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  1. linaszuk

    Random PicThread

    my brother had a 1969 AMC Rambler with that. It was an actual "little old lady drove it to the market and church" car. pretty cool.
  2. linaszuk

    Random PicThread

    That whole crazy ass control setup and "the floor mounted dimmer"? looking at that setup, it's probably the brake pedal.
  3. linaszuk

    Used Car Anarchy

    if you're buying used. you are buying a car that someone got rid of for whatever reason. It's safe to assume that reason is sufficiently bad enough to go thru the hassle of reploacing the vehicle. having said that, i just bought an ex-police CrownVic about a year ago. got a screaming deal.... or so I thought. I've replaced the engine and brakes so far. some other minor repairs. however, all in i've got a 2011 big a$$ sedan, last of the body-on-frame, for about $11K with a fresh rebuilt motor (3year/100k warranty). Not exactly a screaming-deal anymore, but the chassis has 100k on it now and a fresh motor. anything used would have 69-110k+ on the whole car for that price. So I'm ok. point is, used cars are someone else's problems. buy at own risk and be prepared to fix some issues. look for the bright yellow paint marker on major components. this indicates that the part came from a salvage yard and the vehicle has had major repairs done with salvage parts. they may be good and have no issues OR you may need to correctly address the repairs at some point in the future. look for a car that is easy to repair and parts are reasonable/cheap for (this is why taxi services ran the CVic). and yes, the CrownVic runs like a scalded ape. like the Elwood Blues said... "Cop motor, cop tires, cop shocks".... definitely a highway cruiser. 70mph, the motor is ticking over 2100rpm. very relaxed.
  4. linaszuk

    How does your sailing/yacht club do ice?

    rum drinks usually. It's a small club and we meet virtually. most of the boats are staying out of the water this summer.
  5. linaszuk

    Random PicThread

    OK, I've always liked Saabs. Thought they were pretty cool. However, never found them "sexy" or appealing enough to get one. I now actually want one.
  6. linaszuk

    Point Break

    Best wishes PB.
  7. linaszuk

    Ian Anderson ..AKA... Jethro Tull

    two versions, one original release and the other a 180g recent "audiophile" pressing. sorry to hear this news.
  8. linaszuk

    Random PicThread

    I miss the old "S curve"...
  9. linaszuk

    Random PicThread

    I cut down trees. I skip and jump. I like to press wild flowers. I put on women's clothing And hang around in bars. and another one stuck in the head. I'll probably watch "The Holy Grail" tonight...
  10. linaszuk

    Random PicThread

    Sun streaking cold, an old man wandering lonely Taking time, the only way he knows
  11. linaszuk

    Random PicThread

    yep, busted out my original release vinyl for a listen.
  12. linaszuk

    Random PicThread

  13. linaszuk

    Random PicThread

  14. linaszuk

    what are you listening to right now .... part quatre

    streaming Ghoultown albums on amazon.
  15. linaszuk

    Movies I've Rewatched due to Covid-19

    This weeks list so far.... Ridiculous movie, but the flogging the Cobra and the Daytona scenes are awesome.