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  1. BooBoo

    Favourite Boat pic?

  2. BooBoo

    Favourite Boat pic?

    My boat in the 130nm coastal classic last October. 1989 wooden Elliott 10.5. Beat a Kerr 40 and many others on line. Was fun.
  3. BooBoo

    TP 52 Cruiser

    Did some miles on that boat. That rig was a new high end Southern Spars rig that was fitted in sometime arpund 2008. Pretty sure the main halyard was on the lock you describe with the tylaskas but the kite halyards had proper locks on them. I remember putting the spinnaker pole right through the front of that mast sending down wind in 30+kts with the A4 up in the Hong Kong to Vietnam race when the retrofitted spinnaker pole end fitting failed. We kept the rig in the air but it was touch and go for a while until we got the kite down. The Vietnam race is the best race in the world. 650nm hoon. Next nam race we had the Prod. Here is a video of that one. Good times. Good to see the old girl getting some love finally.
  4. BooBoo

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    Would love to but we just don't have the budget for a big campaign. Sponsorship is hard to get in NZ.
  5. BooBoo

    Aussie/Kiwi ocean and club racers

    We just enjoyed 2 weeks cruising great batrier island with 3 kids in our 80k 1980s wooden 4kt shitbox. Pretty good consdering that we managed to smash a Kerr 40, welborne 42 wedgetail and many others on line in the coastal, beat clockwork (ex general lee) to white island and generally hand out a hiding to anything else our size. The motorboat (ex squealer ex butcher) was a great buy. Does everything we need it to. And now the prep for the Round North island 2 handed continues. 40 boats on the start line next month.
  6. We sure had a good blast up the coast on Motorboat. Had the green bus on rails 3 sail reaching. Rather wet. Good times.
  7. BooBoo

    DQOTD - cockpit speakers

    We have a pretty epic sound system on my boat. 6 Fusion Signiture range 8.8 inch speakers (4 outside and 2 inside) and a 12inch Sub. 2 amplifiers with a capacitor to give them a better power supply and a cooling fan for those nights when it runs hard.... All speakers have blue LEDs in them which double as our cockpit and interior party lights. Its pretty loud and shakes the whole boat. Draws around 30A when cranked up. Its a sweet system and i cant see how you would ever need more. We do have one more channel with the original plan for a seperate boxed sub in the cockpit but in reality we dont need it, there is enough base from the 4 8.8inch speakers. We have had to port the cockpit lockers...
  8. BooBoo

    Round New Zealand 2-Handed

    Yup finished the great race. Pretty painful ending when we could literally see titanium finish a few miles ahead but with the turn of the tide and the wind shutting down we just couldn't get to the finish line. It was a long night of trying to do what ever we could to get there but in the end finished on the next turn of the tide with the rest of the fleet. Not quite the finish we had in mind but overall pretty happy with how we went. Titanium is much faster, newer by 20 years and bigger by 3ft, so to be able to do a fair bit of boat for boat racing and beating them on line in 2 out of 4 legs was pretty good for us. Also good to beat the pogo 40 on every leg. It certainly was an adventure
  9. BooBoo

    Round New Zealand 2-Handed

    Yes its all starting to get real now. Been such a whirlwind Since we got back to nz in November. Boat has undergone a huge refit and is pretty good to go. Me and Damon on the other hand are pretty well underdone in our own prep. No sailing buildup, zero fitness(for the last RNI we had both done the Auckland half marathon together) and just don't quite have our head in the game yet. Kind of feels like we are sailing someone else's boat. Only raced it once before so got a huge amount to learn. I only packed my bag late last night... Anyway once out there we will quickly get back into it. Looking forward to it and the forecast for the first leg looks superb with downhill all the way. Hey Alcatraz, forgot to say a huge thanks to you and the lads for taking on our 1000hr engine service for us. Manstuff Mondays, what a legend team. I will give up a night in the loft for a man stuff Monday session when other back. It's been amazing all the help we have had getting this bus ready. Shows how tight the NZ sailing scene is.
  10. BooBoo

    Round New Zealand 2-Handed

    Yup 5 sails. A5 and A2.5 gennaker s, #1 genoa, #2 Jib that reefs to a #3 and then a #4 that reefs to a #5.
  11. BooBoo

    Round New Zealand 2-Handed

    Haha love seeing the banter. Yes we have had a seriously short build up and our race prep has consisted of only one race. We will not even get to try the new sails until the start! Having said that we both have experience at getting all types of boats going fast so pretty sure we will learn the ropes as quick as anyone else could. Gale force is a well setup and well campaigned boat. Ken and my little brother will be hard to beat. I just hope they don't choke with all the pressure and expectation..... LOL. Certainly going to be a close race between the fleet of similar sized yachts. Looking forward to it. For anyone who wants to follow here is a link to our face book page
  12. BooBoo

    Really... Is there a better boat for the money?

    I would seriously look at a Beneteau oceanis 50. 3 cabin option. Our one was fantastic on a voyage from Europe to NZ recently.
  13. Just seen this facebook post from one of the crew on wild oats. Saddened by the fact a few of my old mates would have thought we would use our AIS system onboard to our advantage by turning it off during the great race. The fact is the system got fried when our onboard cameraman went live at the start, we had no idea at all during the race till we finished . The Wild Oats team is one of the best loyalist teams I have sailed with in my whole sailing career .
  14. BooBoo

    Marine Speakers

    The fusion signiture range speakers are very good. No one believes I don't have an amp but it's just the 8 inch signiture range speakers running from a fusion head deck. Sounds very good and loud enough for any party!
  15. BooBoo

    Show your boat not sailing

    Current boat, Beneteau Oceanis 50 called Rogue. Just sailed it halfway around the world from France to Tonga with the wife and 3 young kids. Currently enjoying the Haapai island group while waiting for a weather window to NZ. Just accepted an offer on the boat subject to survey in NZ. All worked out exceptionally well. Next boat, Elliott 10.5. Deal done, half shares with a good mate who has just delivered the boat to its new home at westhaven Auckland. Race campaign focused on the Round NZ 2 handed race in Feb then the Round North island 2 handed race 2020 and a bit in between. After that, dunno, probably another longer offshore cruise. In the mean time I better get back to work making sails to pay for it all....