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  1. McGyver

    In Production: Spirit 111

    Don't worry, it's not meant to be sailed, but parked at some fancy Mediterranean port.
  2. McGyver

    SailGP 2020

    Sail GP is being unfairly portrayed. The dozen or so spectators and online viewers seemed quite enthusiastic about the races.
  3. McGyver

    what is it?

    Workbench 24?
  4. McGyver

    Demographics of your local Race Committee

    I would say, leave RC duties to major regattas, and do the informal racing the easy way. (I'm talking Lasers here.) All you need is a windward and a leeward mark, do rabbit stars, people remember the score and everybody can have a good beery time at the bar.
  5. McGyver

    Fucking parasites

    Race a Laser.
  6. McGyver

    SBS - Sailing Booster System

    That system only works on boats that are very fast to begin with, so the foils can produce lift. I'd bet that a foil-less sistership would go the same speed or faster than the boat on the video. The "light show all night long" is a very good reason to put up with the cost and complication, though...
  7. Only if you are a televangelist! A televangelist wants his followers to pay for a $54 million private jet. It’s his fourth plane.
  8. McGyver

    Team NYYC

    You are not implying that Americans don't feel like this, are you?
  9. McGyver

    Gybe Ho

  10. McGyver

    Fduck Foiling!

    I love fast boats, but if it means that they are hard to tack and therefore they go their merry way only meeting at the buoys, that's not exactly the AC, is it?:
  11. McGyver

    Larry's AC50 Circus

    When I read that Rolex is going to drop millions sponsoring Larry's Circus I feel somewhat smarter than the people whose gross overpayment for a watch make this possible.
  12. McGyver

    How is this not over early?

    Errr... you guys are actually thinking that Sail GP has something to do with sailboat racing?
  13. McGyver

    AC, hearts and minds

    "Sail", the movie, was corny and... well, you know. But can anyone make a movie about the AC in Bermuda that would be more interesting? (Hint: it's a rhetorical question. It would never be the same without the Whomper.)
  14. McGyver

    Laser Foiling on home built hydrofoils.

    Kevin Rissell, you've been awarded the 2019 MacGyver Trophy!
  15. McGyver

    Caption Contest

    Call THIS OCS, motherfuckers!