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  1. Godfrey Bigot

    The pussification of England continues.....

    The myth of the poor, oppressed terrorist lives on. Liberalism is truly a mental disease. Stupid idea and it does not address the problem of Islamic terror originating from Islam. Much cheaper to point out all the flaws in the Islamic texts tell them its all bullshit and there will be no virgins in Paradise.
  2. Godfrey Bigot

    The pussification of England continues.....

    Clicky The taxpayers also fork out for this nonsense it makes me wonder if the poms will ever grow a backbone.
  3. Godfrey Bigot

    DC Designs

    Are there any other free DC plans out there that dont use this origami style of boatbuilding?
  4. Godfrey Bigot


    I went up to this hot blonde at the bar and asked her Can i smell your pussy? She said certainly not I said it must be your feet then