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  1. Just Another Sailor

    ORR in Long Island

    No, I'm hearing about ORR, w/ LI dropping out of ORC. Again, I'm asking for info... I'm may be totally wrong. What have you heard or know about ORR with regard to my original question?
  2. Just Another Sailor

    Renting a comfortable cruising sailboat in the keys

    Go to Kimber Tracy on Facebook in Key West
  3. Just Another Sailor

    ORR in Long Island

    They are using it here on the East Coast & LI on some events. I'm hearing rumors that all of LI maybe switching to the rule for the current IRC classes.
  4. Just Another Sailor

    ORR in Long Island

    Any news or information concerning LI Sound moving to ORR full time for all top end class racing in 2018? I've been away for a few years and trying to understand which rating rule will prevail in 2018. Any information regarding how older IMS designs with interiors will fair in a class w/ GP designs. IRC appears to favor GP boats over IMS designs. All comments and thoughts are welcome. Please help me get up to speed.
  5. Just Another Sailor

    Some of my old sailing photos 2

    Nils was a great owner. Complete character and a lot of fun on any boat. He would design his own sails and have the sailmaker build to his specs. A couple of complete failures but generally okay shapes. Nils was one of those classic Detroit owners when Detroit was still a sailing hotspot. Nils was a dear friend of Lowell North. Nils went to visit Lowell during the Admiril's Cup. Lowell told Nils this is the one ton hull to purchase. He did and won many races with her. Moonraker was a 1985 custom JN, I do not remember if she won her class but she was a very fast hull. Nils recently passed away and will be remembered a a tough competitor.