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  1. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    doors on bow thrusters, thanks for the afternoon laugh! Below is what Foreverslow is talking about. That's the QM2. I also figured there were more ships that had doors for the thrusters. There is a lot of other friction in the hull, but I would think that the doors would make a difference in fuel economy considering they use so much. [hijack] Anyone have a clue what the drag % difference would be between an open thrusters(say 6 thrusters) and a smooth surface at cruising speed?[/hijack] Exactly what I was talking about. The liners use them more than other types of vessels because they are near docks all the time (a new port every day or two). lisbs and sailman, maybe you ought to read some before displaying you ignorance Sorry, forgot this is SA ok, you're amazing, you found one of the few ships in the world that has doors on its thrusters, great. as for a display of ignorance: "I think that vessel is so damn big that once it lost power, even going head to wind would slow it down quickly because of all the windage above the waterline." please define quickly. if you check the maneuvering card of any ship and you'll see that even with an emergency stop (full astern) its over a mile to stop anything of this size. windage is nothing compared to the momentum of a 950+ft cruise ship
  2. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    doors on bow thrusters, thanks for the afternoon laugh!
  3. Italian cruise ship tragedy

    "Schettino: I did not leave the ship. The ship capsized very quickly and we were thrown into the water." how did this line not make the translation in the LA Times?
  4. any new pictures if this fine vessel?
  5. J/111 Goes Sailing...

    nice swim ladder
  6. espo is a dick

    hey pitman, if you are still in that cast, check out www.roll-a-bout.com i had one of these when i broke my foot, makes life much easier.
  7. espo is a dick

    lets just make sure that the thread wes (in need of some rest) started doesnt pass this one, but 2000 is a good goal