats well to leeward getting lifted I'd say fifteen degrees. They weren't laying but the lift showed up in their favor. Still good we peeled to the 1A about 30min too late. If we had peeled earlier we would have rounded with Anarchy and the other boats. Timed the jibe well after the rock- because of the wind direction there was a shadow close to shore which hurt the inside boats. My analysis of the weather showed a gradient wind and because of direction a nice wind channel essentially just to west of the shipping channel. We stuck to the plan and jibed along this line which was essentially rhumbline while all the other boats went for pt Dume. We were the outside boat in our class, kept jibing on the pressure and made great time. We lost track of the inside boats. Coming out of the dark in KH we starting seeing some larger boats and figured we were in good shape. The we hit a freaking kelp island that totally stopped the boat. We never fully got the kelp cleared off the rudder all the way to the finish. It was right then we saw the Anarchy sneak up. Congrats to the John and the Plankton- they always sail a great race. No doubt the Viper is a weapon in those conditions. Much more breeze or waves I think they would have been wiping out. Second year for us as the bridesmaid-we'll be back next year. TK Class all the way, WD Tim
  9. o69u812

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    See scot-that's how it's done- no whining, just a cool, calm, we had a good race how about everyone else? good times
  10. o69u812

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Who cares... it's PHRF for gawds sake. get over yourself. You don't see kernan on here crying i'm not crying, dickhead. go ask tim what he thinks of the viper rating.... NP - I'll ask him and maybe he'll say the rating is way off, but that's not my point, what I said was it's PH, stop whining like you have a bad yeast infection...
  11. o69u812

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Who cares... it's PHRF for gawds sake. get over yourself. You don't see kernan on here crying
  12. o69u812

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    Want some cheese to go with that scot,
  13. o69u812

    Older well known IOR Boats

    Resting in Honolulu Hawaii down by the charter boats, saw it about 3 weeks ago
  14. o69u812

    Santa Barbara Sailing

    OOPS wrong again janer... I'm having lots of fun! - Also, I'm guessing you don't like my handle because your bitter, cant get any downtown action eh?