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  1. Go Fuck Yourself

    Volvo 70... where are they ? Any for sale?

    Il mostro was rumored to be on the short list to go on the market. Also, the Devos family didn't launch their Maxi86 last season, supposedly the sons were busy on their other programs.maybe she'd go for the right $$$
  2. Go Fuck Yourself

    newbie bowman tips

    Defile the boat owner's daughter(s). Start fights at the YC bar, and make sure you have your mid-bowman there for the old, 'hold me back!' Tee'm up, douse'm, and flake'm, but don't pack shit. Hand halyards to crew members on the rail and say,' hold this, don't let it go...' Macramé on your own time. Complain to everyone that you're the last person to have a beer in their hand at the end of the day's races. Have your alternate spot mapped out furthest aft for pre, mid, and post race.
  3. Go Fuck Yourself

    Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I know of a 38 that might be available for charter for some N. American Great Lakes (including Canadian waters) races in 2015. Chicago Mackinac race Bayview Mackinac race possibly a Super Mac race (the continuance of the Chicago Mac beyond Mac island to Port Huron) and the infamous Harbor Spring's Uggota Regatta. I've been afforded the hospitality of the Sandringham Yacht Club, Geelong Race Week, and the awesome folks on Smooth Criminal; Hi Don! If anyone in Melbourne is interested in an introduction to the SY38 boat owner, please give me a shout. Nothing has been finalized yet. Cheers, Blubberboy
  4. Go Fuck Yourself

    Who is snaggletooth

    Is dat you Snaggleclaus?
  5. Go Fuck Yourself

    Who is snaggletooth

    The greatest trick Snaggletooth ever pulled was convincing the world that he does exist... Is that you Snaggletooth, is this me?
  6. Go Fuck Yourself

    Chicago Area III

    Two nice days on the PHRFection race to and from Michigan Shitty. Actually, Michigan City was quite inviting. The Brew pub up the road was very pleasant. The yachty club put on a nice 'drink up' and social near the marina on the very nice lawn of the lighthouse. They were generous with the rum drinks from what I saw and was told. Depth is NOT an issue this year. Saw a high 15ft as the shallow on the way in ( 20' to 30' off the breakwall).
  7. Go Fuck Yourself

    Chicago Area III

    Good luck to all you Verve Cuppas Good Luck to all The Tard 10's @ the Nationals
  8. Go Fuck Yourself

    Chicago Area III

    Port side AC left handed winch . Got a problem with that?
  9. Go Fuck Yourself

    Chicago Area III

    Racing in the cruising section is like screwing a scooter - They're fun to ride, you just don't want one of your fat friends to see you sucking on the tail pipe... I fucked that up didn't I...
  10. Go Fuck Yourself

    Chicago Area III

    Thanks Jim...
  11. Go Fuck Yourself

    Chicago Area III

    Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages, welcome one and all to sport of kings, the race of all races, the crème de la crème of yacht racing; the cruising section. This is where we separate the men from the men, literally. Where dreams are made during eight hour off watches in silk pajamas, and milk is spilt out of bowls of fruit loops. No folks, this is not your ordinary test of man verses man, and man verses machine, this is a test of man verses an eight course meal whilst battling the elements of electric winches, dacron sailcloth, ornate teak veneered lazarettes , fluffy deck cushions, and angry nacho stealing seagulls. We may even see a sailing-glove face slapping, and most certainly tears will be shed. You will see overly grown men stuffed into quarters generally thought to be too small to facilitate a toilet and still be able read a newspaper and pinch a loaf with ease. You will witness the ‘set it and forget it’ genoa sail trim technique. You will appreciate the finer art of the ‘Crazy Ivan’ to starboard at the bottom of the hour, and the forever decorative helmsman snake path wake. This will be the journey of epic propositions. A journey of epic time consumption. A journey that would break the will of a lesser fool. A seemingly expected journey that would drive a hobbit mad. Some will not survive this test. Some may not return. Some will learn from their mistakes and never, ever, return. Some may be blinded by self-importance and an overly inflated opinion of their perceived achievements, and pontificate their self-inflated worth to all those that will listen. While some will succumb to the inevitable reality of the race. Was it really a tragic accident while cleaning his Browning Over/Under? Did he really just fall asleep in a running automobile in the garage with all the windows down? So there you have it folks, our cruising section all-stars, or as some will call it, the Friday Section 9 Sooners. They’re all winners, juice box drinkers on the podium of self-sacrifice. Their love for the sport of yacht racing cannot be diminished simply because they choose to start a day earlier and bring the comforts of a suburban home into the realm of competitive distance sailing. Some may see them as the paneled station wagons of the race course; I prefer to think of them as thee Equus africanus asinus of our endurance racing. You’re all winners….
  12. Go Fuck Yourself

    Chicago Area III

    King Shit, welcome to Turd Island....
  13. Go Fuck Yourself

    Chicago Area III

    No FOG, just as I suspected.
  14. Go Fuck Yourself

    Chicago Area III

    Fog race?
  15. Go Fuck Yourself

    never fuckin' mind

    Okay. Let's, uh, go to the hotel and, uh, tomorrow, you'll see if you can get another big wad of sweaty money out of his hand.