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  1. Best Science Fiction Movies

    I'm with you on wanting to see Ringworld or Footfall. My only concern is that those, and pretty much anything from Niven and/or Pournelle, is sort of like the Dune series in that each book has a scope that will probably have difficulty translating into a movie/mini-series format. I'd probably still go watch it though.
  2. Best Science Fiction Movies

    Other movies not mentioned, but probably worth a watch; Frtz Lang's - Metropolis Steamboy THX1138 Akira Logan's Run
  3. I'm not yelling

    but you can un-screw a lightbulb....
  4. Dark Web

    don't forget about these "l33t haX0rs"
  5. Dark Web

    So, I'm one of the guys that keeps bits of the Internet humming along for corporations. And here are a few tidbits of advice for those wanting to take a walk on the darkside IF you are going to play on the "Dark Web", seriously, DO NOT go in there with a system that can be compromised. I'm not just talking making sure you're anti-virus is up to date. I'm referring to a system that you can reboot to scratch with no changes, a system you do not depend on. Think of this a akin to parking a nice car in a sketchy neighborhood while you go on vaca for a week. You need to look for a Linux "Live: distro that can run the TOR browser from a boot CD/USB drive. I would still use a separate computer as a "Live" distro will still see the local hard disk (unless you pull it). You also need to be aware that, even though your specific activities will be difficult (not impossible, the feds have their tendrils in there too) to track, your ISP will be aware that you are getting to the dark-web (they may not know what you're doing exactly, but this can raise red flags). You may not be doing anything illegal, but you are venturing into, what amounts to, a lawless area. You can be guilty by association. I'm not one of the tin-foil hat brigade, but I am aware of the capabilities of networks and what can and cannot be done on them. I'm also aware of the kind of people that reside in these places. Using extreme care and clear thinking are strongly advised when contemplating venturing into these places. You might be just curious to see what all the hub-bub is about, this is where professionals exist and unless you are one, think very carefully before proceeding. and please don't ask me for help un-fucking your computers afterward. ain't doing it. have fun. enter at your own risk. p.s. - please feel free to ignore the advice above if you think that you are the bee's knees to computing and have nothing to fear from the like of actual hackers/cracker and the like. However, as you are reading this on a sailing forum, there tends to be the reality that you spend "some" of your time outside actually "doing" things and are not holed up in the glorious glow of and LCD screen(s). This lead one to the conclusion that you are n07 1n p05535510n 0f 7h3 r3qu15173 5k1ll 537 4nd w0uld b3 5ub53qu3n7ly 0wn3d 1n 5h0r7 0rd3r. <--- if you can't read that, seriously, go sailing or read a book about the dark web (you'll be happier).
  6. I think in this case the bike rider tried to run the car over (doesn't seem to work as well the other way 'round), Also there seemed to be excessive speed involved. If the car wasn't there to stop him, who knows how many innocent woodland creatures may have been injured as he surely would've kept going off into the woods at that speed.
  7. Yeah, see, the whole "legal road user" thing is what gets me. When was the last time you saw a cyclist stop for a stop sign? I see cyclist blow thru these routinely. That act alone negates the "legal road user". As a cyclist, if you're going to expect everyone to accord you the "rules of the road" and allow you into traffic, you as a cyclist also need to follow the "rules of the road." In the case of the d-bag in the video, that the whole "slower traffic keep right" rule. Of course, all this falls under the heading of everyone following the rules of the road. And, in that regard, I'm no angel. When I cycle, I try to stick to bike paths/lanes and if I'm in general traffic I make sure I'm not holding people up (lot's less getting run over that way). Yes, the Volvo driver is a class A a-hole and deserves whatever they get. And yes, the cyclist got what he was asking for. If you put your nose out there and dare people to cut it off, you need to be aware that there are people out there that are bigger a-holes than you and might be in a position to do something about it (decency or legality not withstanding).
  8. Years ago, I scored a ride on the Fitzgerald during a publicity tour through Chicago. All the cool toys were neat, but what really impressed me was the maneuverability of this ship. Full speed to dead stop in 2 boat lengths and the turning at speed was also impressive. I'll be interested to know how this happened as I'm fairly certain that the Fitzgerald could have easily gotten out of the way of a container ship.
  9. Argo Anarchy

    I thought I was the only one that could name all 4 Banana Splits.
  10. The maniacs at Fiat have lost their minds ...

    So, I got a great idea for these cars....... I propose that everyone who drives in Chicago be handed one of these 800+hp Demons. Let me know when that's gonna happen as I'll be on vacation for about 2 weeks. I'm guessing that 1 week of standard behavior and a subsequent week for cleanup and funerals and such and the rest of us (or anyone left) will have a better commute.
  11. just how bad do you have to be ?

    So, had a great view when I was in Rome (1983). Off the veranda, cool ruins with cats roaming about. 4 lane street running left to right (across the front), 4 lanes crossing and feeding into 1 lane with parking. In ANY other city in the world, this would have been 24-7-365 nightmare gridlock, accidents, shootings..... etc. In Rome? Light changes, motorcycles and vespas shot across followed by the cars and anything slower...... and they all just feed in like teeth in a well broken in zipper..... I watched that shit for hours in the morning (either I'm easily amused or not able to process things in the morning) over coffee and breakfast
  12. More United Dumbphuckery

    This is really dumb. The PR is gonna be bad. Flying in general is becoming a real pain. it's why we (my family) travel less. I do have an opposite to this United story and this goes back about 20 or so years. Flying back from LAX to ORD (Chicago) and the sparsely loaded, 707 I think, plane has a load bang just as they start to button things up. In about 5 minutes, we are asked to disembark as something has gone wrong. Waiting in the terminal and we're all wondering what's next when we're asked to go over a few gates to another plane. We all wander on over and I'm dragging because of a really good weekend. So I'm last to board and I notice that the jet-way is angled up. Our replacement ride is a 747 (apparently all they had lying around) and when I get to the door I'm instructed to just grab a seat. I am also the only one that asked "Anywhere?" "yes." I look back at everyone in coach and no one in first. The stewardess looks at me and smiles.... (it's not going there).... I go to first class and have a good seat for the movie. The rest of the flight was nice as the 2 stewardesses just kinda parked the drinks trolley by me and we enjoyed the most stress free flight ever. And because the 747 is faster, we didn't arrive late. The funny expression was the one that the other passengers had when they saw me getting out of first and they asked me how I pulled that off. "I just asked nicely" Sometimes, not being a raging dick is good thing.
  13. Best mount- Hands free. It's the law

    Just so you know this works - the phone I have is an older Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3 inch monster and a silicone rubber and plastic case thing (fairlly thick). I went to Walgreens and got this little suction-cup deal that has a magnetic puck and a metal-ish plate that you stick to the back-sdie of the phone. It has yet to fall off. I don't recall the specific brand, but it was about $10 (i'm cheap).
  14. Foiling Optimist(!)

    finally, a proper application of foiling. I learned to sail in those things. Great boat to just ghost around the harbor in also (on those less than windy days). I wonder how fast it was going. I do have to wonder though, did someone say "Oh shit! I got a great idea..... hold my beer." or was this en entirely sober endeavor? Not that there is anything wrong with it (I get lotsa good beer-fueled ideas), just curious.
  15. the grand tour premieres this week

    in midwest, was on Amazon Prime last night at some point. Enjoyed the show. I like "the American" It'll be funnier and he appears to drive well enough.