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  1. Lightfoot

    "The previous owner didn't ..."

    Starting the bitch fest... Previous owner installed a speaker 3in away from the broken compass. My non handy partner over two weeks our first year of ownership got a new one installed and was really proud of himself for doing so (had to enlarge the hole). I pointed it out to him that the compass only points west. He didn’t believe me and said we had to adjust it (hadn’t left slip which pointed SSW). Took it out and sent him a bunch of photos point at landmarks in every direction but west. Pulled the speaker and it magically started working.
  2. Lightfoot

    36.7 or 109?

    Having crewed on both they are completely different boats. Compromises with each. I wouldn’t own either unless you can race one design with them. Personally I think the 109 is a better boat and the cost is justified. But you can find a better PHRF racer for less money. Compromises - 36.7 - tiny cockpit for racing, the four people you need to put in there are always throwing elbows at each other. It’s a pole only boat, so more crew that have to know what they are doing. It’s roomer down below but you haul that with you on the race course. Also tall dog house always made the cockpit feel like you were sailing in a trench. Compromises - 109 - tighter and more spartan below, sprint boat so less for the crew to do however in 10knts plus need the same amount of people on the rail as the 36.7 to keep her flat/get up wind. Would argue the 109 need more sails be be competitive for long distance racing (code 0 required on 109, where as 36.7 could get away with a reacher spin). Id personally get a 109, but only because I could One Design race it in Chicago.
  3. More like he’s internet trolling... da dum diss... I’ll see myself out.
  4. I’m also surprised at how understated the stern pushpits are. There was totally the opportunity to add a lot more tube to make sure the legs stayed the appropriate distance apart from each other.
  5. It actually looks well built. The finish work on the inside is nicer than some production boats. but I love the second picture. Sail up, anchors booms out with anchors deployed. Nothing says fast like dragging an anchor through the water 10ft to windward.
  6. This boat is the equivalent of those cars that Crome trim everything. This person just used Crome pipe everywhere. That tailpipe is hilarious.
  7. Lightfoot

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    I think the DNR did the race organizers a favor by making use of the island docks impossible for the race. It closed the most likely place where cross contamination between crews would have occurred, at dock party. Unrelated, the logistics of some of the big programs are inspiring. Callisto was on the hard at Larsen Marine in Waukegan on July 3rd, When I went back July 24th, there she was again in a different spot. You wouldn’t have known she did a race a few hundred miles away in between. I know it’s plenty of time between those dates to make it happen, but I think that’s cutting it close with almost no shake down time before the race.
  8. Lightfoot

    BYC Mackinac - Time to Pull the Plug?

    Still too early. Got to add 5-10 days for people to get their test results back. I know it varies by state, but that timeframe is what I’ve seen as average for the county.
  9. Lightfoot

    Chicago Area III

    Thanks, I thought I checked that recently and still saw a bunch of canceled races on the schedule. It looks up to date now.
  10. Lightfoot

    Chicago Area III

    Anyone seen a official race schedule for the rest of this year? I’m trying to help get the scheduling done for the team I’m with but can’t locate anything official. Most interested in: Beer Cans and PtP
  11. Lightfoot

    Scooter: Deathmaster of the FT-10 class

    IDK if I had anything for sale and someone else with the same thing sold it for more than what I was asking for it (I know the actual sale price isn't public, but all the boats listed are less than A4), at a market I wasn't listed at. I'd list my product there immediately. Its called finding your market and advertising to it....
  12. Lightfoot

    Chicago Area III

    I know there is another thread on this, but did everyone see the PH to Mac announcement that DNR rules at the mac island harbor has led them to cancel their reservation and thus not be able to offer dockage for competitors on the island? So you finish the race, if you are lucky you can get a few hours on the coal dock and then you are on your own to figure out where to dock your boat. So its a mac race with a turn and burn unless you were lucky enough to get a reservation near by.
  13. Lightfoot

    Chicago Area III

    I agree, but I’m not going to explain The reason why any further besides it was complicated.
  14. Lightfoot

    Chicago Area III

    The SC’s I’ve raced on so the macs with 16. 8 per watch. So I agree, you can do any maneuver with 8. that said, I wouldn’t bouy race with eight... unless everyone except the driver is under 20 and fitness freaks. And even then only Saturday not Sunday.
  15. Lightfoot

    Seamanship games, for kids

    Rainy day exercise: Outboard Engine Maintenance disassemble the carb, spark system, crankshaft and show them how it works And how to maintain it. No one young learns how things work anymore.