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  1. McGyver

    Clipped Swan

    He does all his recreational sailing in the Roaring Forties.
  2. McGyver

    Sailing on Mars

    Good sailing descriptions in "The Martian Chronicles".
  3. McGyver

    USA 11 Front Page

    I didn't like the Scalextr... I mean multihulls in Bermuda either, but monohulls don't need to be slow. A TP52 style monohull with the same lenght of the ACC boats, in Hawaii or Fremantle, would have been glorious. And great for TV too.
  4. McGyver

    USA 11 Front Page

    A five million dollars boat with a top speed of 16 knots? Misplaced nostalgia.
  5. McGyver

    Break-up Value (Melges 40)

    Please excuse my ignorance, but why is a four year old One Design boat obsolete? Gives a whole new meaning to Planned Obsolescence.
  6. McGyver

    Open for sailing (From the FP) WRONG PICTURE

    No, I didn't miss it. THAT was the right picture.
  7. Scot, if you want sailing open as an activity please don't post a picture of people with their heads only inches apart, who during several instances during a couple of hours, breathe heavily after hoists and drops, and for sure be at some point to leeward of another member. A good example was this 60 member chorus in South Korea. All asymptomatic. In two weeks, 45 infected and two dead.
  8. McGyver

    In Production: Spirit 111

    Don't worry, it's not meant to be sailed, but parked at some fancy Mediterranean port.
  9. McGyver

    SailGP 2020

    Sail GP is being unfairly portrayed. The dozen or so spectators and online viewers seemed quite enthusiastic about the races.
  10. McGyver

    what is it?

    Workbench 24?
  11. McGyver

    Demographics of your local Race Committee

    I would say, leave RC duties to major regattas, and do the informal racing the easy way. (I'm talking Lasers here.) All you need is a windward and a leeward mark, do rabbit stars, people remember the score and everybody can have a good beery time at the bar.
  12. McGyver

    Fucking parasites

    Race a Laser.
  13. McGyver

    SBS - Sailing Booster System

    That system only works on boats that are very fast to begin with, so the foils can produce lift. I'd bet that a foil-less sistership would go the same speed or faster than the boat on the video. The "light show all night long" is a very good reason to put up with the cost and complication, though...
  14. Only if you are a televangelist! A televangelist wants his followers to pay for a $54 million private jet. It’s his fourth plane.
  15. McGyver

    Team NYYC

    You are not implying that Americans don't feel like this, are you?