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  1. Flatty, remember, it is not only up to ORCV, They have no boats, to run the races but rely on the goodwill and support of the clubs to provide committee boats, course laying and support boats and crew. So a lot of the responsibility is with the clubs, and they need to be conscious of responsibility and liability to their non ocean racing members for a Cat 6 race and duty of care to race officials and volunteers in running a non club event.
  2. Haven't seen her out much but she flew in this one. http://www.hbyc.org.au/images/series/results/St_Leonards_Results.pdf Had a pretty good record in Botany Bay as "Torch" back in the JOGGIE days. Capey always draws a nice boat. Walked past it the other day, looks tidy enough, good rig, well maintained, bit of a bargain if you're after that size boat. Any idea how she'd stack up against an Adams 10 performance wise? badly - it has not really done anything in Div2, let alone destroyed all comers like the A10's. If you wanted to beat the Adams, you should have bought the Borensen (Surprise) when it was available.
  3. Because they can, and it makes no difference to the restart time of Div 2. Rather than recall Div2, and delay div 3, go into new Div 2 sequence 5 mins after the original start, and start 5 minutes later, and then start Div 3 5 mins later again, just start Div 3 at the original start time, and go into Div 2 sequence then. No one is delayed.
  4. You obviously haven't asked them........
  5. Well Scarlet wont be going anywhere for months. Massive delamination of hull in a four meter section forward of the keel. This will end in tears.
  6. Cougar is on the market - but to be replaced by a Farr 55 built by Cookson - a sister ship to the Doll - once sold. Very strong pressure being applied to a certain Sandy S80 skipper to buy Surprise, but more work required to sweeten the deal. Given his history in One design, more likely to be a founding Soto40 owner. Chris will be taking a break from big boat owning for a while
  7. Only (some, not all) RYCV sailors give a shit about the Assoc Cup anymore. Maybe you should buy Surprise Don? She rates well and can be handled downwind in 20+ by anyone. Fair call FB, bring back the original format of this event or it will find itself being a two club joust sailed off with dare I say it A10s & IRC bandits. Owners have voted with their feet this year as Royals have finally layed to rest any fairness in team selection. Divisional splits in all other fleet racing in this country are based on handicap rating cut offs but not so in this event.?.Once a chest pumping and bragging thing between owners & crews on being selected to represent their club is now sorry were busy that weekend or more that we don't give a toss about it . The Association Cup was once a prize that ALL yacht clubs in this bay could sail for and did so for years. WTF happened It gets better. All clubs were required to submit team lists last week - except Royals who then waited until Thursday when final weather forecasts were released before deciding on their team. Not that it matters. They are basically racing themselves as half the divisional fleet leaders have made themselves unavailable due to "crew issues" across the weekend. All good - now Royals can make it part of their club aggregate.
  8. More of the Club Marine race info here. Albeit a couple of the photos are from 2 weeks ago.
  9. Sun fish out early this year? Jody O'Brien, Friday, 11 December 2009 Grant Wharingon's 98 foot newly rebadged super maxi Etihad Stadium (formerly known as Wild Thing) has lost its brand new rig 10 miles off *Deal Island this afternoon. All 20 people on board are accounted for and no-one has been hurt in the incident that has Wharington and his crew baffled. The boat is heading towards Eden to re-fuel and will continue on to Sydney to assess the damage. More details will follow as the facts become known. *Deal Island is part of the Kent Group of islands, in the recently formed new National Park and Marine Protected Area - Kent Group National Park situated 72 kilometres west of Flinders Island in Bass Strait and 70 kilometres due south of Wilsons Promontory on the Victorian mainland.
  10. BMW

    The new Oracle Green Enviro Sail - Just add water and it turns to shit.
  11. SYC aggretagate race 2, There is only one div zero, but it has seven boats in it (counting block entries at this point, Living Doll is not entered atm), Laid course as per appendix A.3 - Courses 70 -93 PS - It's all in the NoR and Sailing Instructions - they make a good read.
  12. A35 Vs First 45 Vs First 40 Vs S/38 Vs A10 First 40 looks the goods First 45's (Reverie, Schuss (where is Bluewater?)) Vs First 40 (Wicked) Wicked to dominate the 45's JAMH (sailed very well in ORCV series) Vs F45/F40 Vs S/38s Should dominate the to 45's, Wicked may just have the IRC rating to beat them and the 38's will struggle, especially those without masthead kite configuration. Will Lou's Challenge continue to lead the S/38's? Yes, has his works crew back from Hammo, so back to business as usual. Although it would be good if Ian bought Cinquante comes up from G'town to "challenge" him. Although in the mid to light airs, expect to see Lou and Greg on Audacous roll the others with the mast head kites. Interesting to see 11M's in Div 1 instead of Div 2 this year! Where they need to be with the new splits. Are the 38's still in Div 0? Will RYCV win both Div 1 (Exec Decision) & 2 (Apache/Top Gun) with their Adams 10's? Possibly div 1, but expect no "Surprises" as to who will dominate div 2 (IRC). Also the Young 88's do ok on windward leewards with the 10s as well. Can anyone beat Surprise in Div 2? No Will Intrusion continue to dominate Div 3 and the S/80's If he turns up for all the races instead of playing in New York, Monaco and Geneva. Getting rid of the fat boy wouldn't hurt either. Are there some new boats that will clean up the fleet? None to clean up. Who will win Club Series - SYC or RYCV (or does anyone care?) Does anyone care to dominate. Bring it on....
  13. Have to agree, but have heard a certain S80 skipper (yes Luke) has been approached by at least one new big boat owner to drive. His relationship with Hicko could make for an interesting team.
  14. Silver is the new black? Three feet shorter than a TP52, larger sail area (and a slightly larger stick?) - should be a weapon. Well worth a look when it hits the wet stuff on the weekend for the first time.