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  1. MT Sailor

    DC Designs

    Ok - How about this.... As the bag collapses under vaccum pressure, it pinches in on the edges before it comes tight against the inside of the hull. It can slide around the edges to some extent, but as it is pulled into the center of the curve the pinching against the edges causes it to pull with a small force towards the center of the hull, thus increasing the round. So everyone is right that the net atmospheric force once the vaccum is established is zero, but there are forces at work as the air is being removed, creating uneven tension in the bag that remains as long as the vaccum remains.
  2. MT Sailor

    DC Designs

    And that is why Steve is a hero. A great yachtsman who cares to get others involved. I'm helping my brother build a ply-moth right now and we've already stole the idea of the puzzle scarp joint and it worked awsome. Steve, is that fishing monofilament you're using to lace up the hull?