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  1. After all that has revealed about DEE SMITH, you must be his gay lover or a pay shill. Reading comprehension a problem for you is it? See where I said he's nothing to me and I really don't care? But I do know about back injuries, trust me they can be a lot worse than sailing w/o a leg sitting inside a 2.4 BS on the front page won't stop, and sadly they won't have an olympics for them in Japan, I'm over it move on
  2. I've watched you blabber on about this for what seems like forever, now that it's over I see you getting in your last shot. So here's mine, Scot he's nothing to me and I really don't care. But I'm going to guess you have no idea what it's like to have a major back injury, and more so, the magnitude that he does (I hear he's a cancer survivor, the MIR looks like a train track of pins holding the spine together) Should this qualify him to race the other disabled sailors, I guess it did. Get over it. And the petty little shots at Scuttlefuck dude and USFailing... It shows how much energy you waste on BS when you might try putting some real content on the site. Rob Moore RIP said it best - you're like the crazy guy shouting on the street corner. Out.
  3. I was thinking the same thing.
  4. The first truth that must never be told is that Wooden Boat Magazine doesn't own the forum, and hasn't since the George Roberts law suit regarding the hanging of a neighbor's dog.... The other truth that must not be told is that there are other moderators (or administrators) who have editing power, and can alter, or delete posts anonymously. That Scot Bell refuses to interact with "his" forum in any way other than the draconian banning of friendly posters who only contribute positive, if sometimes controversial banter is sad. He used to be such a nice boy..... He used to cut the grass.... It sounds like he mowed your lawn. Not mine. Other people. Scot mowed my lawn years ago after I spent years helping him build his empire. He's very helpful as long as you are useful to him. As soon as you stand up to his bullying, he disposes of you.... Simple.... No use... Goodbye.... Dawg----- is that you?
  5. I see in the results that owner with the carbon "practice rudder" and custom keel shims is back racing in the class again...
  6. Don't forget the twelve steps
  7. Surprised Scot hasn't nominated the Bravura 29, one of his favorites and "a great value" according to Isler.
  8. Bob Perry to builder "We need more bensons!"
  9. what do you think this will be her last regatta ever? Because that's what I was told by one of the crew. Though extremely newsworthy, the rumored reason is a wrecking ball and I will not repeat it now. CLEAN - You're so....... never mind, you know what you are. Go buy some more gasoline and pour away. But I hope the flames get you.
  10. Cut the halyards and sails away last, the sails act as a sea anchor while your scrambling around cutting and banging pins out. Last but not least get the owner on deck with his wallet and credit cards
  11. Did you leave your wallet in the SDYC shower by mistake?
  12. Shit! now it makes sense, if you can't get rooms at the Cow Hollow you go to the Coventry....
  13. Excellent advice. I've always found I had to spend money on a "new" boat almost immediately. Spending your last dime to buy it would quickly be a problem. SloopJohnJohnson is right about Tom Johnson being right. If more people treated their race boat purchase like that there'd be a lot less whining out there
  14. Bob, The one problem with the bow in the traveller going down is the mainsheet is getting tighter as the car is pulled to weather, making the leach tighter and the control line harder to pull as well... Two things you don't want.
  15. Crazy Eights