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  1. McGyver

    It’s time to replace PHRF once and for all!

    Say half of the San Diego PHRF fleet switches to ORC. Last year there were 11 PHRF classes at the Beer Cans. To keep the same rating bands, how many starts are we going to need?
  2. McGyver

    It’s time to replace PHRF once and for all!

    Regatta participation has been decreasing, so maybe the first step should be to contact all the boats owners who did Beer Cans and Hot Rums and ask how many would be interested in joining ORC. There has to be a critical mass for this change to be worth it. Otherwise it may be cutting thinner slices of an already shrinking pie.
  3. Maybe the lonely lady made the mistake of eating shrooms and in the lapse of four hours realized how empty her life is, that her friends are only interested in her money, and her husband cannot explain their children what he does. Yep, she is ready to jump.
  4. McGyver

    Are all the fastest sails black now?

    I don't think that longevity, through UV resistance, is a top priority of top end racing teams.
  5. Not to mention that IT (too dumb to be a SHE) does not fit in the fancy Mediterranean ports, and there is no helipad, so when they fancy a few spins of the roulette, they will have to arrive in Monaco in a drab, proletarian motorboat.
  6. 9/13 MASK FREE. A pic of a J-70 maskless crew, together with this Righteous Rant: "What do you people think this regatta is, a Trump rally? Where are your fucking masks? What, no Covid-19 in the UK? That is some piss-poor race management, not to mention a missed opportunity to set an example by simply doing the right thing – wear a mask. We looked at all the pictures from the J/70 UK Nationals and couldn’t find a single mask. It’s irresponsible – masks should simply been made mandatory by the PRO." 9/18 What could be a carbon copy of the previous pic, another maskless crew, but now it's titled: SPORTY SMART It is a little known fact that advertising in Sailing Anarchy immunizes you and your crew against coronavirus!
  7. McGyver

    Construction of a Pogo 50

    Won't runners be a problem for short-handed cruising?
  8. McGyver

    Planing Back in the Day

    I was scrolling down waiting for that question to show up...
  9. McGyver

    what was it?

    Great name.
  10. McGyver

    Clipped Swan

    He does all his recreational sailing in the Roaring Forties.
  11. McGyver

    Sailing on Mars

    Good sailing descriptions in "The Martian Chronicles".
  12. McGyver

    USA 11 Front Page

    I didn't like the Scalextr... I mean multihulls in Bermuda either, but monohulls don't need to be slow. A TP52 style monohull with the same lenght of the ACC boats, in Hawaii or Fremantle, would have been glorious. And great for TV too.
  13. McGyver

    USA 11 Front Page

    A five million dollars boat with a top speed of 16 knots? Misplaced nostalgia.
  14. McGyver

    Break-up Value (Melges 40)

    Please excuse my ignorance, but why is a four year old One Design boat obsolete? Gives a whole new meaning to Planned Obsolescence.
  15. McGyver

    Open for sailing (From the FP) WRONG PICTURE

    No, I didn't miss it. THAT was the right picture.