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  1. Give it time. I'm sure a technical error will blow this thread up, like the last three. We can rename it then!
  2. Yes, but 'should' he buy a boat with Retirment funds is different then 'how'. Even if he were to invest in a charter company who's sole customer was him, he still be giving up all future returns the money would generate. I doubt there is anyway he can buy a boat with capital in its special status, hence my answer. If he wants to lower the tax burden he can finance it, and take the distributions over a few years to get into the lower tax bracket. But you have to add back in the cost of the financing. Or you wait a few years and take extra distributions to build up cash to then buy it. But the instagratification answer is to take a lump sum, pay the tax and buy the boat. Hence the answer to his 'how' question. Take the distribution!
  3. Take the withdrawal, get your cash, buy the boat. Simple!
  4. Holy crap that's a lot of numbers. 12 on the rail and 5 on the mast. Use feel not numbers to get ahead. I like Boat Speed, Compass, and apparent wind speed (true wind speed if it's trust worthy), and target boat speed if you have it no can trust it. That with a little short term memory should tell you everything you need. Like tracking shifts, knowing when you are fast or slow, and what sail to have up. The windex and telltails should tell you the rest.
  5. Speaking of new people. Where are the new Chicago sailors on this site and in this thread? I feel like I'm the newest person posting and I've been stalking this (and previous incarnations) of this thread since 2007.
  6. CYC has an active group of 30 and unders, though some of us are starting to get out of that bracket. It's centered around the Associates Comittee. It's primary social based, but most race as crew on boats at all sizes in the fleet, a few have their own boats, some are powerboaters, and others are more active with CYC's sonars and related racing series. There are about 20 core people with another 30-40 involved. We stared with 12, 8 years ago.
  7. I don't know how to make this much shorter and still get enough sailing in to make it worthwhile. Consider the following timetable, for someone who doesn't necessarily live downtown: 8:00 Leave home 9:00 Arrive dock/boat 9:45 Leave dock 10:30 Arrive SA 11:00 Start race #1 12:30 Finish race #1 13:00 Start race #2 14:30 Finish race #2 15:15 Return to dock 15:30 Secure sails, lines, etc., cocktails/beer, post mortem? 17:30 Leave boat 18:30 Arrive home That's an 8 hour day if you want to get in two 90 minute races (8 miles, W/L, VMG ~ 5.5kts). It also assumes not much delay in starting race #2, and starting race #1 on time. In all my time racing in A3, I don't think we ever had a shorter race day than 8+ hrs, if you wanted to get at least as much sailing time in as travel (land & water) and dock time. I won't re-hash the various arguments made about earlier start times or starting closer to shore. Actually, I screwed up my initial post: Should be 15:15 Return to dock 16:00 Leave boat 17:00 Arrive home For a nine hour day. I expect a fair bit of de-brief to happen on the 45min ride back to shore. Obviously the more time you spend on the boat drinking, chatting etc. after clean-up, the longer the day. I agree. I don't know what the answer is to reduce the time commitment, as I had to walk away from Area 3 racing six years ago as I couldn't do this most weekends, Saturday and Sunday. Life and career has gotten in the way. Do I wish I still could? Yes, but life and career need to be first right now, otherwise I'm never going to own a boat in Chicago.
  8. Torresen is in Muskegon, MI. Larsen Marine is in Waukegan. Thanks, that's what I get for posting on the train on the way home. Never used Torresen or Larsen, just delevered boats from each, but they both have good reputations.
  9. Glen- glad you are shaking things up, but don't forgot the time aspect. We need to change the time commitment racing requires. As young people today are used to spending a little bit of time on lots of things, and therefore has a bunch of little commitments they have to meet each weekend. It's now a huge deal for anyone younger to carve out 8-10 hours in one chunk and fully commit it to sailing/racing. I don't know what the answer is to this, but keep it in mind.
  10. Richie is awesome and should be someone you should go to if you are in Chicago, he is independent so you can be in any Chicago Yard and he can work on the boat. Torresen in Waukegan IL has a good reputation as does Eldeans in Holland MI. Crowley's on the south side of Chicago is hit or miss, I know people who had great work done, I've also seen horror stories as well though they will make it right if it does go wrong. With that said your mileage may vary. Call them up, meet them and go with who you work best with.
  11. @Nickros- option 1, your crew can help in the douse as well, also only half blow the single (now lazy) sheet on it. You guys change headsails bouy racing? Why not wait till downwind and change the two while on they are on the deck and the kite is up. As for long distance racing, you can't usually tack, or would be put at a disadvantage by tacking so you don't tack and get the sail down. Also inside/outside is usually beyond your control, you inherit the setup from previous situation. Trying to anticipate and plan ahead usually never works. Also you loose fractions of a knot with people on the bow, verses whole boat lengths in a tack. Decent crew can get you sail changed loosing you less distance if you don't tack.* *YMMV depending on type of boat, crew skill and all the other variables involved.
  12. Who the fuck tacks? Put up new, haul down old on the outside, under the new one. if you are close hauled, 3 should be fully inside the lifelines, and give you room to bring the sail down.
  13. No Viper 830's have been measured for ORR AFAIK - but call USS and ask. I did a number of years ago and the answer was no. To get a rating the boat would have to be wanded and a loose estimate would be $3-4K to have it rated.I am sure stability index is going to be fine - BUT - once you load the boat up with 5 crew (min according to SI's) food, gear, liferaft and other safety gear, etc, etc. she will sit a fair bit lower in the water and not sail like she normally does - quite a bit more sluggish. You also have to add taller lifelines since CYC does not want to use normal ORC safety reqs but Rather their own homebrewed one. Ha, I should have just DM you before posting. Sailing on your boat is why I'm asking.
  14. hi, Anyone ever get a Viper 830 (yes the big one they made 12 of) rated in ORR? Specifically anyone know it's stability index? Is it less that 155? Ok the real question is, can a Viper 830 do the Chicago to Mac Race with today's rule, (aka post wingnuts and dissolving of the sport boat section)
  15. A boat that won all races in the late 70s that everyone older than 45 today will swoon over?