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  1. chickenlips

    I'm making a rudder

    erdb, Very nice work on the rudder! Is that a Santana 23, daggerboard model?
  2. chickenlips


    The Sabre is a cool boat! I hope you can post some pictures.
  3. chickenlips

    Coolboats to admire

    Bull, did you paint that? It's excellent!
  4. chickenlips

    Sailors Powerboat

    Holy frijoles Koko, she's a beauty! It looks like the cabin top is strip planked. The foredeck is stunning; what is it made of? Do you have more photos of the interior? How about pics of the construction? Thanks
  5. chickenlips

    boat suggestion? light, small, blue water potential

    Scott, Got it, that all makes sense. Thanks for taking the time to respond. This is yacht design at it's finest!!
  6. chickenlips

    boat suggestion? light, small, blue water potential

    Scott, I think it's completely cool what you're doing! I really appreciate you sharing your design of the new boat. Please keep 'em coming. I followed along the design and build of Marsh Duck on your blog. I'm impressed on how you kept the weight down. The new boat also looks like a winner. What's the thinking on going from an aft cabin to a forward cabin? Are you thinking of a similar kind of construction? Will you have oarlock 'wings' like Marsh Duck? Why another monohull instead of , say, your 5.5 meter narrow trimaran? Thanks!!
  7. chickenlips

    Small and Seaworthy, why?

    "the Melges 24 has a 60% ballast ratio" where did you get that? this says 37%
  8. chickenlips

    Skerry Cruisers

    I want this one:
  9. chickenlips

    Metal Boats

    Thanks Lass, and keep 'em coming. I don't think anyone here has ever complained about too many photos. Your previous boat is also a beauty.
  10. chickenlips

    Metal Boats

    I was re-reading John Ilingworth's "The Malham Story"; he's describing the 1965(?) Quarter Ton Cup in Bresken with"a very good crew of Steve Ratsey, Yves Tanton and Tuffin." I hope YMT will chime in about what this was like. Maybe it's time for him to write his memoirs?
  11. chickenlips

    My newest project

    Bob, I'm glad you've decided not to take a break. The forum would be a poorer place without you.
  12. chickenlips

    My newest project

    I too find the photos, of bits and pieces, really interesting. The amount of time and thought, that goes into a custom boat, is just incredible. Thanks Bob, and keep 'em coming.
  13. chickenlips

    Coolboats to admire

    Gloriana, Capt. Nat
  14. chickenlips

    The cruising boats that make you dream thread...

    Is that a Mull 30'? She's a beauty!!
  15. chickenlips

    Perry Sliver Class Day Sailor

    Boomer, Stevie's Ray Vaughn's "Pride and Joy" is the perfect song for your video! "i love my lady She's long and lean You mess with her You see a man get mean"