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  1. Dig your site - looks like you will splash this summer?? 1st one in the Bay?
  2. how did it do against 5.70? which one is likely to be stickier in light air?
  3. Has it raced against the 5.70? How does it compare? Plans to bring to the US? (got to love the stronger dollar)
  4. NICE - Bigger versions? Cool. I've wanted an updated Olson 30. Basic, fast, stable, offshore capable with no extras (engine, head, galley - make those options). D28 aka 'Stretched D20' with sitting room should fit the bill nicely.
  5. Have you gotten yourself a rating or a guess at one give or take 10? When do you anticipate pricing on the various editions?
  6. looks diabolical! very nicely spreadout - each one should spawn a few more!
  7. Looks Fast standing still Fun in the summer time, fun in winter; a little West Coast on the East Coast - THANK YOU, God Speed .......
  8. 1) In the laser 28 you were very glad of the engine wieght back there in the boat at over 12 knts boat speed, and being able to motor home in force 9. 2) Bigger cockpits with less creature comforts have not done so well- the J92 is not a huge fleet and the (sexy) reflex 28 never took off. For sports boats why go over 25 or 26 feet ? does it sleep it's actual optimal racing crew though? The L28 benefitted from a pipe cot addition over the stb berth. I think the 92 came in after the 80 and 105 saturated the market, plus the 29 and 30 still had OD fleets at the time. But still a good point. Its a tough market I am glad the designers keep trying. Each year there are more good used boats. As to the chop down - you end up with sixth berths and 4 singles, more conducive to racing overnight. But anyone with this kind of dough stays in a hotel. So maybe it is the right approach, however if I bunch don't sell, why not go for the mod? J80 sold more than the J27. I love IB engine - just the relative dollars is a lot. PS Alan - thanks for the insight. I think it is an awesome boat, especially after seeing it in person.
  9. Can someone explain why on both the Annapolis 30 and Andrew 28 there is a backstay AND the wide chain plates? It would seem contrary to a lot of the latest sportboats and of course keeps you from having the big FATHEAD main. Is it because the designs don't need or want all that extra horsepower up high? and want the control back stay allows? If so why bother with the wide chain plates? I suppose it makes it easier to carry a mast head kite? Just curious, I am sure there is a good reason.
  10. You guys should do the Sunday phrf in the Magothy - you are about a mile from the line. Start is a little after 12 off Dobbins Island. Maybe 10 boats - a few in the 70s and 80s including an Antrim 27. Nothing like getting on the water to get attention. http://www.magothysailing.com/racing/2008/2008_fall_3.html I can pm you the rc chair's email - they are pretty laid back, I am sure you can just show up. A good boat for the area as you know.
  11. hmmm shoe horning the lass on any boat sounds fine to me ...
  12. I do - all boats have to find a niche, especially if not from one of the big names. I'd like to think there is one for the Andrews 28 but by the same toke I think the niche is bigger for the racer version. Gamble of course as the amount of new boats sold is small. My thinking is that there are enough guys like me who have an Olson or some kind of small cheap race boat that they want to do some limited double duty - day sail with friends and family and occaisional mini weekend "voyages". The thought of planning faster, sooner and easier than the O30 is appealing that is why the little sport boats - viper, sb3, open 570, melges are selling some. Those little boats are just too small for guys like me and the Annapolis 30 and Andrews 28 a little to much. I can tell the wife - hey I'll forego a new car for a while - (long while) - but 100k is pushing it. I'd just assume make an investment in something instead and keep sailing what I have. FT7.5 is almost there - but still on the small side. Mumm 30 a little too much boat. So if you took 28 or 30 and stripped it out but kept basic ammenities and some headroom - but left performance/mangeabilty at the top of the list, I think you'd have something. Essentially a replacement for the Olson 30, J29, Tartan 10, Pearson Flyer, Santana 30 GP. There was a big thread on the Box rule 27 or 28. I think Gold Member BC27, is sort of along those lines. Even in the thread for the FT7.5 there was interest in something a little bigger, in that case I think fitting 2 into a container was huge and keeping the big cockpit and maxed out performance also trumped the guys wanting more space. In that case it was the right decision. Price point is key, the dollar has evened out (for us) against the Canadian dollar, that may help. So you get something that comes in between the FT7.5 and the Annapolis 30. Rating hopefully in the 70's, fun, planes easy great cockpit, modern everything - but enough for four to rack out below or sit around. I'll bust out a new thread.
  13. Other Andrews 30 - did this ever get made? Looks pretty sweet. Lighter than the Mumm 30. http://www.andrewsyacht.com/deshom28.htm
  14. Was just comparing looks, and wondering what the hype is about on this. Alan has designed some great boats. I spent alot of time on Pamlico, a boat he designed for himself to keep at his house. The 28 is a MUCH different animal in build and style, so they really can't be compared. I just don't know who this boat is for. Around the same price point, there are the 2 FT's (depending on creature comforts needed) and a pile of pretty new tech used boats that could be had and brought up to snuff for the same cash. It also kind of reminds me (in looks only) of the Glen Henderson designed Hunter 27 with bowsprit. I am probably wrong at judging this book by the cover, but this may be because I don't know what/who it is for. Kind of a good point - racer guys want more cockpit, less weight AND then it better either be faster or cheaper then its nearest competition. Cruiser types - like it or not usually want more space AND cheaper - that is why Catalina, Beneteau and Hunter are still in business. Great crossover - but maybe not alot of folks (with dough) in that category. Still it seems to have done well enough rated at 89 AND being new. So perhaps as ED suggested - drop the engine and may as well get the big cockpit and chop down the doghouse and free board. They did great mods to the original Rocket so "sporting" this one would seem like a good winter project. No one likes to this stuff speculatively though. I wonder if the cb can still crank up with a foot less headroom?
  15. It looks like there was an older Andrews 30 and a newer, much lighter one? The one you refer to - were any ever made? What year was it designed? http://www.andrewsyacht.com/andrws30.htm