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  1. Vineyard Race 2017

    Warrior (Ex. Camper Volvo 70) is. Should be an exciting race. Unfortunately I will be stuck shoreside this year.
  2. Tragic youth sailing accident

    Question on motor opperation: Will the prop slow down faster if the kill switch is pulled with the engine in gear? My initial thought is yes, because the momentum in the prop will be consumed by pushing the engine cylinders. Anyone with more engine experience know the answer?
  3. Stable spinnaker on Foiling/Apparent Wind runs?

    Ya, you need to bear off to keep your apparent wind far enough back. Or ease your main to keep the speed down, so you apparent stays back and you don't collapse the kite. Kind of a knife edge.
  4. volvo goes both ways

    Because we saw so much short tacking and tacking duals with the 70's and 65's. I've raced a VOR 70 inshore( Il Monstro), and minimizing tacks is important. And given a blank slate to design an inshore foiling cat, we are likely to see something capable of foiling upwind, if not pulling off foiling tacks. Remember that just a few years ago, foiling gybes were an accomplishment in AC boats, Moths and A class cats. The progression is there.
  5. 3Di Nordac

    Is that why some classes still tend to go with 3dl for their lighter air headsails with more shaping? (Farr 40, Melges 32...)
  6. Anyone ever tie a kite to a SOT kayak?

    As a complete and utter newb, can I ask why? Because it won't relaunch out of the water like an inflatable kite can. So once you crash it, you are done.
  7. Question regarding my traveler balls

    And make sure not to lube your balls with McLube spray. They will slide instead of rolling, and develop flat spots. 1drop is OK, but only 1 drop max.
  8. ACWS New York - May 6, 7, 8 2016

    Today's potential course with a southerly breeze.
  9. 2016 Miami Star Worlds

    Some photos Mast
  10. 2016 Miami Star Worlds

    It's a much different section. Somewhat similar to the old spacecraft section. The guy in Baltimore makes all the parts- including pulling his own wires. Eric Doyle is using mast #2 (I think) The mast at the sailing center is Arthur's. Arthur or Eric Doyle would have more information.
  11. AYC Spring Series 2016

    I believe Oakcliff will be sending 2 Farr 40's (now with spirits) and the Ker 50 Temptation.
  12. Best boat for light air lake sailing

    Get an E-scow or A-scow and blow the pants off everybody.
  13. money wins!

  14. Tempesta Gear

    Edgier? Team Bikinis/speedos?
  15. Boss Sinking?

    Was this super light hull construction necessary to make the lifting foils effective? They upped the minimum required weight from thethe previous generation, correct?