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  1. I think I saw an ad at Craiglist San Diego, under: Pets Canines
  2. A case against colored lines?

    Colored lines give you more alternatives: to the experienced crew you yell: "Tighten the downfucker, NOW!.. To the newbie: "Could you please pull on the red and black line until tight". One is much faster than the other one, but both work.
  3. Tether clips

    Unfortunately there are no statistics to support either position, but it is worth to wonder how many sailors drowned because their safety clip got open by a weird twist versus how many drowned because their super-safe system required an instant move that they did not have.
  4. Tether clips

    Suit yourself. I'd rather had one of those "non-locking carabiners" than I can clip in a second while blind, cold and shaken; rather than a "safety one" that requires me to use both hands while in a bouncing bow at night. Edit: I may be behind the times and your new harness comes with a third hand that keeps you on the boat and alive while you deal with the "safety carabiner"...
  5. Tether clips

    I haven't done ocean deliveries for a while, so when last summer I did one from Portland to San Diego, it was my first contact with safety harnesses in years. I could not believe how complicated they had become. Instead of the old style carabiners, that only required a hard snap to clip, these required using both hands. And the weather was not that cold, trying to do it with thick gloves, forget it. I'm pretty sure that people remember those old style carabiners that allowed you to clip to SOMETHING while you were hanging for dear life off the other hand.
  6. Commanche should have leebowed Wild Oats

    Oh, my, just another catfight among obscenely overpaid professional sailors. I'm devastated. Some Ambien, please! And for the rest of you, in the immortal words of Captn. Kirk in SNL: "Get a life!"
  7. Was a sarcasm emoticon REALLY needed...?
  8. I am very happy with the new design because my biggest beef with the foiling catamarans was that 99% of sailors could not relate to them.
  9. My bad, did not realize of the other thread.
  10. blooper time!

    YES to the blooper! I used them on IOR boats on the late 70s and on a Serendipity 43 in the Caribbean in the early 80s. For one thing, every time I looked up at the halyard, it was pulling forward. In my book, that means the BOAT was being pulled forward. And another thing: the halyard guy had to keep it flying low enough to just kiss the water, the sheet guy trimmed enough (yep, they worked the opposite way from normal sails, you trimmed it until it collapsed, then eased). Two guys who were paying attention instead of drinking beer. And as a bowman, they made jibes more interesting, with the dropping, throwing the halyard over the new sheet etc. Asyms are faster, but the bow was more interesting before...
  11. Front Page - Wild Wanda

    I didn't know that 8 Meters were designed for the IOR Rule...
  12. ac36 mono hull knock-on effect

    Santiago Lange won Olympic gold in catamarans at age 55.
  13. Four sailors with broken ribs? You don't see this kind of carnage on an average NFL Sunday, with four times as many players as sailors at this regatta. Maybe, in heavy air, they should think of wearing some kind of life preserver/pads combo.
  14. Turbo Etchells

    And what are your plans for when the local PHRF assigns you a rating that would be impossible to win with?